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One Monthly Goal – June 2020

Monday, June 1st, 2020

I have several baby quilts in the making.

This one needs a back which I plan to shop for, then sandwich, quilt & bind – my goal for this month.

Several years ago, Moda offered 10″ triangle precuts they called Slice.  Apparently they didn’t sell well as they are no longer available. I had purchased 2 packs of Color Me Happy by V and Co. For this baby quilt, I cut some of the triangles in half, paired they up with tone on tone whites I had in my stash. The top measures 48″ square.

I also had in my stash a pack of Slice in Moda solids. It came with a pattern called Splash for a 72″ x 78″ quilt.

Again, I’ve cut the triangles in half and will make 2 quilts 48″ x 54″. I’ve stitched up the flying geese, but need the back ground fabric to finish. I might add a whale instead of the anchor.

For June OMG, I plan on finishing the Color Me Happy triangle quilt. If I make any progress on the two Splash quilts, that will be a bonus!

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One Monthly Goal – May 2020 Finish!

Friday, May 29th, 2020

The Curve It Up quilt I pieced, I believe back in 2015 is now all quilted! That means I did meet my OMG for May!

Here it is on a queen size bed, in a very sparse bedroom. My youngest moved out the beginning of March. This room is in transition to be a guest room. For close up of blocks go here, and here.

For the quilting in the large 12″ wide outer yellow border, I went with following the quilting lines of the inner turquoise border. Circles were added for more interest. Next I planned to match stick quilt out to the edge of the quilt top.

I started match stitch quilting on one corner.  That is 7″ worth on both sides. That is slow going! And I quickly decided I needed a new plan!

New idea – do another set of lines following the turquoise border, and then mirror them adding the circles in the outer set of lines.

Next – what to do at the corners?

Following the lines on either side of the match stick quilting, I quilted the curves and added one row of circles. My daughter, mentioned above, visited yesterday and she said the corners looks like the sun. I’ll go with that! Especially since this is such a bright quilt with white, blue, turquoise and yellow!

Next decision was how to  quilt the corners of the top border as it is narrower at just 6″ wide.

Instead of curves this time, the first two sets of straight lines meet and continue around the quilt. The next two sets I just quilted to the edge of the quilt.

This quilt is a Sew Kind of Wonderful Pattern called Curve It Up, and uses their Quick Curve Ruler for cutting pieces. I used their quilting rulers QCR Sidekick for the curved and straight quilting lines. That pattern makes a 68″ x 86″ quilt, but with the wide yellow borders added at 12″ on three sides and 6″ wide on the top, the quilt is 92″ x 104″. Thread for quilting – Superior Threads King Tut 40 weight – #1031 Edwardian Blue, #927 De Nile Variegated Aqua, #985 Shekels Variegated Yellow, Aurifil 50 weight #2021 Natural White. Aurifil #2021 in bobbin.

The fabric I want to use for the binding is the dark blue Moda Grunge that is used in the second border. My LQS is out of that Grunge! It is ordered, and should arrive late June. I’ll have to be patient and wait for the fabric to finish up this quilt with a nice binding!

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Oh the Tension!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

This week I continued to have problems with tension every time I changed the bobbin. After doing all the regular stuff, like cleaning – there wasn’t much lint, rethreading machine, oiling, checking tension top and bottom, I decided to do some internet searches on the problem. I found a few helpful videos. But some contradicted others. Hmmmm. What I decided was to retest the bobbin case tension and go with the video that showed a tighter bobbin case. You know the test where the bobbin in the case is laying in your hand? When you pull up on the thread the bobbin case should sit up in your hand but not lift off it? I went with that. Another video shows it lifting up while thread is unwinding easily. Which is right? The tighter tension seemed to work for a while.

Sample piece testing tension.

Next I again went to the top tension – some where in my manual it states that 185 is the standard setting. Turning the tension knob in quarter and half turns, it finally seemed to sew smoothly when it reached 295. That was, it worked well until the next bobbin change! Fiddling again, it is now set at 330 and is working well. Is there something wrong with the tension spring that I have to keep tightening the tension up? It might be time to call the dealer and have her walk me through resetting the top tension which involves taking it all apart! That is a suggestion in the manual! Reset tension but only with your dealer walking you through the steps!

