Decorative Tote Covers

November 20th, 2014

Oldie but goodie. I created this tote cover back in 2010, or there about.

And it has just recently surfaced on Pinterest labeled as ‘uploaded by user’. I thought I should straighten that out and take credit where credit is due. I’m still not sure what to call it, it’s a tote without handles, it’s a cover for storage using ziplock bags. Future plans are to use mesh bags now available to quilters and crafters in place of plastic bags. Anyway, it is a handy little thing that I get lots of compliments on, with gallon and quart size bags for storage on the inside, and good size pockets on the inside front and back covers. I guess it is a ‘journal’ tote with the bags being the pages. I use it to carry around my bits and pieces of hexies in progress. A quilting friend made one for me years ago with a quilt block as the front and no added pockets on the inside. I have no idea where she got the idea from, put it is very handy.

When gals at the quilt shop or retreats see it, they love the front cover. Then when they open it and see the storage, they always want to make one. A class is being planned for early next year, 2015, at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, IN. We are just now working up the next class list, so time and dates to be announced.

The cover was made with Misty Fuse and scrap fabric, and then machine embellished with free motion quilting and decorative stitches. This is just a house shape I dreamed up,  you can use any design you like for the cover. Have fun being creative with shapes and colors! I’ll show a few more covers at the end of this post.

Inside front pocket and Ziplock bags sewn into spine.

Baggies, and back pocket.

Free Form Applique and decorative stitching on back. By ‘free form applique’ I mean using scraps of fabric with fusible webbing – I use Misty Fuse – already fused to fabric, usually left from other projects, and just cutting out shapes and ironing in place in designs I like.

Here are a few more covers that are not quite as ‘free’

Fusible applique, fussy cut bird, ribbons.

Fusible applique pieces, prairie points, ribbon, decorative stitching.

That’s it folks!




Hexies, Curves and Chairs

November 18th, 2014

New Book! Newly arrived in my mail box!

I won Katja Marek’s new book The New Hexagon over at Linda’s Quiltmania Blog. Believe me! I was so excited when I read her email informing me I had won the book!  Imagine my surprise when I received another email the next morning from Carla of Grace and Favour Blog announcing I had won another copy of Katja’s book! I was thrilled! But, in all fairness, I replied to Carla letting her know I had heard from Linda the night before stating I had won her copy! Carla could draw another winner. Really, what are the odds!? Three blogs promoting Katja’s new book with a give-away and I won two of them! And yes, I did enter all three give-aways! I rarely win when I enter these things, Carla said it was time to buy a lottery ticket!

The New Hexagon looks like a great book. 52 English Paper Pieced blocks – which one will I start on first? Time to get to some handwork!

Next up, curves!  I’m using Jenny Pedigo’s Quick Curve Ruler and Curve it Up booklet and having lots of fun!

Drunkard’s Path Variation Block

Curvy Geese Block

My goal is to sew up one block per week, fitting this project into everything else going on.

Chair Update! Monday night was our last class. The chair is not complete, but very close.

See that hint of gold chair on the left of my blue chair? That is the wing chair my daughter is working on! It is so lovely with gold clam shells.

On my chair, the back and side panels are now attached. Next up, more cording needs to be glued in place to cover the staples on the arms. Then I’ll add more cording to the bottom edge for a decorative touch. The last step – the bottom dust cover needs to be stapled in place and she will be finished!



Chair Progress

November 12th, 2014

The inside back is now complete! In the last class, I attached the buttons and cording along the back edge.

Next up is to make double welting to attach to the inside  arms to cover up staples. And then attach fabric to the back of the chair. There is only one session left to this series of classes. I won’t be finished. I will still have other trim to add and also the bottom dust cover. I think I’ll use youtube to walk me through the final steps.

I’m pretty pleased with how the chair is coming along!

The Chair

November 4th, 2014


The seat is covered and foam in place on the back.

Cording made and the three inside pieces sewn together.

Back covered! See the cording in the seam where the back and sides meet? This photo is the most accurate to the color of the upholstery fabric. Yes, we are working on ugly yellow tables.

Next up, buttons!

Upholstery is hard work!  But I am enjoying the time with my daughter!

