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Hearts at Rainbow’s End

Monday, May 31st, 2010

This is my one finish for the month of May with OPAM sponsored Peg and Kris. This is a year long challenge to finish at least one project a month and then post it  on your blog. Of course if you are making more than one project a month, you share those as well. I’ve had a very slow month.

I bought this pattern from vendor Kaye Moore, while at the International Quilt Festival, Chicago, in April.


I changed it up just a bit by hand stitching yo-yo hearts to the background fabric and free motion stitching the saying.


I really love how this turned out! I am not a hand embroiderer, so I’m very tickled by my attempt at those french knots! This was playing and I hope to do more, learning hand embroidery!  The idea to free motion machine stitch the saying came from Rebecca Sower’s red thread sessions. Altho I have done free motion quilting, I’d never done free motion writing, but once I saw Rebecca’s session # 3, I knew that was how I would apply the saying for this project. (Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca!) And the last bit about this piece is the fabric is all from a swap/challenge hosted by Melissa of Ardea’s Nest. 8 of us swapped fabric and then use a piece of each of the fabrics in one project. I used the fabrics to make the heart yo-yos. Thanks for hosting the sawp/challenge Melissa! It was fun being a part of it and I’m just plain-o tickled with my piece!

And, I just kept playing with the hearts – this piece is not finished yet. I know, I need to learn some other embroidery stitches. :-)


(Photography by Noel Schutt. Thanks son!)

Happy New Year

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year all!  2010  A new decade!

I’m not doing a ‘resolution’ this year, not even claiming a word or phase to live by for the new year. Last year I decided to live ‘guilt free’ by not taking on projects that I really did not want to do – by not letting people ‘guilt’ me in to doing things, and I can say I’m pleased with how the year turned out!

Here are some of the things I did take on and am pleased with the results: participated in Swaps hosted by Creative Lenna,  took part in Lisa’s One World One Heart project, hosted a five day quilting retreat for 20 some ladies with two other friends, directed the planning and hosting of a formal dance (the kids call it a prom) for 179 teens, taught Sunday School for 5 year olds for two months (what a fun age!), organized a canvas bag swap with a group of 12 quilting friends (results should be up soon, this ended up being a true challenge just getting the bags swapped out!), went on a summer quilting retreat with 4 friends (that was a blast!), offered a generosity project, organized an on-going community service class for the teen group, moved one adult child out and one back home (the eldest ran out of money while in grad school – he is responsible and this is only temporary – that is   what I keep telling myself! LOL!), helped a friend organize her house, pack and prepare to move to SC. I signed up with the paper/cloth group with Belinda (but alas, have not enjoyed the process – ME, not the group! I love looking at what they have created!), took part in 3 Creative Studios BOM.  That’s the list I can come up with  for last year. I’m thinking it looks pretty good!

For the New Year, I’m continuing the 3 Creative Studio (3 CS) BOM, have signed up for the 3 CS Quilt Challenge (first word for the challenge was revealed today!), have promised to teach two months of 5 year old Sunday School, will join the One World One Heart Project, am planning another formal dance for the teen group, and have joined a collage group. Tis it for now!

But lurking in the background is a possible out of state move. My hubby’s job ends in mid-May. Who knows where we will end up!

I hope you will all have a prosperous, guilt-free, and happy New Year!

Spring to Finish #2

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I sent this little 12″ square quiltie off in the mail yesterday to meet the deadline for Lenna’s Fabric Technique Swap. The idea behind the swap was to try out some new-to-you techniques. I had planned a go at needle felting, but then my last issue to Belle Armoire arrived in the mail. I used Roberta Morgan’s technique for using alcohol inks on fabric – pages 40-43. Great article and a fun, simple technique! I also did hand stamping, foil, beading, and free motion quilting.



Happy New Year!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Wishing you a wonderful New Year! I’ve been reading my favorite blogs and the topic of New Year’s resolutions are popping up all over. Not uncommon for this time of the year! I particularly like what Calamity Kim had to say about shutting the door on 2008 and getting on with 2009! I guess she has done just that (thank you Kim!) because 2009 did appear right on time, just like we hoped for! And I read Pokey’s blog (Clothe Paper Scissors & Quilting Arts editor – my two fav magazines!) and entered her giveaway. Her resolution is to “keep it simple.” My dear husband and I talked a bit about resolutions and he thought he’d go with the “lose 25 pounds” type. I suggested he change that to “go for walks several times a week with my wife” and he would not have the guilt of NOT losing weight, but would actually see a weight loss because we are out walking together. Both of us would benefit! My resolution is to “live guilt free” this year. I tend to let myself get involved in things because of the guilt factor. Things I don’t want to do, but do anyway, because of what I think people expect from me. THAT is a silly way to live one’s life! I want to create more and see where that leads. I ran across the Creative Everyday blog and thought that was such a good idea! It is a challenge to create something everyday but in a way that sounded like no pressure. Creating could include cooking, singing, doodling, etc. I got to thinking, by Leah’s definition, I do create every day. Bye-bye guilt for thinking it has to be some form of art or craft! I cook from scratch, I lite candles, I like simple center pieces, I often sing in the shower, and I do even make it to my sewing table to create. I enjoy a walk in our backyard garden and I occasionally will sketch something I see. I guess I do more creating than I thought! So “living guilt free” will be my 2009 catch phrase!

