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Pretty Piecing

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Jawbreaker is quilted and bound. I used a stencil to mark the quilt design. Then stitched using a free motion foot to stitch over the marked lines, next echoed the design.

I stitched a simple ribbon design in the outer border. For binding I used the flange technique to add a pop of purple between the blue binding and border. This quilted table topper measures 21  1/2″ square. Quilted with Superior Threads King Tut DeNile Variegated thread Color # 927. This was project three in Julie Herman’s Journey 2 Nebula quilt along.

I started a new project. Which is a repeat baby quilt I made earlier this year. I bought 2 Geo Zoo panels when a LQS sadly went out of business. I didn’t have plans for them at the time, but 2 family members have since announced babies on the way. One panel baby quilt has already gone to the new little fellow. And this second one will be going to baby due in February 2021.

To make the top, I cut the elephants and walrus off the right side of the panel and stitched them on to the bottom below the whale and zebra, making the panel long and narrow rather than short and wide.

Then I added a 2″ black border and 6″ wave print as an outer border. The back is also pieced and ready to sandwich.

For the appliqué quilt, I have decided to do the 9 sections of the quilt in the quilt-as-you-go method. I have the center section pieced, and the two sides appliquéd.

This past week I sandwiched those three sections so they are ready to quilt. They will be joined together once quilted.

Last Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Sew Jawbreaker into a pillow case, project 3 in #Journey2Nebula.  ✔️ Completed, but decided to go with a table topper instead of a pillow.
  2. Baby quilt! ✔️ Top & Back pieced!
  3. If there’s time, figure out next step in appliqué. ✔️Sandwich the three completed pieced & appliqué sections.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Cut pieces for project 4, Rock Candy in #Journey2Nebula.
  2. Sandwich baby quilt.
  3. Short week for sewing, hubs and I are doing some traveling the next two weeks.  Hand embroidery just might happen.

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Courtesy during Covid 19

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

News! As of Monday, July 20, it was announced all major grocery stores in our town are making masks mandatory. No mask, no entrance. I’m fine with that. If for some reason you can not wear a mask, there is curb side pick up.

Last week several members of my family who have returned to work have requested more masks.

Some like ties, 8 masks made with ties.

Some like masks with elastic, 6 made.

While shopping at the local quilt shop for the elastic, everyone had on masks. And when I checked out, my debit card was wiped with sanitizer before it was handed back to me. That was a nice extra step!

Scrappy Star is coming along.

Rows completed. Next up borders.

I have no idea where this past week went! It flew by with little sewing happening.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Piecing Scrappy Star baby quilt.  ✔️ Progress made.
  2. Make more masks! I have several family members requesting masks.  ✔️ 14 masks made.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish piecing Scrappy Star quilt top.

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Little Pieces

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Many pieces! Here is my latest baby quilt in progress. I’m calling it Scrappy Star.

HST units pieced and being trimmed to 4″

40 units all trimmed using Bloc-Loc tool. Bloc-Loc has several sizes and shapes that make trimming units a snap!

Time to lay out the star design. Sewing in progress.

The next project I worked on this past week was a zipper pouch made from candy bags.

I bought 2 Mentos bags. After cutting them open, I covered both sides of each bag with Heat n Bond Iron on Vinyl. I followed this youtube by Laura of Sew Very Easy.

And easy it was!

Flip side.

The zipper pouch measures 10″ x 6″. The Mentos pouch and candies – her favorite – are ready to mail to a special friend for her 20th birthday. Hubby said to add a note that says, “Mentos as a memento for your 20th Birthday!” He is such a punny guy!

That’s it for this week. How was your week?

Last To-Do List:

  1. Prep for one more baby quilt. A star design this time. ✔️ squares cut, units sewn and trimmed!
  2. Candy Bag Pouch – hoping to find a bag of Mentos to use! ✔️Mentos comes in fruit favor too. Who knew?! I bought 2 bags in two flavors.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Piecing Scrappy Star baby quilt.
  2. Make more masks! I have several family members requesting masks.

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A Change in Plans

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

Goals changed for me this week when I was asked to take on a few unexpected tasks.

First I was asked to repair a friend’s bear. I had no idea what I was getting into, here is what the bear looked like when I picked it up.

