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Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

October 15-25 my hubs and I traveled east to visit family. My father lives in a retirement community in PA. Due to all the Covid19 restrictions we held off our trip east until we could see Dad. We scheduled two 30 minute visits, 6′ social distancing wearing masks, the distance ended up to be 11′ apart! Dad could not hear us! An aid sat by Dad’s shoulder and repeated everything we said. It was crazy, but I’m thankful I got to see him. While out east, we caught up with our brothers & sisters and their families who live in the area. Besides Dad not being able to hear us, it was a great trip.

Terrapin Park, Kent Island, Chesapeake Bay. Hub John, me, sister Lauren, BIL Russ. Bay Bridge in back ground.

My Journey 2 Nebula continues.

Project 4 on the journey, Rock Candy layout

Rock Candy pieced & sandwiched

Rock Candy quilted. I’ll use a rust fabric for the binding.

Last To-Do List:

  1. Cut pieces for project 4, Rock Candy in #Journey2Nebula. ✔️ Cut, sewn, pieced and quilted. Ready to bind.
  2. Sandwich baby quilt. ✔️ But it will be set aside for a while as plan has changed.
  3. Short week for sewing, hubs and I are doing some traveling the next two weeks.  Hand embroidery just might happen.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Bind Rock Candy, project 4 of #Journey2Nebula
  2. Cut pieces for project 5, Candy Dish in #Journey2Nebula
  3. Start quilting center of quilt or appliqué background (the quilt for my son & DIL)

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Mostly Appliqué

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Wow! Stitching the appliqué flowers in place didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

3 petal flower, bud, and six petal flower

4 heart shaped petal flower, bud

Heart shaped bud, 6 petal flower. There are 20 flowers appliquéd in place in a mix of shapes and sizes show in photos above.

Next up was sewing strips and cutting triangles for the Jawbreaker pillow.

Jawbreaker is a Jaybird Quilts pattern, fabric is Tula Pink’s True Colors.

Playing with lay out. This week it will be sewn into a 20″ pillow top.

Granddaughter time!

I had broken up the Pocket Organizer sewing into 3 lessons. But she just didn’t want to stop sewing when she came over this week.

We got the 12 pockets stitched, and the back sewn on which in my mind was lesson 2. Then she moved on to the appliqué pieces which was lesson 3. She traced the butterflies and heart from templates on to fabric with Misty Fuse attached to the back. After cutting the shapes out, they were pressed in place. Directions say to outline appliqué pieces with glitter glue. It went to her house for that step. Finished pocket organizer sewn on to a hanger and ready for use!

Another new project has creeped in. A nephew and his wife have announced they are expecting their first baby. Time to make a baby quilt. I’ll use Geo Zoo panel by Robert Kaufman. I hope it goes together easily so I can drop it off to them later this month.

Last Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Stitch appliqué flowers in place. ✔️ This step went much quicker than I thought it would!
  2. Prep Jawbreaker third project in #Journey2Nebula. ✔️ Ready for sewing.
  3. Lesson 2 with granddaughter, Pocket Organizer. ✔️ Lesson 2 & 3, the organizer is finished and super cute!

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Sew Jawbreaker into a pillow case, project 3 in #Journey2Nebula.
  2. Baby quilt!
  3. If there’s time, figure out next step in appliqué.

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Autumn Breezes

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Happy First Day of Autumn!

This is a blast from the past! One of my fav creations made back in 2015, offset leaves made with Fairy Frost fabrics. Free Motion Quilted.

What I’m currently working on – I’m bouncing between appliqué and piecing.

This is a portion of the quilt I’m making for my son and his bride. This past week, stitching the vines in place.

After pinning the vines, leaves, flowers & buds in place, I took photos for reference of placement.

Then I removed the leaves and flowers. I dabbed on Roxanne’s temporary basting glue to vines, then machine blanket stitched vines in place. This was my first time to use Roxanne’s glue, and I really liked it.

Background fabric was layered with a thin Quilters Dream batting. Batting helps stabilize the sandwich for stitching the vines in place.


After the vines were stitched in place, I repositioned leaves and flowers. Here is the start of attaching the leaves. I’m not happy with the free motion quilting on the edge of the leaves, so on to plan B or C.

Seaside Table Runner is complete. This is the first project presented by Jaybird Quilts in her Journey 2 Nebula quilt along.

Last week we cut hexagons for the second Journey 2 Nebula project, Lucky Charms.

I went ahead and sewed the hexies together into a table runner. But didn’t like the blue at the ends.

Rip rip! And change out for some prints to go with the solid blues.

Border on and sandwiched. Ready to quilt this week.

Last Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Stitch vine and leaves in place. ✔️ Vines stitched. ✗ Still working on leaves.
  2. Maybe finish prepping flower appliqué pieces. ✗
  3. Cut and stitch Lucky Charms #Journey2Nebula ✔️Ready to quilt.

This Week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish stitching leaves in place.
  2. Prep flower centers, hope to start stitching flowers in place.
  3. Quilt & bind Lucky Charms #Journey2Nebula.

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