Good Mail Day!

Look what came in the mail today!

My friends and I were just talking about this festival today at our Curvy Quilters Group! One of the gals left early, and called saying the Shipshewanna Quilt Festival Catalogue was in her mailbox when she got home! Our hostess for the day then ran out to her mailbox, and there was her catalogue! She happily read the list of teachers, classes, and workshops to us. We are looking forward to attending!

Do you have a favorite Quilt Show to attend in your summer plans?

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Piecing One Block Wonders January quilt –  Nope, didn’t happen, but I did pick out fabrics.
  2. Mark and quilt first block of the Machine Quilting Block Party ✔️ FMQ almost complete!
  3. Decide on fabric for the Facets Quilt ✔️ Fabrics selected and I even started cutting pieces.
  4. Start prepping t-shirts for next customer quilt – Nope, but I did go shopping for sashing fabrics.
  5. Tuesday, Jan 26, Curvy Quilters Group, pick a WIP to take to work on. ✔️Had a great time with my group today!

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. GOT to get to the January One Block Wonders, deadline Friday!
  2. Finish FMQ Machine Quilting Block Party January Block
  3. Prep those t-shirts!

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One Response to “Good Mail Day!”

  1. Christine Slaughter Says:

    I just remembered I said I would head over to your blog after responding to your comment on my blog and then promptly forgot! It’s been that kind of week. Goodness!

    How fun to plan out attending your Quilt Festival! That looks like it’s a big one too! I haven’t gone to a big quilt show yet. We have a small one here once every two years, but it’s nothing big. Once the kids are grown I plan on attending lots and lots of Quilt shows!

    I can’t wait to see your FMQ block!! I hope you’ve had fun with the quilting!

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