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Still Cleaning!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

While cleaning out my sewing area – not hardly a studio! But one can dream!  – I found several forgotten unfinished projects. Some dating back at least 12 years! That was my big stitching phase. Big stitching is where you quilt using Chenille needles and floss or Perle Cotton. The stitches are big – 1/4″ or less in length. I’ve decided that I must finish up these quilts!

Yesterday I completed the big stitching on the quilt below, a Fons and Porter pattern. The picture is of the quilt as I found it, can you see the threads hanging in their uncompleted stage? I use a 22″ round frame on a stand. The quilt has to be shifted to complete the quilting as the flags are larger than the 22 inches. It is now stitched and binding is attached, waiting to be stitched down on the back. This quilt is lap size. The rest are wall hanging size – I think there are five more to complete. The plan is to complete these quilts in the beginning of 2010.  I feel a New Year’s Resolution coming on!


Two Completed

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

In traveling around in blog land, I’ve noticed that many ladies are digging out their unfinished works-in-progress WIP and making a last rush towards completing them before the New Year. I’ve been doing the same thing! But first, I have the yo-yo flowers finally all stitched in place on my Mom’s quilt.


mariesquilt-2mariesquilt-3This is a twin size quilt with the vine and flowers placed so they will be centered on the made bed. The vine circle looks small to me in the picture, but it does look nice on the bed. I just love the yo-yos! Can you see in the quilt where I left out the nine patch to leave a white back ground for the flower bunches? Once I completed the five planned yo-yo bunches, I decided to add the little bunches to the top and bottom of the vine circle.

And here is a picture of the “his” quilt for my Father, with out flowers. I used coordinating fabric for both quilts so they match, but aimed to make them ‘his’ and ‘hers’ quilts.