Drunkard’s Paths and Stormy Seas

October 31st, 2014

My Path was a bit windy this week. I just got to my Cross the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Along blocks today, and now I’m not so sure my plan is going to work. I might have to do some tweaking and playing around with them to get them to feel right.

The white seems too bright to me. Maybe a gray would work better. And even tho I’ve shown these 4 blocks with green and blue set stones, my intention is to only use color set stones in about 1/4 of the blocks. More playing for sure, or maybe the white will grow on me?  I’m just not jumping for joy with the look right now.

Earlier this week I worked up another Curve it Up block which just happened to have Drunkard’s Path units in it. See the Star Points – Drunkard’s Path units!

I do like the subtle kind of white to white going on in this block. See Block 1 here.

For the Demo this weekend at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shop in Roanoke, Indiana, I will be talking about how to use Creative Grids Storm at Sea Ruler using this quilt made by Linda Ridgeway.

And since I like changing things up a bit and showing other uses for rulers, I also made these three blocks.

Oh I just love love love the way this color wheel turned out! I used 12 fabrics from Moda Marbles, Grunge, & Solids, and Jenny Beyer prints for the wheel and Moda Grunge for the background.

All the pieces for these blocks were cut from the Creative Grids Storm at Sea Ruler. I used the Flower Filigree line from Quilting Treasures for the star blocks.

My path lead me on a short road trip this week with Daughter #1 to visit Daughter #2. Among the day’s adventures was a stop in at Crimson Tate! Heather and David are just as personable in real life as they are on their Facebook page! It was nice to meet them and chat for a bit. I could have bought one of everything in the store (if one only had the where-with-all to do so!) but settled for these two lovelies! If you are ever near Indianapolis, Indiana, stop in and visit them!

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Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Bubbles

October 26th, 2014

It’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival time, and I’ve decided to enter this year. Bubbles is a personal favorite of all the quilts I’ve made so far this year.

An original design, baby quilt, given to my niece. Simplistic, with 4 floating blocks, spiral quilting, using the walking foot with guide bar set at 1″.

I love the bubble fabric! The back (sorry no picture) is a Batik River Otter Print.

Here is a close up of one of the 9″ pieced blocks:

I’m linking up to Amy’s Creative Side for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Modern Category.

Drunkard’s Path Quilt Along 4th Post

October 24th, 2014

The rotary cutter is seeing a lot of action here this week!

All the pieces are cut for the Drunkard’s Path pieces. Next step is to sew them together. Then I will have more cutting to do for the sashing – and I hope what I am envisioning will look great sewn up.

There were other projects that needed my attention this week. Which means I didn’t get to working on the DP other than cutting out the pieces. I worked on the quilt promised to my son and daughter-in-law. I have completed 27 of the 35 blocks needed for the top, I have decided to enlarge the quilt to queen size. That meant more time spent with the rotary cutter!

I’m 4 days past my self imposed deadline on this quilt. Fiddle Sticks!  Hopefully, next week I’ll have the blocks complete and rows together, than plan out the borders before getting back to the Drunkard’s Path. Here’s hoping!

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Something New, Something Old

October 21st, 2014

Tonight starts a new class at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe in Roanoke, Indiana. I’ll be teaching Jenny Pedigo’s Curve it Up book using her Quick Curve Ruler. Tonight we will learn how to cut and piece the curves for this Churn Dash Block.

I’m using Sphere fabric by Zen Chic for Moda to make the quilt, but will be using fabric from my stash to show how to cut and sew the blocks together. I should have two quilts by the end of the classes!

Remember the chair upholstery class I’m taking with my daughter?  Here is what I have been learning/accomplishing on it. First off the chair is just about naked. Let’s just say it is jutted. I have stapled new webbing to the bottom (over the old webbing) as instructed, I would have preferred to remove the old and just have the new. But ya got to do what the teacher says. I have re-tied the springs into place and added a new spring to improve the seat. Again, the teacher said to leave the old string – several of the strings are broken, and just re-tie the springs. When it was all done, he said if the old had been removed it would have been a cool picture! Dah! Oh well! And the springs are now covered  with burlap.