The bear is missing the paw on the front right, and the paw on the back is starting to rip.

I dug in my fabric stash and found a mottled cream close in color. First I kind of criss crossed with thread to hold the stuffing in place. Then I doubled the cream fabric and placed a piece of batting under it, and stitched it all in place.

Not perfect, but better! That stitching was hard on the fingers! Note the back paw is repaired also, stitching showing.

My friend called during the several days I had the bear saying her other bears missed him. I assured her Bingo was making new friends and looking forward to getting home. I told her I’d share a photo of him with his new friends.

Bingo & friends.

Later in the week I was asked to make a few more masks. I used Pauline Rogers’ Sasher Tools to make the ties for the masks.

I bought this set and her Quilt as You Go book to work on a UFO.  They came in handy these past few weeks in making the binding type ties for the masks.

All done.

As for quilting, I kept up with Helen Godden’s new quilt-a-long, Flower Power.




Cone Flower. I’m using Vicki Welsh‘s hand dyed fabric. I’m enjoying these FMQ flowers. Sadly, I didn’t touch my Curve It Up quilt.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up – a few more blocks  ✗ Didn’t touch. :-(
  2. Follow along with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long  ✔️

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up – this was my goal for April. I better get going on it!
  2. Keep up with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long.

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Chicks, Bunnies, and Flowers

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Last week, with Easter just around the corner, I switched from mask making to Bunny and Chick bag making for my two grands.

Here is the fabric I used, and a free online pattern I found.

Pink will be for a bunny, and the yellow will be a chick.

Bags constructed, but not filled with candy. I decided to line the bags. I used a Pigma marker to draw the chick eyes & beak and bunny eyes, nose & mouth.

Filled with candy, aren’t they cute!?

Now I’m hopping down another rabbit trail. Helen Godden announced a free quilt-a-long on her Facebook page. I’m following along on her Flower Power free motion quilt-a-long. She will be demonstrating FMQ on 9 different flower motifs.

Tulip. I’m using hand dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh. I think Helen is showing a different flower motif ever 2 days.

And, I actually sat down and stitched 2 more blocks on the Curve It Up quilt! I’ll show pictures later. I do have to go back and do background, which I think I’ll do once I have the pieced blocks quilted.

How is your week going?

Last To-Do List:

  1. Finish treat bags for Easter  ✔️ finished and delivered!
  2. Quilt Curve It Up – a few blocks  ✔️ 2 blocks!
  3. Still have organizing to do in the sewing room!  ✗  And still do!
This Week’s To-Do List:
  1. Quilt Curve It Up – a few more blocks
  2. Follow along with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long

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Friday, April 10th, 2020

This week has been about making masks. I had a request for masks from a gal who has been relocated to the ER to work with people coming in with anxiety and stress. My daughter also wanted masks, as did my two daughter-in-laws. One is a hospice nurse and is only given one N95 mask per week. Plus I made & mailed some to a trucker friend, and of course other family members.

Also made 2 kid size masks. I thought my 5 yr old grand would like a mask for her doctor kit, and then thought 2 yr old might feel left out.

I’m switching to making a few Easter gifts for my grands. I found some adorable tutorials for bunny and chick bags.

Listen to the Birds Sing has this cute Bunny Pouch tutorial

Stitched has a different cute Bunny Bag.

Make It Love It has a fun Chick Bag.

I’m going to make the Bunny Pouch for my granddaughter and the Chick Bag for my grandson. Hubs braved the grocery store and bought some treats that we will put in the bags.

My son and daughter-in-law have done all our grocery shopping for us since the Stay at Home order, so this was a big deal for Hubs to venture out! He wore his mask, wiped down the cart, and sanitized his hands once back in the car. Then once home, shoes stayed at back door, he wiped down all the groceries before I put things away and wiped down the counter, door knobs, etc. His clothes and mask went in the washer, and he took a shower. Over kill? Don’t think so, since we have medical ppl in our family who recommend doing all the above.

