Just a Little Sewing in July

July 26th, 2016

As the end of the month approaches, I’m trying to get caught up on the 2 BOM I am participating in this year. I got both blocks pieced, but not quilted.

Here is what I created from July’s One Block Wonders. I love how it turned out. I used hand dyes by Vicki Welsh and commercial Batiks. The picture does not do Vicki’s hand dyes justice. The blue background, oranges to deep rust are all Vicki’s. The blue dots are the Batiks. I’m not sure how I will quilt this, but I’m sure enjoying gazing at it every time I walk past it!

I won a scrap bag from Vicki earlier this year and pulled them out to play with this month’s block. Check out her lovely gradations on her Colorways website!

Next up is Leah Day’s Machine Quilting Block Party. My July block is pieced and marked for quilting.

I’ve also managed to piece a t-shirt quilt that I just took to the longarm quilter this morning. I’ll share a photo once it is back and bound. And I started a baby quilt, pieced, sandwiched, but not quilted, so I’ll show that one too once it is complete.

One last project, and, Oh Boy! was it ever a last minute undertaking! Hubs and I are going to a special friend’s birthday party this Saturday. She loves Hannah Montana! And believe it or not, a local quilt shop still has some HM fabrics! So today I bought 2 pieces, and a blue I liked with them, and sewed up a little quilt for her. I just put borders around two large pieces of Hannah Montana fabrics, sandwiched them – spray glue basting! – and did a quick curvy quilting stitch using the walking foot.

Pictured above is 1/4 of the quilt that measures 51″ x 60″. The pink center is flannel.

The flip side is quilters cotton. You can see the curvy quilting I did  ever 2 1/4″. I used the Flange Binding method, so you can see the purple flange on the flannel side. I’m so pleased with how this quick project turned out. I hope our friend will like it as much as I do!

How about you, have you ever dreamed up a project and pulled it off in a day? Really, I must say this is the first project I pulled off so quickly!

To- Do For this week:

  1. Quilt July’s Machine Quilting Block.
  2. Enjoy Saturday’s party.
  3. Do some much needed house cleaning!

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What Happened to June?

July 7th, 2016

As of late, Hubs and I have been busy helping our son & his family prep for a move. I’ve been helping them pack, and playing with grand daughter as they do all the things related to their move. One of the things Hubs is doing is building a new back porch for them. The old one had some rotten spots, and dear DIL (and she is a dear, whom we love dearly!) was afraid it would not pass inspection when listing the house for sale. Once Hubs got into pulling up some rotten floor boards, he found rotten floor joists. So even though this was not how he planned on spending his free time in July, it sure looks like a good thing the rebuild is taking place. And truly, he does enjoy woodworking, he is a natural born handyman!

The question is, what did I accomplish in the sewing/quilting world the month of June? Very little! I did manage to keep up with my two BOMs.

Here is June’s block from Leah Day’s Machine Quilting Party

and here is my June’s One Block Wonders creation, one block repeated 4 times.

The kids are moving this weekend. I’ll be traveling with them Saturday. I hope to fit in a few days to help them unpack and keep grand daughter entertained as they get settled in, but not sure which days exactly! There will be a bit of traveling back and forth between here and their new location.



June 14th, 2016

Hubs and I made a long weekend of it by traveling east to Maryland for a nephew’s wedding. It was great to be there, not only for the wedding but also to reconnect with relatives we have not see for a few years.

It was a lovely outdoor setting at Musket Ridge Golf Club for the ceremony and then indoor dinner & dancing. Congratulations again to Dan and Callie!

Next up was visiting my folks in Hanover, Pennsylvania with some of our crew catching up with us for the visit.

Noel, Dad, me, Hubs/John in back row. Charis, Mom, Anna in front row.

We also got to connect with some more of my side of the family at my brother’s home in Maryland.

While in Maryland, we learned that our son and DIL had their offer on a house accepted. That is a huge step in their moving plans. Next they need to list and sell their current home. Since we are home again, I’ll be available to help in whatever why they need, cleaning, childcare, packing, meals? Taking one day at a time.

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Continue childcare for son and DIL as they prepare to move, they hope later this month or early July. ✔︎
  2. Prep for out of town wedding this weekend. (laundry, pack, gift shop, etc) ✔︎
  3. Maybe Monday mark and quilt block 6 ✔︎ it is marked!

To-Do List for this week.