All that said, I did not get the final yellow border of Curve It Up finished. Progress was made though.

One side is completed. I’m not even sure I like it, but it is staying as is.

Here is one of the corners at the bottom of the quilt. At first, I thought I’d do match stick quilting from the double lines with the circles in between, match stick to the edges, but boy was that taking a long time! So I switched to repeating the lines in the turquoise and blue borders. The match stick quilting will stay and I’ll repeat it at the opposite corner.

The top border is not as wide as the rest, so that will mean a different quilting design.

Time for some decision making.

The lines with the circles in them, then echoed once, has been quilting on all 4 sides. Hopefully with no more tension problems, I’ll get this last border completed this week, actually by May 31st as finishing the quilting was my One Monthly Goal for May!

Last To-Do List:

  1. Finish yellow border on Curve It Up quilt ✗ Progress was made!
  2. Shop again for background and backs – baby quilts in progress.  ✗ I’ll shop after I finish quilting Curve It Up. 

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish Curve It Up yellow border! Please no tension issues!

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So Sewing

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

First up for this week was deciding on designs for the borders for Curve It Up.

The borders according to the Curve it Up pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful ended with the blue border above. Borders being the white, turquoise, and blue. My sister in law wanted a larger quilt, so she selected the yellow for a wide final border to make a queen size quilt.

I did a simple echo of the curves for the turquoise border.

For the blue border I continued following the lines of the seams. And then in the yellow border I repeated the curves in the two inner borders. I was adding pebbles/circles in-between the two lines of stitching when the bobbin ran out. On changing the bobbin the tension went all crazy. After much fiddling with the tension & rethreading everything, I had to walk away. I’ll get back at it later today. As of now, I plan to repeat the curves one more time, and then do matchstick quilting out to the edge. Those plans may change!

My Flower Power quilt is all bound and ready to display!

This was a free quilt-a-long hosted by Helen Godden. I used hand dyed fabric from Colorways by Vicki Welch. The sashing, back and binding are Moda. The quilt measures 25″ square. Black thread, Aurifil – until I ran out, then I switched to what I had on hand, an old Guttermann, and then Mettler. Having used all three brands on the same project, I can say Aurifil gets my vote. The others create way too much lint.

It’s allergy season here in the Midwest. Poor old me, and two of my children suffer greatly at this time. While having a sleepless night, I dug through some fabric looking for something to go with some embroidery blocks I had been working on. I pulled out a Moda precut – 10″ triangles they call Slice. What I didn’t know at the time was there was a pattern included with the pack of 48-10″ solids. The pattern is called Splash, and I thought would be perfect for my nephew’s baby boy. But I’ll make some alterations.

The pattern makes a 72″ x 78″ quilt. I figured if I cut the triangles in half, I will have a 48″ wide quilt and enough triangles for two baby quilts. The flying geese blocks are constructed for the two quilts, and waiting for the background fabric to complete them. Time to shop!

While digging in my fabric, I also found 2 more Moda Slice packs, but they did not come with patterns. I went to Moda Bake Shop where they have free patterns for all their precuts. Apparently Slice was not a popular precut as there are no patterns listed for the triangles. Basically Slice was just a Layer Cake cut on the diagonal. Anyway, I’m having fun with my Slice packs. Here is what I did with a Color Me Happy Slice pack.

Again, I cut the triangles in half. They are paired up with various white-on-white fabrics to create HST and placed to give this on-point look. The quilt measures 48″ square and will go to my niece’s new baby girl. My shopping list is growing! I need a back and binding for this quilt.

I finished the two items on my to-do list, plus started quilting the final border on the Curve It Up quilt – until the tension problems, again, just like two weeks ago. Bummer. An I started three new quilts, not on the list. So! That is sewing progress!

Last To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Turquoise & Blue borders on the Curve It Up quilt. ✔️
  2. Flower Power – finish quilting and bind! ✔️

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish yellow border on Curve It Up quilt
  2. Shop again for background and backs – baby quilts in progress.

