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One Monthly Goal – July

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Picnic time!

Which means time to finish the picnic quilt my grand daughter and I are making together.

Four year old grand daughter selected fabrics from my stash, and showed me where to place them in the 4 x 4 quilt design. Then we looked through free-motion quilting books where she selected way too many designs for each square. Her mother joined in the fun drawing out the designs and even coloring in the paper plan to match the quilt.

Grand daughter selected the kitty print for the back of the quilt, and we are going with the strip for the binding.

My July Goal is to get this quilt sandwiched and quilted! Have to make that back first tho. Then we will have ourselves a nice little picnic!

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One Monthly Goal – June 2019 Finish!

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Celebrating with Winnie the Pooh!

My goal for June was to salvage fabrics from an old nursery set, turning them into a usable quilt.

I used three parts of the set. The border print was taken from the bumper pad, the solid green fabric was crib skirting, and the appliqué pieces: Pooh, bee & butterflies are from the curtains. The green and white strip for the back and binding are an old sheet.

Pooh and the other appliqué pieces are placed to cover holes in the green fabric.

Isn’t the label the cutest?!

This was made for a family friend who was given the old set. A friend of hers found it at a yard sale. She asked if the pieces could be made into a quilt. Mission accomplished!

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One Monthly Goal – June 2019

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

After a bit of traveling the beginning of this month, I plan on repurposing a Winnie the Pooh crib/nursery set into a floor/picnic quilt.

I’ve got the set ripped apart. I didn’t think to take a “before” photo.

Fingers crossed I can come up with something useful for this friend of the family.

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One Monthly Goal – May 2019 Finish!

Sunday, May 26th, 2019


My Goal was to organize my sewing room and get going on found projects. I have now organized my projects into the following categories:

  1. UFO piecing list - 5  listed,  finished 1, down to 4
  2. Tops to quilt – 5 quilts listed
  3. New projects – 7 projects listed
  4. Appliqué projects – 3 listed
  5. Handwork – 2 listed
  6. Customer quilts – 6 quilts listed
  7. Charity quilts – 4 in the making

Maybe I’m crazy as that is a total of 32 projects! It is crazy what I found while organizing. For example, I was looking for the Basket BOM quilt I started ages ago, wondering where I was in the piecing when I walked away from it.

I found it, only 2 blocks needed to be pieced. BUT under those 10 blocks was another BOM that needed only 5 more of 20 blocks to be completed!

I neatly placed projects in clear plastic project boxes, and stacked them together by like kind. My sewing room looks much better. Re: tops to be pieced in boxes stacked together, handwork in boxes stacked together, quilt tops ready to quilted on hangers with fabric for backs, etc.

Once my sewing area was considerably neater, I got busy sewing. First up – I finished the Basket and Blooms quilt top pattern by Joined at the Hip from my UFO list.

As I was piecing the last 2 blocks and sashing, I noticed I had 2 blocks missing their stars. I added the blue star to the top left basket, and the yellow star to the left of the bottom center basket block. Once the back is pieced, I’ll add this to the Tops to Quilt list.

Next, I got going on a machine appliqué table runner from my New Projects list. This was supposed to be a monthly block or runner that my Sassy Quilters Group choice to make this year.

Yikes! I’ve only started the January block as a pieced & appliqué table runner. I don’t know if I’ll ever get caught up. Maybe I’ll just pick my favorites to work on the rest of the year.

Plus I finished a customer quilt, but then picked up another order. Which is fine as a little cash flow is nice!

So yea! I’m better organized, and I’m marking things off my lists! And I’m determined to not buy any more new projects for the rest of the year! Let’s hope I don’t run into any ‘squirrels’ that grab my attention!

Speaking of squirrels, look at this cutie I created for the baby quilt I just checked off my customer quilt list.

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One Monthly Goal – May 2019

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Reorganizing. That will be my goal for May. I hope that counts!

When looking for a quilt project to take along to my sewing group, I thought of a long abandoned basket quilt.

Baskets & Blooms by Joined at the Hip

When I located it stuffed into a box, I discovered I only had 3 baskets of the 12 blocks to finish.

Under the basket blocks was another long forgotten partially made quilt. It appears I have only 5 more blocks of 20 total to complete.

Craftsy 2012 Block of the Month with Amy Gibson

It seems I have a plethora of unfinished projects. I did not meet my March One Monthly Goal, and in frustration, I didn’t set a goal for April.

