Getting to the Piecing

How many quilts or projects do you have planned?

Just a quick look around my sewing room, and I’m coming up with 5 in view. There are more stashed away in closets. Yet, often something else grabs my attention, or needs my attention, so what I thought I’d be working on gets replaced.

Lately this is bugging me. Why am I not getting to the quilts I really want to make? I bought the fabrics, patterns, and even rulers or templates needed to follow the patterns. Yet, I keep replacing my plans with others.

Giving this some thought, I have an idea that I hope will help. My plan is to go ahead and prep & cut the pieces for the planned quilts. Hopefully, having them ready for sewing, I’ll actually get to just that! Piecing the quilt tops!

Here is my first attempt in preparing a project for sewing. I bought this kit in 2015. This week I cut all the batik pieces for this Tropical Snowball quilt. I added many more batiks, purchased during a June Shop Hop, to enlarge it from 48″ square to 72″ square.

Hey look! A finished top, Facets! It is now on the ‘to quilt’ pile. This was my OMG for August.

My hubs has a native garden in our yard. Happily the Monarchs like the Butterfly Weed plant. We have spotted 3 Monarch caterpillars.

I hope we get to watch them form their chrysalis and emerge butterflies!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. Start cutting pieces for next quilt top on my list- Tropical Snowball. ✔️ All the Batik pieces are cut.
  2. Sandwich baby quilt and begin quilting – a friend’s quilt. ✔️ 2 quilts sandwiched, and one started quilting.
  3. Catch up on Sit Down Free Motion Quilting BOM ✗

To-Do Tuesday List for this week:

  1. Continue quilting on friend’s baby quilts.
  2. Got to catch up on the Sit Down Free Motion Quilting BOM – August block.
  3. Piecing – Tropical Snowball batik units.
  4. Start prepping another planned quilt top.

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2 Responses to “Getting to the Piecing”

  1. Christine Slaughter Says:

    Oh, Sharon! This question!! I could copy and paste my entire 2017 goals list here and still have some extra added to the list! I just keep telling myself “I’ll get to it in 2018″! I’ve got about 5 quilt tops to quilt (maybe 6, actually), about 6 handbags I want to make, two large organizer totes to make, a clutch bag that I bought the hardware and pattern for, and so many bundles of fabrics for so many quilt patterns I bought that I can’t even count them in my head! 2018!!!!

    I really love the bright colors for your Tropical Snowballs quilt. I can’t wait to see that top come together! Congrats on another Facets finish! Christa Watson is coming here to our guild’s sewing retreat in January and teaching this class! I wanted to sign up so badly after seeing your quilts, but unfortunately it’s during a time we’re traveling to pick up the kids from their dad for winter break. Ah well! I’ll just have to get the pattern and do it on my own time! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Susan Says:

    I think I’ve probably forgotten at least as many quilts as I’ve made. I don’t buy kits, so that helps to forget. LOL Still, I’m working on a lot of things all the time, so it all averages out. It isn’t as if I make quilts I don’t like. =) I don’t know if there is a solution for this problem.

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