About Me

My name Sharon Schutt and I’m currently living in Indiana. I’m married to a wonderful guy. We will celebrate our 35th anniversary December 2012! I’m also the mom of five – my five shadows, who are all growing up and moving out of my shadow. And just so you know, when first building this blog, they sat around the kitchen table coming up with original names for mom’s blog. “Five Shadows” was the winner! With just one teen and one young adult still at home, wonderful guy thinks I should keep the name “Five Shadows.” I enjoy fiber arts, with quilting consuming much of my creative moments.

Contact Information: I’d love to hear from you.  You can either post comments to my blog or send me an e-mail at sharon avoidspam at schutt dot net. (Delete “avoidspam,” replace “at” with “@,” and replace “dot” with “.”