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Little Things

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

What a full week! Our son and his family successfully moved back to town. There are still boxes to be unpacked. It does take a while to settle in to a new home and neighborhood. Yet, my DIL says she feels at home already.

With all the time spent helping them, I only fit in a few little steps in my quilting plans for the week.

BOM – I selected fabric and got the pieces cut.

Monogram label – I think I have the program figured out on my Janome 8900. Now  I just need to tweak it a bit before mailing it out to my friend.

Temperature quilt – I’m keeping up with my daily hand piecing.

Plus I bought the start of a new project. I’ve been eyeing Brimfield EPP Pattern for a while. Paper Pieces had it on sale last week. I could not resist! I bought the pattern and 3/8″ window templates.

I am going on a shop hop next week with a few friends, and plan to shop for fabric for Brimfield.

Do you have any new projects planned for the Summer?

How did I do on last’s week To-Do list?
  1. Son and family moving back to town. Which means, I’m cleaning kitchen and bathrooms before moving van arrives. ✔️Done.  Oops! The previous owners missed packing a kitchen cabinet. The baking ware cabinet was full of baking trays, wire cooling racks, wire basket, and a muffin pan. My Dear Husband scrubbed and painted what will be a family room in the basement. Such a nice guy! Our son plans on finishing  this space in the basement before moving furniture and his plethora of Legos into it.
  2. Which also means I’ll be helping them settle in: child care & maybe some unpacking. ✔️ Wednesday, I met the movers and helped direct boxes and furniture to appropriate rooms. My DIL and grands arrived just as the movers were closing up their truck. DIL and I got busy with organizing the essentials for the night while grand daughter was happy playing with her ‘new’ Lego Duplos in her new room! And baby slept in his Pack n Play. Thursday – setting up kitchen. Friday – child care while DIL grocery shopped. Saturday- child care. I think their move has gone pretty smoothly!
  3. Figure out how to use monogramming function on my sewing machine. ✔️I’m catching on and just about ready to finalize a label for a friend.
  4. Continue Square in a Square BOM. ✔️ Yes, if cutting out the next 2 blocks count!

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Continue to play with monogramming function on my Janome.
  2. Stitch up the set of blocks I cut this week for the Square in a Square BOM.

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Plans change!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

A few things got added to my week that changed my sewing plans. Those few things were my son and his family coming for a visit  Thursday – today! Instead of sewing, I had grand children to rock, read stories to, bake with, and play with during their stay with us. Did I mention in an earlier post that they are moving back to our town? They did some house hunting during this visit.

I did sneak in building another teddy bear for the terry cloth baby quilt.

This one is peeking around the border.

Tomorrow I’m sewing with friends. My project will be starting the newest baby quilt.

I’m using Tula Pink Spirit Animal fabrics and a soft pink for the back ground and backing.

How was your week?

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish terrycloth robe baby quilt.  ✗
  2. Start baby quilt for newest great niece.  ✗

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Finish terrycloth robe baby quilt.
  2. Start baby quilt for newest great niece.

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The Grands

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

These sweeties came for a visit this past Thursday through today.

Love the kisses and snuggles!

Not much sewing happened. Grand daughter and I busied ourselves with lots of other playful activities.

Chopsticks top is complete! I’ll try to catch up with a picture next time!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish up Chopsticks top. ✔️ Top done!
  2. Practice FMQ! ✔️ I did a little practicing.
  3. I’d love a spray basting wall for larger quilts.  ✽  Still dreaming of a spray basting wall.

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Start baby quilt for newest great niece.
  2. Practice FMQ!
  3. Quick trip to watch grand kids for our son & DIL.

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

My quick trip east with family over the weekend went well. I arrived home late last night.

My Mother passed away Sunday, February 4th at the age of 89. She will be missed, but we enjoyed our time with family and friends celebrating her life. Oh the stories that were shared! I’ll spare you, but we had our laughs and tears. She was quite a lively and godly lady!

