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Of Octopi and Seahorses

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Or, Oh Yes, That Quilt.

I planned out and purchased fabric for a quilt for a little fella on the way. His parents were doing an ocean theme in the nursery. I was planning on waves and a whale. That was over three months ago.

Little fella has entered the world, and a recent post of the decorated nursery reminded me of an unfinished quilt.

I kept the waves, but instead of a whale, I’ve appliquéd a bit of seaweed, an octopus and 2 seahorses, keeping with their nursery theme.

There is a purple octopus in the scene in little fella’s room. I used hand dyed fabric from Colorways By Vicki for the Octopus and Seahorses.

The seahorse design comes from Connie of Freemotion by the River. Find her pattern here on Craftsy.

Close up of Seahorses.

Next up is sandwiching and quilting, which I’m hoping will add to the look of waves. Or at least just movement in the water!

This past week I did make some piecing headway on the Chic Country quilt.

I still have a long way to go.

Above is a stack of petals all squared up, with still more to go.

I haven’t cut out the alternate block pieces yet.

And, I did a little free motion quilting for a friend. Another quilt done, so I can check that off the to-do list.

Meandering with loops and pumpkin in center of 9-patch.

Meandering with loops and outlining scarecrow.

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. I’m setting aside Thursday to work on Chic Country. ✔️ Slow going, but making progress.
  2. FMQ friend’s quilt. ✔️ One more completed.
  3. Spend some time with my quilty  friends. ✔️ I had a lovely time with friends Tuesday and Wednesday. Meds for the bronchitis seemed to be doing the trick and I was feeling pretty good. Sunday was the last dose, and today (Tuesday) I’m back to coughing and congestion again. Sigh. Need to call my doctor for a followup. Blah

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Keep plugging way on Chic Country.
  2. Sandwich and quilt ocean baby quilt.
  3. Prep quilt top for quilting, it’s for my son and DIL.
  4. Get over this bronchitis crud.


Prep Work

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

This past week I spent the good part of two days cutting out pieces for Chic Country.

Sadly, I discovered I needed more of the background fabric. A quick search, I found it on Amazon, placed order and it should be here in a few days. Phew!

Update! Fabric came in today’s mail! Back to cutting for me.

Have you ever come up short on fabric but were able to find a match? I’m so pleased I did this time!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Continue cutting pieces for Chic Country, maybe even some sewing. ✔️ Still have more cutting to do when background fabric arrives by mail.
  2. Continue FMQ friend’s baby/toddler quilts. ✔️Only made a little progress on one quilt.
  3. Enjoy family visiting this weekend. ✔️ We so enjoyed our family coming into town for the weekend! Lovely weather for outdoor activities!

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Continue with cutting & piecing Chic Country.
  2. FMQ friend’s quilts.

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One Monthly Goal – October

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

My goal for October will be to complete another quilt top. This is another quilt design with curved piecing from Sew Kind of Wonderful, Chic Country.

I’m using Fossil Fern by Benartex. Love this fabric!

Above shows the beginning of the curved pieces needed. Those are 30 Fat Quarters cut into three different sizes. I have 10 more FQ to cut. And then the background still to cut.

Here is a sample of the block I will be making.

I’m linking to One Monthly Goal sponsored by Elm Street Quilts. All are invited to link up your own projects. Go take a look at Patty’s easy to follow rules if you would like to join the challenge. And while you are there, take a look at what other quilters have planned for the month.

More Curves, New Quilt!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Here’s the beginning of a new quilt. I have 3/4 of the pieces cut from the colorful Fossil Fern fabrics.

Fossil Fern is a Benartex line. I have 10 more Fat Quarters to cut into the above pieces, and the rectangles need to be cut into curved pieces as well. Next, I’ll be cutting the creamy background fabric.

Here is my test block:

I’m pleased with it! The pattern is Chic Country by Sew Kind of Wonderful, and uses their Quick Curve Ruler for cutting the curved pieces.

Two weeks ago I had prepping for a new quilt on my to-do list. But since I did not get to it, I left it off of last week’s list. I’m kind of chuckling at my self, because I did get to it this week, but it’s not on the list!

Are you a list person? Do you ever add things you completed to your list just so you can check them off?

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Tropical Snowball quilt – piece blocks, and hopefully rows. ✔️ Done and done!
  2. More FMQ on friend’s baby quilts. ➞ Sandwiched, not quilted.
  3. Grand daughter and her parents visiting this weekend! Grand daughter play time! ✔️ We had such lovely weather for a fun day at the zoo with our grand daughter & her parents!

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Tropical Snowball quilt – sew rows together for a completed top.
  2. Continue FMQ friend’s baby quilts.
  3. Shop hop with quilting friend – I have a list, let’s hope I stick to it!

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