Quilts for Babies and Toddlers

August 26th, 2014

Oh my! I’m so late it is embarrassing! My intention was to make quilts for my nephews and nieces as they had their babies. And even though I have started several quilts with the plan of presenting the quilt to the parents while their baby was still a newborn – I am, oh, let’s say up to 3 years behind on some of these quilts! But with another wave of babies due, including my first grand baby! I’m making an effort at finishing up 9 quilts in the next 3 weeks! One is complete, and 4 tops are ready to sandwich, and one top is in progress. Another one is planned with fabric ready to be cut. I have 2 more on the drawing board, does that leave me only one short? Hope so!

I’ve decided to go with simple pieced tops to get ‘em done! I’m using what I think will be theme fabric that the family will understand why I put it in their baby’s quilt. The zigzag here is my new favorite ‘solid’ – Grunge by Moda. Polar bears and penguins on the back.

The back for this top will be a different polar bear print.

Simple wedge piecing using a variety of purple and pinks from my stash to coordinate with Alexander Henry Just Hanging print for the back. I’ll show the backs to the quilts once quilted.

This is the oldest quilt top that for some reason just got lost in the shuffle and the baby is (gasp) now three!

Another quilt top that lost its way and will soon be going to a 2 year old grand-niece.

I’ve been listening to Stephanie over at Modern Sewciety while sewing. Have you listened to any of her podcasts? I’m really enjoying them!

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10 Quilty Little Secrets + One

August 25th, 2014

Amy over at 13 Spools shared a list of her little quilty secrets

and now Christa from Christa Quilts has also shared her secrets. I think these are fun and decided to join in with my own list.
1. I prefer hand stitched bindings but will do a flange binding to get a job done quickly.
2. I can’t create in a messy cluttery space, it puts me in a funk.
3. Gray is my catch all thread for piecing.
4. I’m falling in love with Simplistic quilts, or Minimalist quilts, whatever you want to call them.
5. Basting a quilt in any method scares me.
6. Straight line walking foot quilting is my new ‘go to’ method to finish a quilt.
7. One day I will actually take the time to learn and improve my free motion quilting skills.
8. I love playing with all the different rulers and gadgets on the market.
9. I don’t keep scraps. If I can’t find someone to give them to, I pitch them.
10. I make the binding for a quilt once the top is completed, then quilt it.  It seems like such a big deal to have to stop and make a binding after the quilt is quilted.
11. I want to use up my stash and then only buy for a project.

A Little Bit of Collaboration

August 20th, 2014

While working up a demo using Creative Grids 45˚/90˚Triangle Ruler, a co-worker mentioned that she was actually using the ruler to make Atlantic Link. She lent me a few of her blocks to use for the demonstration this Saturday at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, IN. This ruler can be used for cutting half square triangles (HST) and quarter square triangles (QST) from strips measuring up to 5″ wide.

I’ve worked up a few samples (not photoed) for both HSTs and QSTs using this ruler. It was nice to not have to ‘reinvent’ the wheel, so to speak, this week when working up the demo. Thank you, Vicki, for lending me your pretty Atlantic Link blocks!

This past week was mostly spend helping my daughter prepare for her freshman year of college! We shopped, we ate out, we spent time with her sisters, we cleaned (not enough!) and packed! Then over the weekend her dad and I helped move her into her dorm. Our youngest off to college! The years really do fly by!

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Little Bits of Applique

August 12th, 2014

Machine applique. I like it because I can get a project/top finished pretty quickly. If the applique pieces waited for me to get to hand work, there would be along wait! This top is complete, and waiting for quilting. I just straight stitched around the leaves and blanket stitched around most of the other pieces. I build, meaning the tail and feet are appliqued in place first, then the body, next the head and arms, etc. And I change top thread color to match or coordinate with the current piece being appliqued in place.

14″ square. Little bits – the acorns are about 1 1/2″

I also used the little squirrel and his acorns to embellish a tea towel. And another tea towel with just the leaves and three acorns. But, oops, forgot to take a photo before sending them off. And they turned out so cute!

Pattern: Give Thanks by Briarwood Cottage.  I altered the pattern, replaced pieced border with a solid border, and added the leaves.

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This project was used as an applique demo for Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, IN USA.

Coffee Cozies and Cone Flowers

July 23rd, 2014

Yesterday’s litte project was a little coffee sleeve I made up for Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, IN. I’ll use it this Saturday to demo a simple machine applique technique using fusible web. We put together kits using Cafe´ Milan and Chef’s Choice fabric lines and  included “This & That” Quilt Pattern: Coffee Crazy, fusible web, rick rack, and batting. (The pattern uses hand embroidery, not applique. I’m switching it up.)

