Ocean Theme Baby Quilt is a Finish!

The ocean theme quilt for little fella is complete with quilting, label and binding.

I’m pleased with how this quilt has turned out!

Purple-y Octopus turned out nicely.

Seahorses are super cute, with the one holding on to the seaweed.

Bits of seaweed and sand are shown in this photo with the swirls and such for the water-y look.

And whales made it onto the back with a whale label too!

The finished quilt measures 41″ x 47″. Fabrics are mostly commercial quilting fabrics with the sea creatures made of hand dyes by Vicki Welsh. I used Aurifil 50 wt for piecing and quilting, Misty Fuse for the appliqué pieces, and Warm & Natural batting. I cut the fabric waves using the Curvalicious ruler/template by Cheryl Lynch. The seahorse appliqué is from Connie Kresin Campbell’s Coastal Seahorses pattern.

Progressing on with Chic Country, a Sew Kind of Wonderful quilt pattern.

Finally all the pieces are cut, and I got some sewing in too.

The alternate block pieces are all cut and stacked in a Protect-n-Store box, which is how I organize my WIP.

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Keep plugging way on Chic Country. ✔️ Cut fabric for alternative blocks and some sewing too.
  2. Sandwich and quilt ocean baby quilt. ✔️ Finished and ready to mail!
  3. Prep quilt top for quilting, it’s for my son and DIL. ✗ Does buying more 505 Spray for basting count?
  4. Get over this bronchitis crud. ✔️ I’m just doing a little coughing when I wake up in the morning, and some in the evening. I’m feeling tons better, but my right ear is still ringing.

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Sew sew sew blocks for Chic Country.
  2. Mail Ocean Theme quilt to Elliott.
  3. I’m thinking of asking my friend if I may use her longarm to baste my son’s quilt. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of spray basting a queen size quilt.
If you spray baste your quilts, what is the largest quilt you have tackled? Do you have a large flat surface or design wall to use for this method?
I was just visiting Connie’s Freemotion by the River blog and I’m SMILING,  she has featured my ocean theme quilt – the seahorses – on this week’s Linky Tuesday post! Thank you Connie!

Linking to To-Do Tuesday and Linky Tuesday.

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6 Responses to “Ocean Theme Baby Quilt is a Finish!”

  1. Roseanne Says:

    Well that baby quilt is not only cute but it goes with your brand/name of your website so nicely! I love how you quilted it with the movement in the waves. Ugg, I’m sorry you are fighting bronchitis. It always takes me forever to get over the cough, but you’ll have it out of the way for the holidays. I do not spray baste my quilts, although I did use it once on a table runner. I use my kitchen island all the time. I lay out the backing and batting, and iron the fabric side so that it is smooth (not too hot, no steam). Then I flip it over, inspect for wrinkles and when I’m happy I put the quilt top on. I pin a lot, and then take it back to my sewing machine and get busy. Good luck with getting yours – I think the longarm basting is a great idea! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Jean McKinstry Says:

    I have spray basted only one quilt, and this was when I had joined a weekend class, The room had a HUGE table, at least 12 foot square, made from wall boards placed onto trestles. I have done another on the kitchen floor, and used the curved safety pins. Too hard now, so I need to find another method. Have you ever used the board slats?The octopus fabric is a winner, ” Purple Rosette” for sure. Then the whole quilt is truly stunning.

  3. Amy Says:

    Oh my gosh, the Ocean themed quilt is perfection! I love the octopus!

  4. lisa Says:

    This is wonderful! Happy thoughts as it snuggles that cute little baby.

  5. Christine Slaughter Says:

    Sharon, the ocean quilt is amazing! I am always in awe of your applique quilts. The quilting gives it all such great movement too.

  6. Connie Says:

    Sharon, the quilting is perfect for your ocean quilt! I hope you are feeling better.

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