  1. Quilt block 6 of the Machine Quilting Block Party BOM
  2. Stay available for my son & DIL as they prepare to move

As you can see, very little quilt related activities here right now. I suppose that is part of Summer. How about you? Does your sewing time change with the seasons?

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Hobo Bag Success

June 7th, 2016

Last Summer, I was asked by a client if I could make a hobo bag/cross-body bag out of t-shirts. I thought that would be doable, so playing around with a t-shirt I no longer used, I came up with a design. Life happened, and even though we chatted on the phone several times, we did not meet up again until this Spring. She liked my design, gave me two t-shirts, we picked out fabrics, and TaDa! Here is what I created for her.

Batik fabric creating a large outer pocket.

She wanted her bag to be larger/deeper/wider.  I added a squared bottom to get the wider. I cut the t-shirts as large as possible to increase the size. I used one shirt for the side of the bag with a large outer pocket created with Batik fabric.

Another t-shirt was used for the other side of the bag.

For the shoulder straps, I used a solid black fabric and fusible interfacing to add durability. Then I decided to get all fancy-shamancy and add hardware making the straps adjustable. This was my first time to make adjustable straps, which I found out are really very easy to make and attach to the bag.

Can you see the black hardware rings and sliders in the above photo?

I used one of the black t-shirt sleeves as an inner pocket.

The lining is the same fabric as the outer pocket.

I’m happy to report that my client was very pleased with her Hobo Bag!

So far I’m keeping up with Leah Day’s Machine Quilting Block Party.

Block #6 Solar Flares

Family news! Son #2 has accepted a job 2 hours south of us. I’m happy for him, since this is a step up for him in his chosen career, but that means less time with him and his family. Life will be changing for all of us. Less grand baby time, less time helping DIL who comes over weekly for sewing lessons – she’s making a quilt! Less shared meals. I’m sure we will all adjust to ‘less’ but hopefully more quality visits. After all, my hubs and I are the ones who moved away from our families. 10 hours, not 2!  That all said, I think this month will be filled up with helping them. They are on their 3rd round of house hunting. And grand baby is spending the day with me!

What about you? Are you keeping to your regular sewing schedule this Summer?

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Start June’s Machine Quilting Block Party BOM ✔︎ Block cut and sewn together!
  2. June’s One Block Wonders pattern should be available Friday! ✔︎ Printed off pattern. I’ll have to ponder what fabric to use this month.
  3. Helping son pack and move. ✔︎ This is going to be on-going for a while. I’ve mostly been doing childcare, with several trips with them to house hunt.

To-Do List for this week.

  1. Continue childcare for son and DIL as they prepare to move, they hope later this month or early July.
  2. Prep for out of town wedding this weekend. (laundry, pack, gift shop, etc)
  3. Maybe Monday mark and quilt block 6

Making Progress!

May 31st, 2016

I’ve made some progress on May’s One Block Wonders BOM. I decided to make a table runner using 6 blocks from May’s design.

I altered the 12″ May Blooms blocks to 6″ to create a 14″ x 43″ table runner. The appliqué pieces are fused in place using Misty Fuse, but still need to be stitched down. I really do like how this is looking!

I just finished machine quilting, literally – just minutes ago – May’s Machine Quilting Block Party BOM.

Night time photo color is way off! That is a white background. And I still need to remove the marking for the quilting guide lines. Ugh. Horrible photo. Sorry. But hey! I’m now ready for the June block that will be posted tomorrow!

I also made progress on the t-shirt Hobo bag. The red is a t-shirt and the black batik is forming a pocket. The Batik is also the lining. The flip side is a made from a black t-shirt. More photos next time. Straps will be solid black and the batik.

All it needs is the shoulder straps. I could have finished it last night, but decided to make the straps adjustable. Daughter and I ran errands today, and my plan was to stop at Joann’s and see what kind of hardware they have. I forgot to stop! I was just down the road by a few blocks, and totally forgot. And later I was even across the street from Hancock’s (going out of business) and mentioned to my daughter that I want to stop in Hancock’s after we finished in the store she wanted to stop in at. We both forgot! Let’s hope I can remember tomorrow!

I really am a list person and should have had a list today to remind me to stop at Joann’s! How about you, are you a list person?

To-Do List for this week.

  1. Start June’s Machine Quilting Block Party BOM
  2. June’s One Block Wonders pattern should be available Friday!
  3. Helping son pack and move.