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Happy Week!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Our State is doing a soft opening. That means I actually went out into the world 2 times this past week.

My first trip was with Hubs to Menards for Baltimore Oriole bird feeders. We have been excited to have them back in our yard this Spring. So day two of their visit, we ran out and bought feeders to encourage them to stay for a while. We have had up to 7 males and 2 females coming to the grape jelly and oranges we have put out on the new feeders. They don’t seem interested in the nectar feeder, although I’ve seen them check it out. The grape jelly is the most popular spot.  Sorry no pictures! My son has the camera right now.

The second trip out was to the local quilt shop, Edwards Sewing Center. I needed thread for a border on the Curve It Up quilt.

The variegated turquoise from the King Tut line of Superior Thread is what I settled on for the border. It’s called De Nile. That’s kind of funny!

I did decide to do some quilting in all the white space of the quilt. And as you see, I went with meander with little loops. I think it fills that space up nicely and looks great over all. More photos coming once finished.

While shopping at Edwards, I hoped to pick up more of the blue Moda Grunge I used in the border for the binding. The shop had almost every blue but the one I need! The owner said she will order a bolt! Hope is comes in soon!

I went with black Moda Grunge for the sashing for the Flower Power quilt.

It is sandwiched and ready for a little more quilting. Then I’ll bind it in the same black fabric.

Over the weekend, I finished 4 more masks for my daughter. She returned to work on the 11th and she has to wear a mask. She’s all set as I had already made a few for her.

That’s my happy week! How was your week?

Last To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up sashing, hopefully start on borders. I need blue thread. ✔️
  2. Shop for blue thread (and a few other supplies.) ✔️
  3. Select fabric for Quilt As You Go sashing for Flower Power quilt  ✔️

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Turquoise & Blue borders on the Curve It Up quilt.
  2. Flower Power – finish quilting and bind!

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Simple Quilting

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

This past week I had too much trouble with my sewing machine. Read about it here if you have any interest in frustration. Once I finally got the machine up and running I did finish quilting the blocks on the Curve It Up quilt.

Here are a few -

Curvy Geese. So simple and one of my favorite.

Fancy Fans

Spools. The quilting is simple. I’m wondering if I need to go back and at least echo in the white spaces.

Here is what I decided on for the sashing -

The blocks are 16″ square, room for 4 repeating “v’s” in the sashing.

I’m working towards getting brave to play with Pauline Rogers’ quilt-as-you-go technique.

I’m reading her book and plan on using this method to finish my Flower Power quilt.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Finish quilting blocks on Curve It Up quilt ✔️ and moved on to the sashing
  2. Figure out how to stitch together Flower Power blocks quilt-as-you-go style ✔️ I’m reading Pauline Rogers’ Quilt As You Go Handbook

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up sashing, hopefully start on borders. I need blue thread.
  2. Shop for blue thread (and a few other supplies.)
  3. Select fabric for Quilt As You Go sashing for Flower Power quilt

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One Monthly Goal – May 2020

Monday, May 4th, 2020

I was so close at completing my April goal, but then my machine did all the acting up you don’t want to see. Threads breaking, tension problems, eye lashes on bottom, tight stitches on top. I cleaned & oiled the machine, changed out the needle, rethreaded everything several times, replaced the bobbin, filled a new bobbin, changed out top thread. And it just got worse. This went on for 2 frustrating days.What was I missing? Finally I just walked away.

Several days later, I go tackle the problem again. Rethread everything again, put in a new needle again, work with top and bobbin tension again, and tada! It is finally running smoothly after an hour or so of fiddling! I have no idea what exactly was the issue with the machine, I’m just glad it finally cooperated!

My May goal will be to finish quilting  Curve It Up, pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Here are some close ups of a few blocks -

Rail Fence

Churn Dash

Saw Tooth Star. Blocks are 16″ square.

What’s left to quilt is the Saw Tooth Star above, sashing, and 3 borders.

Sure hope the machine is happy this month!

