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Spring to Finish #3

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

My next project completed is a curtain for a friend. I don’t like to sew curtains, and really don’t remember why I agreed to make up these – but finally! the curtain is finished. (Sorry Sandy that I took so long to sew um up.) Next time I’m asked to sew curtains, I think I’ll recommend the person goes to Jo-Ann Fabrics and inquire about a seamstress! Sandy made a lovely quilt for a young grand-daughter and now has a matching curtain.


Spring to Finish #2

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I sent this little 12″ square quiltie off in the mail yesterday to meet the deadline for Lenna’s Fabric Technique Swap. The idea behind the swap was to try out some new-to-you techniques. I had planned a go at needle felting, but then my last issue to Belle Armoire arrived in the mail. I used Roberta Morgan’s technique for using alcohol inks on fabric – pages 40-43. Great article and a fun, simple technique! I also did hand stamping, foil, beading, and free motion quilting.



Spring Finish # 1

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I’m so happy to show this quilt top which has actually been on my  to-do list for TWO years!  That’s right ladies, two years! I planned this quilt two years ago to make for my  friend, Ria, who lives in South Africa! She was here visiting at the time, and asked if I would make a quilt for her. Of course I said yes! She picked the block pattern and then headed for home.  I started buying fabrics. But never got around to starting the quilt until I received an email saying she was coming to visit the end of March.  Yikes! I had to get busy! But when I pulled out the bag of collected fabric, I knew it was just not bright and bold enough for Ria, so off I go shopping for the right fabric. I completed the top on Monday. I headed back to my local quilt shop on Tuesday for fabric for the back and finished it up at about mid-night last night. This morning I created the label and took the top and back to a mutual friend who volunteered to do the long-arm quilting as her part of the gift quilt to Ria. I should get it back next week when I will then add the binding. I’ll show better pictures of the quilt and back once it is quilted. This pic will have to do for now.

Block name: Spinners. From The Thimbleberries Guild for Weekend Quilters. This is so not Thimbleberries fabric!

Block name: Spinners. From The Thimbleberries Guild for Weekend Quilters. This is so not Thimbleberries fabric! Kittie Juno checking out the quilt.

Join the Challenge!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I just read Jacquie’s Spring to Finish post over at Tall Grass Prairie Studio. She is challenging her readers to join her if pulling out the unfinished projects and seeing how many you ca complete by the end of April. Since that is just what I have been doing, I have decided to join in! I have a curtain to complete for a customer, a quilt top to finish up for a friend, and Yikes! I even have a deadline to meet by April 22 for a swap I signed up for and have not sewn one stitch for yet. And do I get to events count too? I’m coordinating a spring formal dance “prom” for 120 teens happening April 24. The to-do list for that seems to be getting longer rather than shorter as the date draws near! – just two weeks away! But yet, here I am blogging! LOL I needed a break!