Paper Pieced Stars

Aren’t these pretty 6″ stars?

I’m loving the bright colors and the batik background.

I only spent one afternoon working on these paper pieced blocks, so I’m happy with getting 4 more completed.

Hemming dresses? Whose idea was that!? I pulled them out of the bag to discover they are all knits. And not just t-shirt type knits, but those silky flimsy types. I really don’t feel like I have enough experience with these types of fabrics to do a decent hem. I talked to my friend, and she said they are just sun dresses she wears around the house, so she is not too concerned about how the hems look. I told her I’ll take a second look at them and decided if I’m brave enough to attempt them.

After looking at them, and searching instructions for hemming on my Janome, I decided to give a hem a go. I trimmed off some of the bottom of one dress so I’d have fabric to play with. I even called my local Janome dealer to get advice. I set up the machine with proper foot and needle, and gave hemming a go. It looked ok. I hemmed 2 of the dresses, but  passed on the slippery poly/spandex one.

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List:

  1. Paper piecing Dancing Stars. ✔️ 6 completed
  2. Continue FMQ Chic Country.  ✔️ progress was made, lots more to go
  3. GOT to hem those dresses!  ✗ & ✔️ did 2 of 3, and passing on the third.

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Continue paper piecing Dancing Stars
  2. Continue FMQ Chic Country
  3. Road trip with friends to a quilt shop north of us.

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2 Responses to “Paper Pieced Stars”

  1. Amy J Betts Says:

    The star blocks are very pretty!

    I sew mostly with knits, and I have found Wash-Away Wonder Tape to be my best friend, especially with the slippery knits. It’s double sticky tape that helps hold the hem in place while you sew. A twin needle really helps, as well.

  2. Christine Slaughter Says:

    Hi, Sharon!! I LOVE those blocks! They are the perfect amount of bright and bold without being overwhelming at all. That batik is fantastic! And WELL DONE on the hemming! I would be worried about tackling something like that too. Great idea on contacting the dealership to ask them for some advice. I wouldn’t have thought to do that; it’s a tip I need to remember!!

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