How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Hobo bag – making progress!
  2. Curvy Quilters meet Thursday, I’ll work on the BOMs. ✔︎
  3. I’m adopting a WIP from a local lady. It is a Trip Around the World. I pick it up today to finish the top for her. I’ll share more next week. ✔︎ This project turned out to be an Amish Diamond in a Square out of prints that I am guessing are from the 70′s. I didn’t take pictures, but the top is complete and returned for quilting.

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Slow She Goes

May 25th, 2016

Are you sensing a theme here on my blog? Slow it is! Since not much quilting is happening here, I’ll share a few beauties from our garden.

This is a tiny little Iris that I believe is named Bumble Bee.

Hubs is the gardener around here. As a college professor, he is teaching part time during the summer meaning he is home a lot more. He enjoys his time out in the garden.

I’m not sure of the name for this Iris, but I love those speckles on the falls.

Both Hubs and I have to find a new balance with the end of the school year, and it takes a few weeks. Not complaining! I enjoy having Hubs around!

Lilly of the Valley. My favorite Spring flower. Sweet scent! We have a large patch on the north side of our house that I can pick and keep in the kitchen. I love walking in the kitchen and smelling that sweet scent. Of course I love their scent out in the yard too!

How has your week gone? Does your sewing/quilting time change with the seasons?

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Hobo bag – I bought and washed accent fabric for the bag this week. But no sewing.
  2. Work on BOMs: Machine Quilting Block Party and One Block Wonders May block – I made a little progress on the OBW.

To-Do List for this week. Oh my! My list is not changing from last week!

  1. Hobo bag.
  2. Curvy Quilters meet Thursday, I’ll work on the BOMs.
  3. I’m adopting a WIP from a local lady. It is a Trip Around the World. I pick it up today to finish the top for her. I’ll share more next week.

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Progressing … Slowly

May 17th, 2016

The slow theme continues.

I have two projects that I’m making up as I go along. No patterns. The going has been slow.

Project One:  is a 24″ pillow. The front is made of HSTs on point. The white triangles will be used for signatures at a graduation party.

I used fusible webbing Pellon P44F to add stability to the pieced HSTs. It will keep the fabric from shifting and will make it easier for guests to sign the piece. The HSTs are quilted in-the-ditch in 50 weight white Auriful thread #2021, sandwiched with a thin batting and a piece of muslin.

Black piping to frame the pillow.

A red t-shirt was used to create an envelope closure on the back of the pillow.

I asked last week if it would work to stuff a 24″ pillow form in a slightly smaller pillow case. The answer is yes! The pillow case is 23″ square.

Top photo – Don’t you think it worked too?

Project Two: is an over the should bag, kind of ‘Hobo bag’ of my own design, to showcase two t-shirts. T-shirts are fused for stability. I need to shop for fabric for handles, lining, and inner & outer pockets. (sorry, no pictures yet)

I won another drawing! Julie of The Crafty Quilter is holding a monthly drawing this year as incentive to complete UFO projects. These cute gifties arrived in my mailbox: A fabric & bead necklace made by Julie, Scraps ‘n Fats pattern, and Vintage Picnic Charm Pack. Thank you, Julie!

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Finish Signature pillow.  ✔︎ Completed today!
  2. Bind t-shirt quilt. ✔︎ Bound, delivered, and paid!
  3. Construct Hobo bag. ✗ Started, not completed yet.
  4. Work on BOMs, Timeless Traditions, Machine Quilting Block Party, One Block Wonders if time allows. ✔︎- Kind of. On my sewing day with friends, I cut out 6 OBW blocks and got 3 of them pieced.
To-Do List for this week:
  1. Hobo bag.
  2. Work on BOMs: Machine Quilting Block Party and One Block Wonders May block.
I’m keeping my list very short this week, as I don’t seem to be very productive lately. And, I really need to clean my house!
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Progress … is Sometimes Slow

May 10th, 2016

I’m not sure where my mind was yesterday, but I sure had a dickens of a time sewing together this simple signature block.

When I was calculating yardage and the number of HSTs I would need to make a 24″ square finished pillow, I totally forgot that the plan was to set the HSTs on point! The photoed piece is measuring 24″ top to bottom, which means I will have to add a bit of a border. Or, maybe not, will half of an inch matter when stuffing the pillow form into the pillow case? It will be 24″ square once I trim off the HSTs on the sides.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments on whether I should bother adding a tiny border to this piece. Would you add one, or not?

