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Gifties from Texas

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

I received this colorful gift from blog friend, Leah.  Such beautiful scraps  – I’d love to see Leah’s quilts up close. At the bottom of the picture is a fabric and paper postcard with great free-motion quilting. Thank you Leah!

Check out this give-a-way

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Sue Bleiweiss and  Terri Stegmiller have a holiday give-a-way happening on their blogs! I follow their blogs – enjoy seeing their art. Hop over and join in the fun!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Color IQ Test

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Check out this website and test your Color IQ. I found this link on Soul Humming‘s blog.  I thought it was fun, but a bit hard. I got a score of 12, with 0 being the best you can receive.  0 – 99 is the range. Hmmmm, I guess that is ok.  If you check it out and take the test, please let me know how you do.  Dear Soul Humming scored a ’0′! Way to go Kelly!

Beautiful Day

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Here is what I did today. I attended the West Central Garden and Home Tour with two friends. We saw such lovely homes and gardens in a neighbor that was established starting in the 1830s. This is something we have talked about doing for at least three years but never took the time to buy the tickets, put dates on the calendar, and actually go. But this year – we made it! Thanks to Mary who planned the outing for her Birthday today! It was interesting to see how all these older homes were decorated – from minimal to modern art. One home owner, an artist, was painting canvases out on his deck! And ohhhh the gardens! What a beautiful day!

brochure cover

brochure cover

Check out Vintage Cate give-a-way

Friday, September 5th, 2008

I was just visiting Belinda’s blog Crazy Art Girl, and she has a link to this give-a-way. Check this out:

The editor of Studios is celebrating the publication of the next issue! Read carefully and leave a comment on her blog to enter. If you post a link on your blog you get a second chance to win the tote full of wonderful crafting goodies!

Buzzing Bees

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Our garden is teeming with insect activity. Today I sat for a bit and just watched the comings and goings. The Rose of Sharon has such a variety of bee life visiting and gathering pollen. One huge bumble bee type had his legs so loaded with pollen, I wondered when he would head home! Then there was the honey bee type who went to the buds too, working his way under the unfurled petals. And a tiny little bee that attached the blossom just as the bumble bee did – but he is so tiny. There was the ‘normal’ honey bee visitor and then a bee that looked like him but with a shorter body. Oh! and the wasp looking visitor. I’m not going to try to identify these visitors, I’m just amazed at the number of different varieties of ‘bees’ visiting the garden. Can you see the little bee inside the flower on the left?


Lesson #1 in iPhoto

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

4-h-eric.jpg 4h_anna.jpg 4h_noel.jpg 4hmurphy.jpg

I just had my first lesson on importing photos to iPhoto. DH showed me how to enhance and then save them in their proper folder. So here is a test run – with the photos out of order. I’ll have to work on that… The first photo is of two of the guys digging post holes. The second shows the pickets being screwed in place. Third,  the first picket going up. And the last photo is of a vertical post taken out while the post hole is dug deeper. The young man is acting as the “post.” We are such a funny group! The privacy fence is being built around an equipment yard at a camp for inner city children. My daughter wrote and won a grant through Youth as Resources. She used the grant money to purchase the materials for the fence. Each step through the grant process has been a wonderful learning experience for her. She is the young lady in the blue hoodie.

Black Ties and City Lights

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Prom, Prom, Prom. That is what is happening in my life right now. I’m pleased to say it is all coming together nicely. Food, chocolate fountain, servers, flowers, decorations, rented items, DJ, playlist, portrait photographer, chaperones, set up, tear down, security  – check them off the list, all taken care of! This is not a huge Prom by any means, but no matter the number of teens attending, the details are all still necessary! We guessed we would have 100 teens attend, and at the last count I heard we had 108 teens registered. Tickets sold to 100 teens pay the bills, so insert me doing a happy dance here! Today I worked on sewing up 15 black ties to go around the vases of flowers for our table center pieces.  I’ll have to take pictures of the decorations Friday night to post here after the Prom.  I have two daughters attending this year. Part of Friday involved shopping for the right accessories – shoes and jewelry. I still need to fix straps on their dresses.

Quilting – has not been happening here lately. But here are pictures of three of the five  6″ quilties I made for Lenna’s swap.