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Good Mail Day!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Look what came in the mail today!

My friends and I were just talking about this festival today at our Curvy Quilters Group! One of the gals left early, and called saying the Shipshewanna Quilt Festival Catalogue was in her mailbox when she got home! Our hostess for the day then ran out to her mailbox, and there was her catalogue! She happily read the list of teachers, classes, and workshops to us. We are looking forward to attending!

Do you have a favorite Quilt Show to attend in your summer plans?

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Piecing One Block Wonders January quilt –  Nope, didn’t happen, but I did pick out fabrics.
  2. Mark and quilt first block of the Machine Quilting Block Party ✔️ FMQ almost complete!
  3. Decide on fabric for the Facets Quilt ✔️ Fabrics selected and I even started cutting pieces.
  4. Start prepping t-shirts for next customer quilt – Nope, but I did go shopping for sashing fabrics.
  5. Tuesday, Jan 26, Curvy Quilters Group, pick a WIP to take to work on. ✔️Had a great time with my group today!

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. GOT to get to the January One Block Wonders, deadline Friday!
  2. Finish FMQ Machine Quilting Block Party January Block
  3. Prep those t-shirts!

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Playing with Kaffe Fassett Fabrics & Patterns

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Belt and Braces from Simple Shapes book.

Closeup of a block in Belt and Braces. 30 some pieces to this block.

Optical Squares from Passionate Patchwork book.

Quilts made for Country Quilting and will be on display in her booth at the Topeka Quilt Show in Honeyville, IN. June 24-28. She has Kaffe Fassett Fabrics for sale!

Old News – Chicago International Quilt Festival

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

While at the International Quilt Festival, back in April, I was able to take one of the Make It University! Workshops. These classes are offered by Cloth Paper Scissors and are held on the main floor in the vendors area, you win a seat in the classes by lottery. I put my name in the pot for two, but only made it in to one – Leilani Pierson‘s Small Stitch Flower Book. This was a flower pounding project. And did we ever pound! Noisy! So much noise that one of the ladies in the demo area came over to complain! One class participant had her thinking cap on and suggested we move down to the carpet to pound! We all did and the sound was muffled. Happy us, happy demo people! Leilani was so impressed that all her students just got down on our hands and knees and continued to work on our books. Leilani is a very sweet lady and great teacher!  Thanks for the fun class Leilani! I love my little booklet!

Here are pictures of my finished Flower Book:



Once I got home from the  quilt show, I looked up blogs of some of the people I met. Leilani had hosted a ‘follow me blind‘ challenge back in January. I decided to not look at those posts, but to save them for later when I could do the challenge. In May, I followed her instructions doing one step a day for three days – here are the results. (If you want to do the challenge yourself – don’t look at mine – go to this link instead!)

Day 1: Make a little rectangle quiltlet.


Day 2: Fold the rectangle in half and stitch ends together. (Day 3, I decided this was the front.)


And this is the back.


Day 3: Involved bending wire. Which I decided to embellish. I didn’t have any thin wire, so Hubby helped to bend the shape for me.


Put it all together and you get this:


Thanks for the fun challenge Leilani!

I did lots of looking at vendor booths while at the quilt show and bought a few things. I also hung out at the demo area and got to meet several artists published in Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts Magazines. Talking with these gals and seeing their work up close was great!  Kelli Nina Perkins gifted me with one of her cloth-paper book marks (thanks again Kelli!)

The first booth I went to was the Misty Fuse booth, I pulled along several friends to that booth and told them how much I love that stuff! I bought a Goddess Sheet and was given a few samples for bringing along my friends! They did make purchases and the Misty Fuse Gal (sorry, I don’t remember her name ) said what a great start to her day because of us! Doors opened at 10:00 and we had made our Misty Fuse purchases by 10:20!  I also bought some dyed cheese cloth from Embellishment Village. What a fun booth! And used a pink piece in the above Follow Me Blind challenge.


This was my first Quilt Festival to attend in Chicago, altho I have wanted to go for years! Our local quilt shop, Pieced Together, hosted a bus trip. What a fun way to travel with a bus full of quilting ladies! It’s funny because once there, I found out the festival is planning to move to Cincinnati next year! I hope to go to next year too, as I live right in between Chicago and Cincinnati in Indiana!

Happy Day

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Today I am celebrating my birthday with family and friends. I’ll be meeting some of my girlfriends for lunch. And then, those who can, well join me to take in a local quilt show. Sisters of the Cloth are displaying quilts at the Jeffrey R. Krull Gallery – located in our public library, with a reception from 2-4 p.m. The show runs today thru April 5 – if anyone happens to be in the Fort Wayne area.

Pictured here are several fabrics I plan on using in making this cute Ashley purse.