The Loper Clan, my father in the suit sitting in bottom row, my brother on his right, me and then my sister on his left. We are surrounded by our kids and grand kids, spouse standing behind each of us. (hope that makes sense)

Years ago, my mother gave me a hand embroidered ‘blanket’ that was made long before my time by the ladies of the church I attended as a child. I believe it was a fundraiser where families purchased a square for their name to be embroidered in to the blanket. Kind of a memorial of members and friends at the time. I don’t know if it was auctioned off at some point, but it was in my grandmother’s possession when she passed away in 1994. My mother gave it to me. I’m not sure why, maybe she thought I’d appreciate it as a quilter. But, I always thought I should not be its “keeper” as it belonged with Mt. Paran Church in Maryland, not with me in the Midwest.

The church kindly provided refreshments for our family and guests after the burial in what they now call the Historic Chapel as this structure is believed to be one of the oldest in the area established in 1718, 300 years ago! I spoke with the Session Clerk and Associate Pastors telling them the story of the  embroidered blanket. They were delighted to learn about the blanket and will be happy to once again have it in the church’s possession, as I promised to return it to its rightful owners.

My son wants to take proper photos of all the embroidered squares before I ship it off. As I took a closer look at the squares today, I found one was completed by my grandmother, and another by her younger sister. Dated 1914. My grandmother would have been 21 years old when she did this hand work!

This piece of embroidery is an amazing piece of history! Beautifully handcrafted! If any of you know the proper name for the embroidery piece, please let me know!

As for my to-do list for this week, I decided on prepping Chopsticks, pattern by Jaybird Quilts. I’m using fabrics I purchased from Craftsy in one of their mystery boxes and also fabric from a LQS, all purchased about 3 years ago.

I got all the fabrics cut and even some of the triangles block piecing started.

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List:

  1. Pet fabric and figure out what project to prep for sewing club days. ✔️
  2. Quick trip East, so not much else will be accomplished. ✔️

To-Do List for this week:

  1. Pack and ship the Mt. Paran embroidered blanket.
  2. Finish shopping for fabric for the Temperature quilt and attack the Hexies!

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New Life

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

We welcomed our first grand son into the world born Jan 7th. My three year old grand daughter and I had sleepover at her aunty’s home while Mom recuperated in the hospital with her new born learning the ropes of nursing.

We got to visit Sunday night at the hospital sneaking in just under the visitation ban that started Monday morning. Just look at that cute expression on my grand daughter’s face at her first look at her baby brother! So precious!

Her first time holding her brother with Daddy’s help.

By accident, I left my current hand work at my son’s home. Let’s just say there was some confusion with bringing a new born home. My son thought the box of quilting and books was his wife’s and stuffed it in a closet. I thought the box got stolen from my car! After I returned home with out my quilting, my son looked a little deeper and found that he had put it in a closet. Guess I’ll just have to take another trip to visit my grand kids and pick up the quilting!

To-Do List for this week:

  1. FMQ a quilt for a friend, she made it, I’m quilting it.
  2. Make 3 quilty gifts for a gift exchange Jan 25th.

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One Monthly Goal – December Finish!

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Grand daughter loved her little bunny family with the babies in the pockets of Mama bunny’s skirt.

I tell you, turning those skinny arms & legs on Mama and Papa was a real chore. And then the bow tie beat me, so I improvised and made a bandana for Papa instead of the bow tie.

We celebrated Christmas with our adult children on Christmas Eve by attending church with my son’s family. In the evening we all gathered at my daughter’s home and exchanged gifts. We spent Christmas day at my son’s home. When hubs and I arrived our grand daughter had all her dollies lined up in her bed room on the new quilt I had made for her and the bunny family was included among the dollies. It was so nice to see her playing with them.

The quilt for grand baby number 2 was all pieced before hubs and I left on our trip. We came home after Christmas to a house at 32ºF/0ºC! The furnace was not working! I just could not sew in a house that cold, so once the furnace was repaired, grocery shopping done, laundry from our trip caught up, I had just 3 days to sandwich, quilt, & bind the Forest Fellows quilt top to reach the second part of my OMG for December.

Quilt top pieced.

And quilted and bound. I’m so pleased that I will have this quilt ready to present to my grand baby when we get that call that he has arrived!

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A Week of Celebrations!

