Buzzing Bees

Our garden is teeming with insect activity. Today I sat for a bit and just watched the comings and goings. The Rose of Sharon has such a variety of bee life visiting and gathering pollen. One huge bumble bee type had his legs so loaded with pollen, I wondered when he would head home! Then there was the honey bee type who went to the buds too, working his way under the unfurled petals. And a tiny little bee that attached the blossom just as the bumble bee did – but he is so tiny. There was the ‘normal’ honey bee visitor and then a bee that looked like him but with a shorter body. Oh! and the wasp looking visitor. I’m not going to try to identify these visitors, I’m just amazed at the number of different varieties of ‘bees’ visiting the garden. Can you see the little bee inside the flower on the left?


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  1. susan shepard Says:

    My garden has been swarming with pollinating insects, too, especially the trumpet vine. It’s been a lush summer for many different kinds of flowering plants this year, with a lot of rain and high humidity. Feels like a giant greenhouse some days.

  2. Susan Lenz Says:

    Today I’m working on the labels for the ATCS in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition. It brought me by your wonderful blog, of course! I just wanted to add a comment that I really like your beehive houses! Very clever, very well done, very nice!
    PS Thanks for trading with me at CYBER FYBER!

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