Join the Challenge!

I just read Jacquie’s Spring to Finish post over at Tall Grass Prairie Studio. She is challenging her readers to join her if pulling out the unfinished projects and seeing how many you ca complete by the end of April. Since that is just what I have been doing, I have decided to join in! I have a curtain to complete for a customer, a quilt top to finish up for a friend, and Yikes! I even have a deadline to meet by April 22 for a swap I signed up for and have not sewn one stitch for yet. And do I get to events count too? I’m coordinating a spring formal dance “prom” for 120 teens happening April 24. The to-do list for that seems to be getting longer rather than shorter as the date draws near! – just two weeks away! But yet, here I am blogging! LOL I needed a break!

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