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Hubs and I are on a little trip to celebrate our 40th anniversary!

My, but those 40 years have flown by!

In a few days, we will head to our daughter’s home for Christmas.

She and her husband have decided to be vegan after a year or so of being vegetarian, so food will be a bit different than what was our ‘family tradition’ while my kiddos were growing up. My daughter told me she would not be serving my traditional meal of potato cheese soup with sausage biscuits for Christmas Eve. I told her that was fine with me, they need to come up with their own traditions! That meal was what I came up with when the kiddos were young and I wanted a quick meal to prepare and get us all ready to head out to our Christmas Eve service at church.

We have entered a new stage in our lives, having our adult children host our family Christmas gathering! Last year our son and his wife hosted our Christmas gathering. It was lovely, so much fun having a little grand daughter in the picture. I’m looking forward to seeing what traditions each of our adult children add to their lives in their own homes and those married with their own young families.

Do you have any particular-to-you Holiday Traditions? Are any changing with the passage of years?

May you have a Blessed Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Our trees are all but bare here in the Midwest. So maybe this table topper will add some Autumn color for Thanksgiving Day. This is not a new quilt, but one of my favorites.

Looking over my to-do quilting list from last week, I think I obviously made up the wrong list! But, thankfully, I did get a few new things moving along!

First, a dear friend’s birthday is Wednesday. I saw a cute little quilt on Marie’s Quilts that included quilt piecing around a cross stitched design. I started with the butterfly scene stitched by my Mom.

Last year, sadly, my mother became a permanent resident of the dementia unit at the retirement home where my parents have lived for the past 10+ years. We are thankful for the good care she is receiving and that Dad can visit her everyday. Sis and I helped Dad with some cleaning out and downsizing. I brought home some of my mother’s cross stitching & needle work. When I saw Maria’s post of how she put together her needle work and quilting, I knew that was what I wanted to do with some of my mother’s pieces. Please follow the link above to see Maria’s gorgeous Home Sweet Home quilt!

I’ll be gifting this to my friend who loves pinks, purples, and butterflies. Since the butterfly needle work did not have pink or purple, I added appliqué flowers in a range of pinks. I made and added a 3-D butterfly, and appliquéd some orange butterflies in keeping with the needle work. I hope it all works together. Quilted, but still needs a binding.

Close up of 3-D butterfly.

Next, not on my to-do list, is a table runner for my Daughter-in-law. She & fam will be visiting for Thanksgiving and staying through the weekend. Friday is her birthday. Making a table runner as a birthday gift was added to the list! She had asked if I would make a runner for to protect her cedar chest that is placed at the end of their bed. Grand daughter, 2 years old, climbs up on the chest to then climb up on the bed.

Leftover blocks came in handy for this runner. Pieced and basted, and quilting started today. I’m thankful I have one more day to work on it before they arrive from out of town!

I wish you many thankful days and many blessings for you and yours!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Continue with stitching petal units for the Chic Country quilt top. ✗
  2. New commission – 5 polo shirts to be made into pillows. ✔️ Pillows completed and ready to be delivered.
  3. Squeeze in some quilting on the queen size quilt. ✗

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Quilt, bind and gift table runner.
  2. Bind butterfly quilt to gift next Thursday
  3. Enjoy Thanksgiving with family & friends!

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Quilting Clam Shells and Fills

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Sunday, May 14th was Mother’s Day here in the USA. During our annual Mother’s Day walk at a State park we came across these beauties! Lady’s Slippers!

I had a lovely Mother’s Day with family. We had a few who sadly could not join us this year. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day too!

On to quilting!

Last week I challenged myself to use the Westalee Sew Steady Clam Shell quilting ruler. For me, there was a bit of getting comfortable holding the ruler in place while moving the quilt under the machine needle. I had a few jiggles where I didn’t stay snug up against the ruler, but all in all I’m pleased with the results. No ripping out, I kept the mistakes in the quilting.

Simply Elegant is the name of the pattern for this table runner.

Made with a 2 1/2″ strip pack, Tonga Treats, from Timeless Treasures.

The clam shell design shows up better on the back.

