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Project Quilting 12.5

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Project Quilting 12.5 Challenge this week is You’re Crazy. Crazy Quilt challenge!

I own the Creative Grids Scrap Crazy 8″ templates. It would have been easy to use those for a traditional Crazy quilt block.

Creative Grids Scrap Crazy 8″ Templates

I decided to go just a little bit more crazy.

My husband and I just recieved our Ancestry results. Big surprise, I found out I’m 43% Scottish! I didn’t know that! I’ve always heard that I’m English and Pennsylvania Dutch. My ancestors came over the big pond early. 1600s & 1700s.

With this new family history in mind, I did a quick search of things Scottish. I was determined to some how use it in this week’s challenge.

I landed on the country’s flower, the Thistle.

I purchased this paper pieced pattern on Etsy with the plan to crazy quilt the flower and leaves. Instead of paper piecing I used the flower design as appliqué.

I got so busy pulling fabric and sewing, forgetting to take pictures along the way.

I CraZy  StiTcHed three sections of greens and one of purples and used them for the Thistle. I fused the 4 Thistle parts to the background and got busy decorative stitching.

Close up of Thistle flower.

Close up of Thistle leaf.

I had so much fun changing out the stitches that I forgot to change out the threads I selected.

Thread plan gone wrong. LOL

All stitched, and I’m happy with the results.

The finished CraZy QuiLt. My nod to my Scottish heritage. Finished at 16″ square.

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