What about you? Do you have a word or phrase, or resolution to live by for 2009?

I wanted to show the quilties I received from the Shades of Forest Swap hosted by Lenna. But for some reason I can not figure out, I can not get them to load properly in my post. They are all so pretty! You can see all the quilties on Lenna’s blog – follow the above link. Lenna will be hosting new swaps in 2009! Do consider joining! And I’ll try figuring out how to post the pictures.

Momma Cat at Play

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Yesterday I made 6″ quilties for the Shades of Forest Swap hosted by Creative Lenna. When I first signed up for this swap, I had several ideas floating around in my little head. Playing yesterday lead to using these fabric fall leaves purchased from the dollar store. I like the results and hope the ladies to receive these will be pleased as well.

Last night when DH came home from work he asked what was up with the phone. I had tried to make a phone call in the morning but could not get through to my party and figured oh, I’ll try later. Then I got busy on the things of the day. DH had tried several times to reach me. Wanted to take me out for lunch! I never heard the phone ring once all day, and the answering machine never picked up either. Later, I found out DH was not the only one trying to reach me. We ended up going to eat at a favorite Chinese restaurant. Then  headed to the Library for  a book DH had on reserve. I looked at art books for a class assignment. But could not find the type of books I really wanted to look at. Maybe the few I have on reserve will be the ones.

I’m taking a drawing class. Believe me when I say I am a stick figure “artist.” (I might get brave and show later how I’m doing.) The class includes history and art appreciation. Our assignment is to find artists we like, as in their style, and explain why. I’m looking for nature journal type artists that do line drawing and sketches. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Quilties, Cards, and Canvas Bags

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

I’ve been showing my little quilties I’ve received from Creative Lenna’s swaps to my quilting friends. If you have ever thought of joining a swap, check out Lenna’s blog. She hosts more than just quilt swaps. And even if you don’t participate – it is a very fun look!

My friend, Teresa, has just received four greeting cards from her first ever online swap! She did a web search and found a card swap that interested her. Her husband laughing said to me, “See what you have started!”

That is not the only thing “started”. Teresa thought our quilting group should host our own swap, so she organized an altered canvas bag swap. Actually, it is a Round Robin. There are 12 of us in the group. We each received a canvas bag, with a pocket created by Teresa, sewn on the inside. We each pick our own theme for the bag, tuck items that coordinate with the theme inside the bag, start to embellish if we wish, and then pass it on to the next lady. The items in the bag do not have to be used, but give an idea of what you mean by the theme selected. We have one month per bag and should receive our completed bag in October of 2009.

There are some pretty good themes selected: Cheerful Spring, Autumn, Butterflies, Music, Birds, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Botanical/Herbs, Flowers, Country, Christmas, Mary Englebrite, and Travel.

My bag is ready to go. I have added some patchwork down one side of the bag. My theme is Flowers. Ok, a bit boring, I should have thought a little longer and narrowed it down a bit. But I did put together a nice assortment of buttons, silk flowers, ribbons and fabrics that should help direct the ladies. The fun thing about a Round Robin is the mystery of it all! You never know what you will get back, but I always love the creativity expressed!

Pocket Created by Teresa

Pocket Created by Teresa

Items included in my bag

Items included in my bag

Patchwork on bag

Patchwork on bag

More Sunshine

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Oh such lovely pieces of Sunshine have arrived in the mail for me to enjoy! These are from the swap I participated in hosted by the ever Creative Lenna. We each made four 6″ quilties and received four different quilties back.

Pacific Sunset by Kiki Finlayson

Pacific Sunset by Kiki Finlayson

By Beverley Teichrob

By Beverley Teichrob

By Wil Opio Oguta

By Wil Opio Oguta

Sunflower Time by Vickie Jones

Sunflower Time by Vickie Jones

Row Houses

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I received my lovely set of row houses in the mail September 8th from Lenna’s swap. Houses are from Vickie Jones who made an ever-so-clever Winnie the Pooh tree house, Joanie Hoffman created a cottage in purples and pinks, Lisa Mallette (Studiorose) created the sunbathing beauty, Teri Calia (catnip designs) created A Taylors House – the lovely gold one, and Janice Perkin created the tall thin dream house. Thank you ladies! I love them all.

Row House Swap

Row House Swap


Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Today I will ship my Shades of Sunshine quilties to Lenna for the swap. Here is the second design I created. You can see the first design here. I made three of each design. Four will go to ladies participating in the swap, one is for Lenna and one is for little ol’ me. I hope everyone receiving them likes them. I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself by not getting them completed earlier and in the mail in a more timely manor!

Swedish Bee Hives

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I’m looking through pictures my son took while in Sweden this summer. And they have me thinking of the next swap, Shades of Sunshine, I must get busy on as it is due later this month.