One Block Wonders, Month 2

November 24th, 2015

November is month number 2 in Sandy’s One Block Wonder BOM Sandy blogs at Upstairs Hobby Room. Here is November’s block:

Sandy is creating a new block for each month using Electric Quilt. I’m sure she is having fun! Sandy turned her blocks into a festive Christmas Tree Skirt. I might have to put that on my to-do list for 2016 as I knew I would not finish a tree skirt in time for this year! Sandy has a great tutorial each month to show how to create the block, and also several ideas of what to do with the block. She even has coloring sheets to download, so you can create your own design or color way.
Here is what I did with the block for this month:
This  will be my Christmas Table Topper for my kitchen table. I used a very old Thimbleberries print in green from the Mistletoe Mountain line. I believe the cream and red are both orientals. But with the gold in each, I thought they worked well for Christmas. I made 4 blocks and rotated them to create the pattern made by the red fabric. Now, the big question is, will I get this quilted in time for Christmas!?
Today, I did cleaning and then in the evening got to watch my 10 month old grand daughter. My son take his wife out for dinner to celebrate her 30th birthday. (Happy Birthday, Kim!)  Thanksgiving cooking starts in earnest at my house tomorrow. We will have family in for meals shared both Thursday and Friday. Saturday I’ll be feeling like putting my feet up! Might have to rest those footsies while doing some online sale shopping!
Do you have any hopes at finishing up some Christmas quilts between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I didn’t really have any such plans, until I saw Sandy’s design for this month! With her sample of the Christmas Tree Skirt, I really wanted to do a Christmas theme too!
To-Do List for this week – cooking! Visiting with family! Maybe finish a table runner or two. Trying to be realistic, folks!
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Three New Projects (but no photos to share)

November 17th, 2015

Have you ever shopped online from Craftsy? I have. I like their merchandize, sales, and service. Last Thursday, instead of taking the Metro Hoops WIP along to my sewing group, I took some precuts purchased from a recent Craftsy order.

I was thinking I’d make some hexagon hot pot holders. But once I got the hexies sewn together, I decided they need to be a quilt top instead. I showed my friends how to do a partial seam for sewing the hexies. I was surprised none of them knew this technique! My friends all loved how the hexie blocks turned out, so we went to Craftsy and put together an order. I ordered 2 more sets of Moda’s Honeycombs.

(Ugh! Technical difficulties! No matter what I do, I can not get my pictures to download from camera to computer. I had written this post earlier today, took photos after supper, and now they will not download. I’m rewriting this post, as it only made sense with the photos!)

Continuing – I also took along some 2 1/2″ precut squares and stitched up the beginning of a table runner.

The Craft Bazaar I attend last Saturday with two longarm quilting friends was fun. They wanted to make their services known to the public, and this was a good start. One has gotten 2 orders for Christmas decorations she had displayed. I finished all the binding for one friend and she had those displayed as well, but none sold. I suggested they both open Etsy shops. As payment for the bindings I did, my friend tried handing off some money to me, but I told her if she thought it was fair, I’d be happy to barter for the Christmas table runner. She agreed, and this beauty is now in my possession.

The third new project is another t-shirt quilt.

This is just a quick shot to follow for the placement of the shirts. They will be sashed in gray, than a border in cream, 2nd border in the same gray. Binding and back will also be in gray. The fellow just wants a very simple quilt. It will be simple, but I think still pleasing, and the t-shirts will remain the stars in the quilt.

This week my To-Do List will be working on the t-shirt quilt. First up will be shopping to find the right gray for the sashing. Wish me luck, as  grays are hard to find at the local shops.

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Friendship Sewing

November 10th, 2015

This week I’m binding table runners and trivets for a friend. She is mass producing runners, trivets (hot pot holders) and Christmas ornaments for a bazaar she will be vending at this Saturday. Last week she said she was not happy with her bindings and has been spending more time on them than the actual sewing and quilting. I like do bindings, so I offered to help. She took me up on it!

8 runners & 2 trivets & 1 baby quilt completed

She is using the 60 degree wedge design for her table runners. This Christmas runner is my favorite.

Bright and cheery design. The wedge ruler method works best with border & stripe prints. (hmm photo is distorting runner, don’t know why)

I have 2 left to bind. I’m using the Flat Felled method for attaching the bindings. I sew the binding on to the back of the runner and press it to the front. I pin the miter at the 120 degree corners and use the Flat Felled Presser Foot to stitch the binding down along the edge of the binding. This is a quick way to put a nice finish on mass produced table runners!   As fun as these have been, I’ll be looking forward to returning to my own sewing next week!

I took a break from sewing and made this for supper.

Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash. Yum! It got the stamp of approval from the family. I think next time I make it, I’ll cook the Acorn Squash in the microwave to speed up the cooking time. And might try subbing black beans for the sausage.

Do you have a favorite Fall recipe? This was perfect for our cool day here.

To-Do List for this week: Finish 2 more table runners. Thursday is quilting day with my little group – I’ll be working on Metro Hoops, will take along Dot to Dot as a back up project. Saturday I’ll be going to the bazaar to encourage my friend. That’s all folks!

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UFO Busting

November 7th, 2015

October was a good month. 5 UFOs completed. 1 new quilt- fabric purchased, quilt completed & gifted! One t-shirt quilt made and sent off to longarm quilter for a customer, so not a UFO but happy about that one!

UFO’s – honestly, almost too numerous to count!

UFO’s completed – 5!

UFO’s currently working on – 2

New projects completed – 2

New projects started – 2

One of the quilt shops in our area held their annual Birthday Sale this weekend. Yes, I did shop! Who wouldn’t at yardage 50% off!? I bought flannel fabric to have on hand for baby shower gifts, self-binding baby blankets.  I also bought fabrics for planned quilts, no more just buying lovely fabric because I like it. My stash needs to be used up, not added to at this point. Plus I bought 4 patterns at 25% off.

Scroll on through my older posts to see the quilts.

This coming week, I’m helping a friend with binding a pile of table runners. Then back to normal programing aka working on my own list!

So gals, are you continuing to build your stash? Or at you a point where you want to use it up?  I’m all for using mine up, and only buying when what I want to make I can’t find in my stash already.

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T-shirt Quilt

November 3rd, 2015

The Harley Davidson T-Shirt quilt is back from the longarm quilter.

It’s large. Queen size, made so the t-shirts cover the mattress, plus 2 borders for the drop to cover the sides of the mattress.

I’m working on a flange binding. The orange flame print adds a nice POP to the black border and binding.

More photos promised once it is complete!

I didn’t get to more ruler play to finish the table runner I shared last week, because a migraine invaded my happy little life. So my To-Do list from last week will carry over to this week. Oh, but wait, that is not 100% true, because I offered to help a friend with her table runner bindings. I might not get to my table runner & Metro Hoops until next week. This week: bindings!

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Playing with Quilting Rulers

October 27th, 2015

I was surprised today by seeing a familiar photo on Connie’s Linky Tuesday post. Connie featured my photo of making Flying Geese using Jodi Barrow’s Square in a Square Ruler. Thank you for the feature, Connie!

This week I set up my sewing machine for some ‘ruler play’ using the 1/4″ ruler foot for my Janome and rulers originally designed for Longarm quilters. I’m taking Amy Johnson’s Craftsy Class Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine. I decided to give the rulers a try on the Flying Geese table runner. Now don’t go judging! This is my first time to quilt using rulers on something other than a practice piece!

It’s not finished yet, but it is a start. The block design is from Sandy’s One Block Wonder BOM she is hosting, October being the first month.

Close up of the straight line quilting, above. I used a varigated 30 wt. thread for the top.

Stitching on the back, using Superior Threads  Bottom Line 60 wt. thread, color no. 637 ‘Blush’ in the bobbin.

I have more ideas for how to quilt this piece, so I just might make up more Flying Geese table runners to use to practice the ideas.

My busy weekend went well with all the cooking, Fall party, and having our adult kids in for visits and meals.

I made this Cranberry Cobbler twice and it was a hit both times. It disappeared at the Fall Party before I could even get a taste! And it also disappeared at our family gathering Saturday night! Family has requested I make it again, but double the recipe next time. It might be showing up on our Thanksgiving table next month!

This week’s To-Do list:  I hope to finish up Metro Hoops designs by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Maybe make up a few more table runners for quilting practice. Also pick up the t-shirt quilt from the longarmer and finish it with a flange binding.

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Two Things

October 20th, 2015

Thing One: I’m playing along with a BOM (block of the month) hosted by Up Stairs Hobby Room that just started this month. It is called One Block Wonders BOM but does not make a sampler quilt. Each month the block presented will be a stand alone block to make mini quilts, pillows, table runners, quilt tops, or whatever else you want to do with your block. I’m using this month’s block to make an Autumn Table runner.

Thing Two:  The block this month uses Flying Geese units. I decided to use a new-to-me ruler, Jodi Barrows’ Square in a Square Ruler. I actually bought the ruler and a book a while back, and later in August attend a lecture by Jodi. This is only my second time to pick it up and give it a try.