Since I don’t have quilting to share this week, I thought I’d share this find -

See the old rusty bike? Wow! Does that bring back memories! I have no idea who took this photo, so can’t give credit. My Dad had a bike like this, painted red. Do you see the seat over the front tire, and the one over the back tire? My brother would ride on the back. There was another seat welded on the handle bars, that’s where I sat! I’ll have to ask my brother if he remembers. Can you imagine! No helmets or other safety precautions back in the 50s!

Till next time. Have a Blessed Weekend!

Last To-Do List:

  1. Continue making masks ✔️
  2. Quilt Curve It Up ✗
  3. More sewing room organizing. Maybe books are up next. ✗

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish treat bags for Easter
  2. Quilt Curve It Up – a few blocks
  3. Still have organizing to do in the sewing room!

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Sewing at Home

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

After some cleaning and organizing, my sewing room is looking better, but still has a long way to go. I’ll continue working on this throughout the month of April. Hopefully it won’t take that long!

Look! You can see the cutting mat now!

Plus the shelves above the cutting table are cleaned and better organized. And …

the inside of the cabinet is cleaned out and organized.

Last week one of our local hospitals put together kits for making masks, asking for experienced sewists to volunteer to make the masks. It was announced to pick up the kits between 9am-6pm last Wednesday. Little did they know there would be a line of willing volunteers waiting for 9am. All the kits where claimed by 10:00am! Sadly, I didn’t get a kit.

After watching this video and reading this article, I pulled out batiks, and started to make masks from supplies I have on hand.

Since Batiks are a tighter weave than quilters cotton, I thought it would be a good choice for the masks. Also, there is a pocket in the back if the person using the mask would like to add filter material into the mask. I used Double Fold Bias Tape for the ties. One package has 4 yards of bias tape, which I cut into 4 – one yard pieces, which is enough for 2 masks. I had enough blue for 6 masks. I used pipe cleaner for the wire nose piece. After constructing the masks, I put them through a gentle washing cycle, and also dried them in the dryer. They held up well, with only  1/8″ shrinkage.

When I stopped by my son’s house to give him and his wife each a mask, he told me the CDC announced that they do now recommend everyone to wear masks in the US if leaving your home. The Stay at Home order will be in place until at least April 30th. If you need to grocery shop, etc. you should be wearing a mask to protect others, which will also protect each of us! I’ll be making more masks!

I’m switching to this Batik and red & pink Bias Tape for the next set of masks, using what I have on hand.

Leah Day has a YouTube showing how she is making masks. I changed it up just a bit by sewing wrong sides together eliminating the need to  turn the mask right side out, I’m not using elastic, but simply sewing the bias tape on the sides. Which I figure makes the mask more a one-size-fits-all. I’d hate for the elastic to be too tight or loose on someone. I did use Leah’s instructions for sewing in the pipe cleaner nose piece & leaving an opening so a filter can be slipped into the mask. I am going to fold in half a 12″ pipe cleaner for extra strength on the next set of masks instead of cutting the pipe cleaner in to 6″ pieces.

I stopped by my other son’s house, his sweet wife is a hospice nurse and is seeing Covid-19 patients. She is issued one N95 mask a week. We talked about tying a homemade mask over her N95, which is another reason why I started making the masks. She liked the fit of the one I made, liked the way the nose piece bends to fit snugly and liked the ties over elastic. I pray the manufacturers can up their supply for the demand on these much needed N95 masks for our medical community serving us during this pandemic. That is just one of my many prayers!

I’ll continue sewing masks. My DIL thinks her coworkers will want them also. I said I’ll make them but will need more bias tape! Oh, and just incase anyone is worrying about me stopping by my sons homes, I stayed outside, we talked through a screen door at both homes! No one coughed or sneezed!

Stay home people! Wash your hands! Wear a mask if you must go out!

Last To-Do List:

  1. Clean and organize sewing room! ✔️ Progress made!
  2. Select one UFO to work on  ✔️ I pulled out Curve It Up which I started quilting last year. It is a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern and will go to my sister-in-law when finished.
  3. or make much needed masks (local hospital is putting together kits for making masks and asking for volunteers with sewing experience. I’ve requested a kit, but not sure how many they have or how many have volunteered. I find out tomorrow, Wednesday.) ✗ Kits went fast, and I didn’t get one.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Continue making masks
  2. Quilt Curve It Up
  3. More sewing room organizing. Maybe books are up next.