There is a red t-shirt that I am to use for the back of the pillow. I also forgot to buy velcro for the closure. To prepare the block for signatures, I will press a fusible interfacing on the back side of the HSTs block. I’ll use Pellon P44F, which is the weight I like for t-shirt quilts. The fusible interfacing will add just enough stability for writing with a Pigma Micron pen, but will also leave the pillow soft and comfy. I’ll quilt in the red triangles, or maybe in the ditch using a white thin cotton batting. I have scraps, so not sure of the brand name and will back the quilting with muslin. Once the pillow is complete with a t-shirt back and black piping, it will be washable and durable. I pre-washed the fabric, so there should be no color bleeding, always a fear with reds. I will instruct the owner to always wash in cold water and to use a Color Catcher to be on the safe side!

Today was another Curvy Quilters sewing day! I worked on a UFO, the Timeless Traditions BOM.

I finished the  2 – 6″ blocks and 1 – 12″ block for month 6. There are 7 more pieced blocks and 4 appliqué blocks to complete before setting them all together. Then borders and more appliqué. I hope to have this quilt finished for a Christmas gift. I told my Curvy Quilter friends we need to meet more than once a month so I can finish this quilt!

Cuteness alert!

This is my 16 month old grand daughter learning to drink from a camel water pack! We had a delightful walk at a state park Sunday with most of our adult children joining us. But this is the only picture of the youngest in the family with her dad and me! I don’t know why we didn’t think to stage a decent family photo!

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Hobo bag made from t-shirts. ✗  Didn’t get to it.
  2. HST signature blocks – 24″ pillow with t-shirt back. ✔︎ Pieced!
  3. Setting aside Bargello to complete #1 & 2. Might get back to Bargello if time allows. If so – borders!

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Finish Signature pillow.
  2. Bind t-shirt quilt.
  3. Construct Hobo bag.
  4. Work on BOMs, Timeless Traditions, Machine Quilting Block Party, One Block Wonders if time allows.

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Doing the Wave

May 3rd, 2016

King Size Bargello in the making! Here is the Wave 80″ square. Borders up next. Then some appliqué!

As it is a new month, I have downloaded and pieced May’s block for the Machine Quilting Block Party.

At my last Curvy Quilters sewing day I pieced the three blocks for Month 5 of Timeless Traditions. This BOM is on my UFO list.

All the blocks for this quilt are being pieced on my Featherweight sewing machine. There are 4 blocks of appliqué and also an appliqué border, so I will be switching to my Janome for that. I like using a blanket stitch for machine appliqué which is not available on the Featherweight.

Just wondering, have any of you Featherweight owners ever used it to machine appliqué? Straight stitch, perhaps?

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Bargello quilt – keep doing the wave! ✔︎ 80″ square waves complete!
  2. T-shirt quilt – borders, prepare binding, deliver to longarmer. ✔︎ Delivered to the longarm quilter!

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Hobo bag made from t-shirts.
  2. HST signature blocks – 24″ pillow with t-shirt back.
  3. Setting aside Bargello to complete #1 & 2. Might get back to Bargello if time allows. If so – borders!

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Feeling Accomplished …

April 26th, 2016

Or at least like I’m finally focusing on a few things from my quilting to-do list, after being under the weather for a few weeks.

The Bargello strips from last week are starting to do the wave!

Just over half way there! This panel is 43″ x 80″ and I’m heading for 80″ square! This is step 2 in the sewing process. After the wave is complete, there  are borders to attach and appliqué motifs to create and attach.

The t-shirt quilt top I’m finishing for a friend is coming along.

The photo is showing only 1/4 of the top. I have 2 borders to add before it goes back to my friend for longarm quilting.

Good mail day! I actually have had a few recently!

I won a drawing on Vicki Welsh‘s blog for particapating in her monthly UFO busting. She said she would send me scraps of her hand dyed fabric and look what she sent! Oh so gorgeous! But scraps? Some of those pieces are almost an 1/8 of a yard! Very generous! Thank you Vicki!

I also won a drawing on Christa Watson‘s blog for particapating in her Facets Quilt Along! I won the Batik jelly roll and the Aurifill Thread she sales through her online store. Follow the links on her website to her Amazon store and pattern store. My dear hubs bought Christa’s latest book for me, which is co-authored with Angela Walters. Thank you Christa for hosting the Facets Quilt Along!

I’m pleased with what I have accomplished this week! How about you!?

How did I do on last’s week To-Do List?

  1. Bargello quilt – cut & position & sew that Bargello wave. ✔︎ Half of the way through that wave!

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Bargello quilt – keep doing the wave!
  2. T-shirt quilt – borders, prepare binding, deliver to longarmer.

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