Project Quilting, Season 11.1 – Notably Numeric

How is it that Project Quilting has escaped my notice for the past 10 seasons? I stumbled upon the Project Quilting Challenge earlier this week and decided to join in. Thank you for accepting me as a new member!

I had already decided before discovering this challenge that I would be making an apron and a tea cozy for my daughter-in-law for her 30th birthday which is tomorrow, Friday, January 10th. Hmmm, could I figure out a way to make the tea cozy fit the challenge?

After changing my mind several times on numbers, such as morse code or the use of numerals, I decided to use 30 squares to represent each of Alicia’s 30 years.

Here’s the tea cozy with three rows of ten 1″ squares for Alicia’s 30th Birthday.

I used a vintage table cloth to construct the apron, so continued with it for a matching tea cozy. I used 10 fabrics for the squares to coordinate with the table cloth.

Tab on top and binding are also from the table cloth. Cozy is 10″ wide and 11″ tall at the top of dome.

The reason the whole apron and tea cozy idea as birthday gifts came about was when my son mentioned that Alicia would love to inherit Great Grandmother’s tea set. I’m very happy to pass it on to her!

The set includes the tea pot, sugar & creamer, 4 luncheon plates, and 3 tea cups. Sadly one tea cup came broken when the set was passed down to me. Alicia will be the 4th generation to own this set. I’ve enjoyed using the tea pot, but never used the rest of the set. It is a small pot for the size tea cozy I made, but Alicia owns other larger pots that will fit snuggly into the cozy.

And the Apron

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5 Responses to “Project Quilting, Season 11.1 – Notably Numeric”

  1. carol Says:

    What a cute idea – morphing a table cloth into an apron with matching tea cozy. I really like how you did the apron… definitely not a plain ol’ every day design; it would stand out in a crowd of aprons – and for all the right reasons. I’ll bet she’s going to love the tea set and the items you made to go with it. :)

  2. Tami Draxler Says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift! I love that apron, especially! I am hoping to find ways to turn future PQ challenges into gifts for others this year. I started off with a mini quilt for my sewing room, but I’l love to do double duty like you did! I hope you win a prize!!

  3. Barbara S Pozek Says:

    I love how you are making a special gift even more special. Happy 30th to your sweet daughter.

  4. Mel Says:

    What fabulous gifts to accompany your family’s tea set!! I suspect they will all be passed onto the next generation.

  5. Kim A Lapacek Says:

    What a sweet gift and adorable cozy! Love that you’ve gifted her the tea set.

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