Funny thing is, when I went to set up for the photo – I don’t drink coffee! – so I searched my house for a Star Bucks cup, but alas! the daughters have let me down this time! There was not one to be found sitting around with a sip or two of stale coffee left in the bottom. I came up with a  ”Plan B ” and used a clear plastic cup with iced tea. Hmmm. I don’t think anyone needs a coffee sleeve to protect themselves against the cold of iced tea, but I guess it gets the point across of the sleeve wrapping around the cup!

In this photo, you get a better look at the fabrics.

Next up! Hubby’s garden!  It is looking great right now!

It has me dreaming of a watercolor quilt in pale lavenders with vibrant Cone Flowers appliques on top. Who am I kidding! I’ll just add that to my never ending and long growing list of ‘want to make’ quilts!

I love how some of the petals are drooping and others are ‘sunbathing’!

How is your Summer going? Are you enjoying all the beauty in nature?

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Playing with Sidekick Ruler

July 9th, 2014

Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe of Roanoke, IN recently received their shipment of Jaybird Quilts Sidekick Ruler and several patterns featuring the ruler. Julie Herman, the designer, has once again produced a ruler for accurate cutting and piecing. The two patterns I used are both very well written, easy to understand, and make for quick cutting and accurate piecing. The ruler gives you 3 shapes that can be cut into 4 different sizes. And it can be used as a companion ruler with Julie’s popular Hex N More Ruler.

Rock Candy:


I’m taking Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot Craftsy Class with Jacquie Gering. The Giggles quilt above is the second quilt I have finished with her walking foot techniques. Fun class! And I’m so happy to have a completed project!

Babies, Graduations, Quilts & Vandals

June 24th, 2014

The newly weds are back from their honeymoon and settling into their new routine in married life.

Anna and Nathan

The Monday morning following the wedding, we had all our out of town guests, relatives and friends in for breakfast. Everyone had to hit the road soon after to catch flights or start their drive home. But during our breakfast we had exciting news shared! My son and daughter-in-law announced that they will be expecting their first baby in December! I’ll be a first time grandmother!

Luke and Kim

And, our nephew in for the wedding from the west coast also announced that he and his wife are expecting their first baby!

Right on the heals of my daughter Anna’s wedding, we geared up for my youngest daughter’s high school graduation.

My husband, John, and me with our daughter, Charis.

Sunday, June 22, we had an open house for our daughter. The rain held off for a beautiful celebration with yard games, family and friends, and of course good food!

And between all of this, I did manage to make a quilt for a demo this coming Saturday for Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, IN.

This is Missouri Star Quilt Co. Periwinkle quilt using their templates and papers. It is a quick and easy quilt!

Then Monday evening hit. And I do mean hit. Some teen boys thought it would be fun to drive around our side of town and heave 5# rocks at oncoming traffic as they drove past. Three cars hit with the rocks going through the windshields. My daughter’s car was one of the cars hit just as she prepared to turn into our neighborhood. She was very shaken up, but Thank God, not hurt but covered in glass. One man was hit in the chest by the rock and sent to the hospital. I hope and pray these teens are apprehended. This is a felony! The policeman said her’s was the third report in about a 20 minute time frame and within a 2 mile radius.

Isn’t it just so sad that there are people around that would do such a thing? Today we all just tried to take a breather. It just so happened that daughter, husband and I all had off work today. I thought I’d get to some of my own personal sewing today, but ended up mostly talking with my daughter and reading. Hoping tomorrow brings back that sunshine we enjoyed on Sunday!


May 27th, 2014

We did it! And what a beautiful day it was!

May I introduce to you the happy couple? Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pratt!

Anna and Nathan!

Charis, Nathan, Anna, Janelle

Two happy couples! That would be my husband, John, and me on either side of the newlyweds!

I’ll share professional pictures just as soon as they are ready. I hear that could be a few months from now!

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Prom Night!

May 17th, 2014

My daughter’s Senior Prom!

Weaver & Charis

Madison, Rachel, Tori, Charis

Little Bit of Quilt as You Go

May 6th, 2014

Just a little bit of playing with “Quilt As You Go” using Double Duty Runners Pattern by G. E. Designs. The “Quilt As You Go” technique will be a demo this Saturday at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shop, Roanoke, IN. Kits available for purchase.

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This past week I planned to:
-hem three bridesmaids dresses✔
-shop for and purchase a dress for me to wear to the wedding✔
-work on the veil for my daughter ✕
This coming week I must:
-get that veil made for my daughter!
-clean house – mainly sewing room to turn it back into a guest room
If I get these two items completed, it will be a good week.
-Oh! another thing to add. Longarm quilter just called and said my client’s quilt is ready. That means I have a quilt to bind this week.