On the right is the Square in the Square unit that Jodi bases her method of piecing on. The bottom left is the Square in a Square unit trimmed for the Flying Geese units. Top left are the two Flying Geese you get from one Square in a Square unit.

In the above photo I am using the 90 degree lines to trim the unit. The opposite corner is trimmed the same way, each with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Above, showing the 1/4″ seam allowance.

The remaining to sides are trimmed right at the corner of the inner square.

Above, see how the unit was trimmed just to the corner edge of the inner square.

Next, the Square in a Square is cut into two Flying Geese. And yes, there is some waste, that really bugs some people. The triangles trimmed off this size of the Square in a Square (6″ x 3″) are actually large enough to save for another project. Or … if you make doggy rescue beds as a friend of mine does, save your scraps to stuff the beds.  :-)

Two Flying Geese units and the Square in the Square Ruler.

Above is one block of Flying Geese units, not yet sewn together. I’ll be adding more fall colors to complete my table runner. I was hoping to finish it today, but hey! I got to show this process to you instead.

Are you familiar with Jodi Barrows? She has been sharing her techniques for years and has up to 30 some units all made by starting with the Square in the Square. She will be at the Fall Quilt Market this weekend.

My To-Do Tuesday List: 1. Finish the One Block Wonder table runner. 2. Host my quilting group Thursday, bake a dessert to share. 3. Church Fall Party – cook for that. 4. Daughter and SIL coming in from out of town, more cooking!

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What Do You See?

October 10th, 2015

Hello my quilting friends! Here is my latest quilt for a sweet little toddler.

Her momma loves blue. Last year, her sister received a quilt made with the background fabric. They will have coordinating quilts fabric wise.

The back showing the outline of the silhouette, stitched in black Aurifil 50# in bobbin and top thread.

Close up of flange binding and arch quilting, using a walking foot and seam guide.

So the question of the week is: What is the child in the silhouette doing?


A. Cleaning a gun. B. Bouncing balls on a paddle. C. Playing with a bubble wand. D. None of the above.

Or maybe you would like a fill in the blank option better:

The child in the silhouette is _____________________.

This past week I finished 5 baby/toddler quilts that are being gifted this coming week. I also finished the borders and back for a t-shirt quilt and delivered it to the longarm quilter.

Goals this week include enjoying a trip east with my son to visit relatives and deliver the 5 quilts.

I really do want to know what you see in the quilt. There has been some interesting discussion going on here at my home about just what that silhouette is doing!

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Get ‘er Done!

October 7th, 2015

Happy Dance!

3 baby quilts completed, another one just needs the binding stitched down, and one more to start.

This quilt is finished! The block is a design by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts.

I added appliqué birds to mimic the backing fabric. Straight line quilting with the walking foot,  with just a little bit of free motion quilting.

The blocks are stitch-in-the-ditch and swiggles in the negative space.

And finished off with a flange binding.

I cut out the Blue Monkeys for this quilt last week. I think it is my favorite because of the quilting.

I did all over arches that intersect.

And finished with a flange binding. I do love flange bindings. They make a nice clean finish while adding a pop of color.

Flange binding on the pink monkey quilt. (see last week’s post)

And one more still in progress.


The back is just super fun! I wish I had bought more of this print! “Just Hanging” Alexander Henry Fabrics. I just need to stitch-in-the-ditch to finish the flange binding.

Do you have a favorite binding technique, tool or tip?

To-Do-List:  Next up is one more baby quilt. And adding borders to the T-shirt quilt.

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More Monkey Business

September 29th, 2015

Yes, this happened.

The back folded over and got stitched with a wrinkle in it. See the dots out of line and a bit of the batting? Sigh. I’ll be ripping that mess out tonight.  Hmmm. Need to work on the tension too. It was fine until I changed the thread. It has been one of those days where things go wrong. Aurifil worked wonderfully, Mettler not so much as it kept breaking.

I thought this quilt was ready for binding. Nope, not with that fold on the back!  I did straight line quilting in the background. Monkeys stitched around edges with blanket stitch, a little heart on their chests, and wiggles in the border.

Friday my order of batting arrived. The next day I got an email from the company saying the batting had been shipped. Well, yes, I guess so, since it was already at my house! A little shopping at a local quilt shop, and I bought the back for the t-shirt quilt, but not the borders. I’ll try again this weekend at another shop. The monkeys are all cut out for the next baby quilt. … I forgot to look for backing! If I don’t make a list, things just don’t happen.  The pumpkin table runner is still waiting for my attention.

So, be truthful, have you ever been happily FMQ along just to turn over the quilt and go ‘arrrgh!’ because you caught a wrinkle in the quilting? That was definitely me today.

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This week I will continue to sandwich and quilt baby quilt tops.