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Of Flowers and Owls

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

This week I continued to follow along with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-A-Long. Here are the blocks.

Cone Flower, Block 5

Fuchsia, Block 6

Chocolate Lily, Block 7

Iris, Block 8

And the final block, Sunflower, Block 9. I plan on attaching them by the Quilt-As-You-Go method using Pauline Roger’s book.

I did a few more blocks on the Curve It Up quilt. Here is a sneak peek.

I’ve got to keep moving on this quilt. My One Monthly Goal for April is to finish quilting the blocks!

Hubs and I have been watching 2 Great Horned Owlets in a park near us. My son & DIL spotted 2 adult owls back in March. We all got curious and started looking for a nest. Hubs spotted a dead tree that would make a great place for an owl to nest. He was right!

Here you see one of the owlets in the nest.

Last week the 2 Great Horned Owlets flew up into a tree above their nest! One parent was in a near by tree! Photos taken with my cell phone through a spotting scope. So, not the best. But I’m super excited to share these with you!

Last To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up – this was my goal for April. I better get going on it! ✔️
  2. Keep up with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long. ✔️

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish quilting blocks on Curve It Up quilt
  2. Figure out how to stitch together Flower Power blocks quilt-as-you-go style

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A Change in Plans

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

Goals changed for me this week when I was asked to take on a few unexpected tasks.

First I was asked to repair a friend’s bear. I had no idea what I was getting into, here is what the bear looked like when I picked it up.

The bear is missing the paw on the front right, and the paw on the back is starting to rip.

I dug in my fabric stash and found a mottled cream close in color. First I kind of criss crossed with thread to hold the stuffing in place. Then I doubled the cream fabric and placed a piece of batting under it, and stitched it all in place.

Not perfect, but better! That stitching was hard on the fingers! Note the back paw is repaired also, stitching showing.

My friend called during the several days I had the bear saying her other bears missed him. I assured her Bingo was making new friends and looking forward to getting home. I told her I’d share a photo of him with his new friends.

Bingo & friends.

Later in the week I was asked to make a few more masks. I used Pauline Rogers’ Sasher Tools to make the ties for the masks.

I bought this set and her Quilt as You Go book to work on a UFO.  They came in handy these past few weeks in making the binding type ties for the masks.

All done.

As for quilting, I kept up with Helen Godden’s new quilt-a-long, Flower Power.




Cone Flower. I’m using Vicki Welsh‘s hand dyed fabric. I’m enjoying these FMQ flowers. Sadly, I didn’t touch my Curve It Up quilt.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up – a few more blocks  ✗ Didn’t touch. :-(
  2. Follow along with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long  ✔️

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Quilt Curve It Up – this was my goal for April. I better get going on it!
  2. Keep up with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long.

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Chicks, Bunnies, and Flowers

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Last week, with Easter just around the corner, I switched from mask making to Bunny and Chick bag making for my two grands.

Here is the fabric I used, and a free online pattern I found.

Pink will be for a bunny, and the yellow will be a chick.

Bags constructed, but not filled with candy. I decided to line the bags. I used a Pigma marker to draw the chick eyes & beak and bunny eyes, nose & mouth.

Filled with candy, aren’t they cute!?

Now I’m hopping down another rabbit trail. Helen Godden announced a free quilt-a-long on her Facebook page. I’m following along on her Flower Power free motion quilt-a-long. She will be demonstrating FMQ on 9 different flower motifs.

Tulip. I’m using hand dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh. I think Helen is showing a different flower motif ever 2 days.

And, I actually sat down and stitched 2 more blocks on the Curve It Up quilt! I’ll show pictures later. I do have to go back and do background, which I think I’ll do once I have the pieced blocks quilted.

How is your week going?

Last To-Do List:

  1. Finish treat bags for Easter  ✔️ finished and delivered!
  2. Quilt Curve It Up – a few blocks  ✔️ 2 blocks!
  3. Still have organizing to do in the sewing room!  ✗  And still do!
This Week’s To-Do List:
  1. Quilt Curve It Up – a few more blocks
  2. Follow along with Helen Godden’s Flower Power Quilt-a-long

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