Not photoed is the new batting and foam that form the seat, and the upholstery fabric stapled partially in place. It’s coming along.

And here is an old over due project, I had hoped to have completed by yesterday. Sigh. Maybe another week, and I’ll have the top complete.

This quilt was intended for my son and daughter-in-law for their second anniversary. It was yesterday. The pattern is from Elm Creek Quilts, Remembering Victoria. I started it so long ago that I can’t remember if it is supposed to be a queen size, which means enlarging the pattern, or if I was just going to follow the pattern. But, since there is still yardage left after cutting out all the pieces, I’m thinking I’m supposed to be upping it to queen size. That means I’m only about half way there on constructing the blocks. I’ve got to get cracking on this!

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Drunkard’s Path Quilt Along- 3rd Post

October 17th, 2014

About one quarter of my Drunkard’s Path units are sewn together.  I only cut out that many, and now that I’m sure of what I’ll be doing, I will cut out the rest of the pieces.

And take a look at this! I finished up the last 10 or so units on my new-to-me Singer Featherweight! She sews such a sweet 1/4″ seam!

Hubs bought this gem Saturday via Ebay! I had mentioned to him that Vicki, from Field Trips in Fiber, had a Featherweight for sale on Ebay, and never mentioned it again. Saturday he said there was an hour left to the bidding. Up to that point, I had not been aware that he was even watching the bidding. Then a hour later he said it sold for $340.00. I asked who bought it, and he says,”You!”  !!!!!!   Talk about one excited girl!  Vicki got her shipped out on Monday and she was on my door step Wednesday afternoon! And of course I had to try her out right away!

Thank you, Hubs!  Thank you, Vicki!

Other news – I’ll be teaching a class starting next Tuesday night at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shop in Roanoke, IN. We will work through Jenny Pedigo’s booklet  Curve it Up, using her Quick Curve Ruler. I’m using Sphere by Zen Chic for Moda for my Curve it Up quilt.

I’m linking to Vicki’s Cross the Drunkard’s Path Quilt Along. Go take a look at what the others are up to in the Drunkard’s Path world!


A Chair, a Tote, and a Feather

October 13th, 2014

My daughter and I signed up for a re-upholstery class. It started September 15th. We are half way through the class now, 5 more weeks, meeting one evening a week. Here I am at the first class, just starting to pull out tacks and staples. It took me two classes to get it all pulled apart. My daughter is doing a wing-backed chair and it took her 4 weeks to pull it all apart with my help! I tell you what! Pulling staples is hard work! At least for me! My hands would be so sore the next day!  Tonight I retied the springs in the bottom of the chair. That was even harder on the hands! They hurt so much right now and I just got home from class. I hope they won’t be hurting like this tomorrow.

Earlier today, I started two new things. A tote, using Quilts Illustrated pattern Charm Party Tote. I’m modifying it by adding a zipper. Here is one side with the charms sewn together. I did a simple meandering stitch.

This morning while reading the blogs I follow, Amy of 13 Spools announced she will be hosting a Feather Quiltalong featuring Angela Walter’s Free-motion Quilting with Feathers Craftsy Class.  That class has been on my wish list, so I went and looked at it again. I pondered if I should take yet another Craftsy class -how many Craftsy classes are too many? I considered all the other projects I have going, or at least started. I went back and looked at Amy’s post again and read the comments. Then I thought about the tote I’m working on and decided a feather would look nice on it for the quilting. So, I took the plunge and signed up for Angela’s Craftsy Class and then went back and left a comment on Amy’s blog. I watched a few of Angela’s lessons while eating lunch, and then I jumped right in and quilted my first ever feather on one side of the Charm Party Tote.

That makes my second new thing for the day free-motion feathers. It’s not perfect, but it was fun! I’m showing the batting side because you really can’t even see it that well on the Charm side, the thread blends in well. My Charm Party Tote will be meandered on one side and feather quilted on the other side. More fun, right?!

Have you signed up for any Craftsy Classes? If so, how many?  This Feather class makes 20 for me. Several are free ones, and I do try to buy when they are on sale. Luckily for me Angela’s was on sale today!

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