Momma Cat at Play

Yesterday I made 6″ quilties for the Shades of Forest Swap hosted by Creative Lenna. When I first signed up for this swap, I had several ideas floating around in my little head. Playing yesterday lead to using these fabric fall leaves purchased from the dollar store. I like the results and hope the ladies to receive these will be pleased as well.

Last night when DH came home from work he asked what was up with the phone. I had tried to make a phone call in the morning but could not get through to my party and figured oh, I’ll try later. Then I got busy on the things of the day. DH had tried several times to reach me. Wanted to take me out for lunch! I never heard the phone ring once all day, and the answering machine never picked up either. Later, I found out DH was not the only one trying to reach me. We ended up going to eat at a favorite Chinese restaurant. ThenĀ  headed to the Library forĀ  a book DH had on reserve. I looked at art books for a class assignment. But could not find the type of books I really wanted to look at. Maybe the few I have on reserve will be the ones.

I’m taking a drawing class. Believe me when I say I am a stick figure “artist.” (I might get brave and show later how I’m doing.) The class includes history and art appreciation. Our assignment is to find artists we like, as in their style, and explain why. I’m looking for nature journal type artists that do line drawing and sketches. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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  1. Leah Says:

    hey there, thanks for the post comment on my blog, i’ll put you in the drawing for the scrap bag, its only you and one or two others. i like these leaves, what is that clear-looking strip you have on the left side? as for your drawing class, thats awesome!! show some photos in here of your work, your sketches, etc. as for nature journal artists, the ones i can think of are from greetings cards i like from hallmark. there is one in particular, let me see if i can figure out who it is… I have always liked this woman’s greeting cards. If I can think of something else, I’ll send it to you.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Thank you Leah for the info on Marjolein Bastin. She does beautiful art, and her personal story is a fun read. If I get brave enough, I’ll post some of my sketches. You might have to wait on that one tho! The strip on the quiltie is a gold shear fabric I had left over from an Aslan banner (Chronicles of Narnie) I made about four years ago for our high school prom. The theme was \By the Lamp Post.\ Many hands worked on creating a winter scene. We had a lamp post on the dance floor. Maybe I can find some pictures of that and post those as well.

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