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Slow Week

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

We had another snow and ice day. My Thursday quilting day with my club was canceled, second Thursday in a row. I had planned to work on Bat Moon Rising at the meeting. Staying home, I got busy on other things. We rescheduled for this Thursday, hopefully there will be no weather cancelations this week! I have squares to cut for the background of the Bats quilt before piecing the rows together.

I did make progress on Happy Little Things, which is my One Monthly Goal for this month.

Blocks sashed and ready for borders.

Borders on -

Back pieced, I used leftover pieces from the Fat Eighth pack of Carolyn Friedlander fabric line, Friedlander. Plus one of the whites I used for the background of the embroidery. Quilt is sandwiched and quilting started.

Quilting started in the sashing -

Then I had a little a bobbin problem.  …  Fixed and ready to resume quilting!

I’m still following along with Project Quilting. Sunday the 4th challenge was announced: use the quilt block Birds in the Air in this week’s quilt. I found a paper pieced pattern from Wombat Quilts for the block and reduced it to 2 1/2″ finished to use in my challenge piece.

Here’s a sneak peak.

I hope you are having a productive week, mine was a bit off for accomplishing much in the sewing room.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Bats! – continue piecing. ✗ Maybe this week?
  2. Happy Little Things – continue piecing. ✔️ Sandwiched and quilting started.
  3. UFO – maybe I’ll have time to pull out a quilt started for my SIL lake home. ✗ Didn’t do it.

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Bats! Maybe this Thursday’s sewing day will not be canceled. That’s when I plan on working on this quilt.
  2. Happy Little Things is my OMG – finish it and post before deadline Saturday, Feb 29th!
  3. Project Quilting  11:4 Challenge – finish before deadline noon Sunday, Feb 23.

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Successful Celebration

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Last week I did get the tea cozy made for my daughter-in-law. But totally changed all my fabric & design plans. I came across a quilting challenge I could not resist, so changed my plans to meet the rules of the Project Quilting 11:1 Challenge – Notably Numeric. Read all about what I came up with for the challenge here.

We opened our home to a dinner party given by our son & DIL in honor of her 30th birthday. We had 22 happy people in our home!  DIL loves to cook for family and friends so she prepared and served the meal at our house. Son & DIL are currently refinishing the oak floors in their home, so could not host their own party. Their floors are lovely, BTW! And so is their newly remodeled kitchen with beautiful Amish built cabinets.

I made a tea cozy and apron from a vintage table cloth. If you followed the link above you’ll see I’m reposting photos -

Both the tea cozy and apron were gifted to my DIL along with great grandmother’s tea set.

Flip side of tea cozy. Simple wavy lines quilted on my Featherweight. It was my first time to quilt on the FW and it worked like a dream! I used fusible batting, Aurifil thread.

I’m so tickled I had time to make the apron.  Upon opening the apron, she put it on and kept it on for a while. I think she liked it (wink wink) along with the other gifts.

Last To Do List:

  1. Make Tea Cozy by Friday night to gift to my DIL. ✔️ Done!
  2. Maybe work on an apron? ✔️ and done!

To Do List:

  1. Finish up Vintage Truck for son & DIL for their 1st wedding anniversary on the 19th.
  2. Back to Bat Moon Rising quilt

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Happy New Year! 2020!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Straight into the new year – it’s Birthday Season for my 2 grands, and also for my newest DIL. Plus January brings the 1st year Wedding Anniversary for my eldest son and his lovely wife!

I have a little appliqué in progress for my son and DIL. She loves vintage. Owning a vintage truck is on her bucket list. When I saw Buttermilk Basin’s vintage truck pattern, I just had to make it for her!

I’m still looking for the right background fabric. This piece still needs a lot of stitching to finish it up. Then framing.

I plan to make an apron for my DIL for her birthday. I did some digging in the fabric stash today and did find something I think will work. That will be next up. Photos coming.

What do you have new going on in 2020?

Last To Do List:

  1. Finish quilting and bind Christmas Countdown quilt.  ✔️ see it here
  2. Enjoy Christmas with family!  ✔️

To Do List:

  1. Finish wall hanging for DIL & son.
  2. Make apron for my DIL.

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