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Dining Out

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Girls are away on a road trip to DC for the March for Life so Hubby and I ate out at Taste of India last night. I was not sure how we would fare but everything we ordered, with the help of our waiter, was excellent! I had only eaten Indian cuisine maybe twice before and had help selecting items from friends. And some of the items I did like and others ….

Last night I started with a Lassi drink – the mango flavored one – delish!

We ordered an appetizer sampler: Samosa (highly recommended by one of my daughters), pakora which is a vegetable fritter (our favorite on the platter), and a vegetable cutlet (not sure of the name.)

Next we ordered tikka masala – very good! And an other sampler – with three chicken samples, lamb and the best ever shrimp. Saying ‘best ever shrimp’ is really saying something girls! Because I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay area – and we are picky about our shrimp and crab! We also ordered a bread basket with several flavors/spiced Nan and some stuffed with lamb or potatoes like in the Samosa. Not sure what the stuffed flat bread is called. We did not have room for dessert. Maybe next time, because we will go back! And can you guess we took lots home in a ‘doggy bag’? Yum! We had a nice lunch today from the left overs. (The Nan warms up well in the toaster!)