And now, here we are in May!  I hope to organize the old stuff, the unfinished quilts, and make a plan to get them done!

Finish! should be my word for the remainder of the year!

In May I’ll make a list of those projects. And will make progress on at least one of them, maybe more than one! Some of the projects are easy to carry to group sewing days. Some need brain power and are not suited for travel since group sewing days are filled with talking & visiting, not deep thinking while sewing! Do you know what I mean?

Okay! Here goes to a month of organizing my messed up studio, making a workable to-do list, and completing projects on the list!

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One Monthly Goal – March

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

This month I plan on sewing up a mystery quilt offered by Jodi Barrows through her Square in a Square website. My husband gave me a membership to Jodi’s Premium Club as a Christmas gift. Jodi offered a mystery quilt to members that I think started in January and ends the first week of March. I’m hoping to stitch up the mystery quilt this month.

I bought fabrics today for the mystery – Grunge, Grunge Dots, & Grunge Stars. Plus one Marble which is the top black. I’m hoping these all work well together to make a nice quilt top.

February Finish!

I missed the cut off day to post my February finish. My 2018 Temperature quilt top is all pieced together. Details here.

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One Monthly Goal – February Finish

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Done! All the hexies are sewn together from my 2018 Temperature quilt.

Top measures 46 1/2″ x 54 1/2″

I put the hexies with the embroidered temperatures down the right and left side of the top.

This is what the back looks like, some of the papers fell out while sewing the hexies together.

After hand stitching the individual hexie pieces together, I decide to switch to using a monofilament thread and zigzag stitch to attach the finished hexies together. The center of each hexie is the high temperature of the day and the two side pieces are the low of the day.

I embroidery the name of the month on the fabric representing the low of the first day of each month. Placing that hexie in the row then followed by day one. For example, here is October (I need to erase my Frixion pen marks.) The high for October first was a warm 83 degrees and the low was 56 degrees.

This rust fabric represents 81-84 degrees range.

And here you can see the yellow print representing the 53-56 degrees used in the October 1st hexie.

Back of the October 1st hexie.

To piece the daily hexies, I used Presencia Finca Perle Cotton embroidery thread in blue, green yellow, orange, or red to coordinate with the low of the day.

Top is complete. Now to figure out how to sandwich and quilt it.


One Monthly Goal – February 2019

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

I didn’t get very far on my goal for January which was to work on completing my 2018 temperature quilt.

I did pull fabric for embroidering the name of each month. I used the fabric from the low temp of the first day of the month as the background for embroidering the name of the month. The embroidery is all completed.

I also decided to embroider the temperature range on each fabric used in the quilt.

Small progress for January, but here’s hoping I complete this project this month.

I used a Frixion pen to mark lines. Next step, iron the pen marks off. Then it’s time to piece all the hexies together. That will be my goal for February.

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One Monthly Goal – December Finish

Monday, December 31st, 2018

December Recap

My goal was to make several gifts for Christmas gift exchanges with my quilty friends.

I found several fabric ornament tutorials and made these:

and these

and these which I started after Christmas. I’m jumping ahead for 2019 Christmas!

They need button centers and ribbon for hanging.

Plus I started and completed 2 Christmas stockings for my 2 grand children.

And finally! I bound Chic Country for my grand daughter’s birthday! Which we will celebrating tomorrow. Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern.

With just these bits of sewing completed, along with Christmas gatherings, Church, time with family & friends, I’m pleased with how the month of December has played out. I hope you also had happy celebrations with family and friends and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!

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One Monthly Goal – December

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

What to do!?  With the Holidays upon us, I want to be realistic in what I’ll try to accomplish this month.

I have a few little quilt related gifts to make for an upcoming gift exchange. But I have not settled on what to make. My ideas include -

  1. a few tea towels decorated with snowmen
  2. Christmas Star Fabric Ornaments
  3. Vinyl Project Pouches
  4. Be Merry decoration
  5. machine stitch out on Christmas Tree ornaments
I made these 2 tea towels for my SIL when she had hip surgery. #1 in the above list, so I think I’m leaning towards doing something else on the list for this upcoming exchange.

Hmmm. That means my goal will be to pick something off the list and make three for the gift exchange.

And, there is the Chic Country quilt to finish. I need to practice my quilting idea for it before actually attempting the design on the quilt. I sure hope December is the month I complete it! One more post on it, and you won’t have to hear about that one ever again.

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