As I was quilting the clam shells, I got to thinking that it might be fun to go back and do some quilting inside some of the shells. Above is simple straight lines.

This fill I’m calling petals.

Pebbles or circles with smaller circle inside.  I used a variegated King Tut by Superior Thread, color 921. Love it!

About three quarters of the way through quilting designs in the shells, I had a bobbin problem. I cleaned it up and went on my merry way. I didn’t realize I now had another problem until I finished the quilting and turned the quilt over! The tension got worse with each new fill design! But, I must say, I kind of like the look of the above mess! I’m leaving it! It’s on the back, the quilt is for my own use, and it will be a good example of what not to do in a future quilting class! I used Superior Thread, The Bottom Line, in Taupe in the bobbin.

If you are interested in seeing more fills in quilt designs, take a look at Esther’s designs over at I Patch and Quilt. I just discovered her blog this past week! She has a series going on right now on FMQ samples. So much fun!

How has your quilting week been? I’m having fun with my weekly goals this month of quilting up one small table topper per week!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Practice crocheting stitch – next step for Fusion Blanket.  ✔️ But not anything I want to show yet!
  2. Quilt Simply Elegant Table Runner using a Clam Shell design. ✔️Clam Shell, and some fillers, and even got the binding on!
  3. Waiting for FMQ step for The In Box Jaunt Quilt-Along. ✔️ Next step was posted today.
  4. Sit Down Free Motion Quilters May BOM pattern is up and ready. Time to piece another block. ✗ Printed pattern, but have not worked on the block yet.

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Complete next step in the In Box Jaunt Quilt-Along.
  2. Sew up May block for the Sit Down Free Motion Quilters BOM.
  3. Quilt Dresden Plate table runner as part 3 of my OMG.

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Circles and Hexies

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter Weekend. We enjoyed having our out-of-town children visiting including our grand-daughter. And of course those who live in-town too!


















Quilting! I’m loving how the Sew All Around quilt turned out! And I’m not a pink person. But for some reason, I do like this combination of blues and pinks.

I like how the dark pink and blue binding frames the quilt.

Digging into my stash, I found this piece for the back that is perfect color wise for the quilt top.

I did go ahead and put a sleeve of sorts on the back for hanging the quilt. I put triangles in the top two corners and a tab in the center.


I’m using a yard stick cut to size and placed in triangles and tab to support the quilt for hanging. Using a yard stick for hanging a quilt is a trick I learned from my first quilting teacher 20 some years ago. She liked a yard stick for two reasons, they are basically flat so quilts hang nicely against the wall, and also they are inexpensive from the local hardware store.

Silly me, I should have used 2 tabs instead of just one in the center of the back! I didn’t leave a space for just one nail for hanging! I might be slitting a little hole in that tab for the nail to be centered in the back of the quilt. (Yesterday was not my best day, had a stomach bug all day, and it must have affected my brain as well. sigh)

Here is a close up of the Signature variegated thread I used for the quilting.

Do you have a favorite way to hang small wall quilts? Please share!

Last Thursday, at my Curvy Quilters sewing day, I got the hexies all sewn together into a quilt top.

I’m pondering if I should add borders. I’m also wishing I could find more of the Moda Honeycomb “From Outside In” precuts or even fabric, to make 3 more rows for a twin size quilt. But this is an older line, and I’m not finding it for sale as I search on line. I used three packs of Honeycomb precuts for ~54″ square quilt top.

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Continue Sew All Around BOM, binding is next, I’m not sure if I will put a sleeve on it for hanging. ✔️ Binding and sleeve on!
  2. Continue Fusion Blanket. ✗
  3. Hexie quilt top – hope to finish piecing top this Thursday at my quilting group day. ✔️ Top pieced. Add borders or not?
  4. Enjoy Easter with family. ✔️ We had a wonderful time with family and perfect weather too.

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Get back to blanket stitching Fusion Blanket squares.
  2. Need to work on OMG for April – charity quilts!
  3. Sit Down Free Motion Quilters April BOM pattern is up and ready. Paper Piecing this month.
  4. Hexie quilt – borders or not? Figure out a plan for the quilt.

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