March “In Like a Lion”

After a lovely weekend of temperatures  in the 60s, we have 30s today and SNOW! I do love snow, but I’m ready for Spring! Sunny days and warmer weather. Patience, right!? On the up side, our Snowdrops are blooming in the backyard! (I should have taken a picture Sunday.)

I’ve made some progress on Facets Quilt-Along. I only had enough batik scraps for 4 rows of the triangles.
I will alternate the blue triangle rows with the improv pieced batik rows. Christa’s pattern calls for one row of solid triangles, and eight rows of improv pieced rows. After I finish piecing the blue batik triangles, I will alternate them with the improv pieced rows.
Four more rows to piece!
How has the first day of March been for you? Nice weather and happy sewing? Hope so!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do list? I made a short list, as I thought that would help me accomplish everything this past week. Nope. It was just one of those weeks. Now that March is here, I’m hoping for a better month!

  1. Finish piecing the T-shirt quilt top & back. Take to longarm quilter. ✔️
  2. Piece Facets Quilt Along top. ✖︎ Still work’n on it.
  3. FMQ February’s Machine Quilting Block Party block. ✖︎ Does printing off the directions count for anything?

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Finish the Facets Quilt-Along top!
  2. FMQ February’s Machine Quilting Block Party block!
  3. Return to sewing on the next UFO on my list which is Metro Hoops by Sew Kind of Wonderful. My plan is to work on it at Thursday’s Curvy Quilters Group.

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4 Responses to “March “In Like a Lion””

  1. Jean McKinstry Says:

    Beware, down here in NZ, as the first day of Autumn heralded in a very cold morning, brisk southerly wind, and the need for fleece jackets all round. Shoes without socks were not enough to keep out the colder 11C air. But, on a brighter side,almost cool enough to start quilting again, in the 30C heat, it was way too hot.Love those diamonds, and the contrasting rows are superb.

  2. Christine Slaughter Says:

    The weather here has been unseasonably warm. 80′s and 90′s. Which probably seems normal for Arizona, but usually we get those temps starting in April. We are way too early to start warming up. I’ve already pulled out the flip-flops and have been wearing shorts. I’m afraid we’re in for a scorcher of a summer!

    I absolutely love how your facets quilt top is turning out! Those blue batik blocks are going to be amazing in it. Great plan!!

  3. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter Says:

    I get you…we had the same weather: warm lovely spring days followed by cold weather. Ready for spring but I can wait since it looks like summer is going to be long and hot. Lovely facets quilt. It will change the look a lot to do more of the blue blocks but that should look lovely! If you don’t want to change the look, I’d purchase a few batik fat quarters or fat eighths to finish it. Yes, here I am advocating fabric purchases when I’m on a fabric diet. Feel free to ignore me.

  4. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts Says:

    We are headed for a big snowstorm this weekend here on the Atlantic coast. Oh well…March in the Maritimes. It happens…:o)!!! Your facets quilt is very intriguing – I love the juxtaposition of the blue blocks against the multi-coloured pieced blocks – lovely! Looking forward to seeing it progress.

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