Once the holidays of Christmas and New Years passed, I switched to prepping for an upcoming event.

My eldest son married his beloved Saturday, January 19!

All the photos I’m sharing are from cell phones of relatives. Professional photos will come later.

My kiddos, grands, happy newly weds, me & my husband, groom’s aunt & uncle.

It snowed all day long, and was so windy. Bride arriving in snow boots and leggings!

My kiddos. Son Luke, Daughter Anna, DILove Alicia, Son Noel, Daughter Charis. Luke was best man, Charis was also on the groom’s side, but what do you call her, a groom’s person? Wish I had a photo of the whole wedding party.

Happy Couple at the reception!

My husband, John and me.

Sunday morning we hosted a brunch in our home for family and friends before they headed back to their homes.

Dear friends, the Roses, made biscuits and gravy for 24 people! We also served quiche, fruit, yogurt & granola, juices & coffee.

Fun facts: the wedding gown was my mother’s. Sadly she passed last February, not living to see her gown being worn in her grandson’s wedding. This is the fourth time for it to be used in a family wedding. My sister and also my cousin wore the gown at their weddings. The fur stoles worn by my daughter and me are from my husband’s grandmother.

As for sewing this week, I’ll be adding borders to 2 quilt tops for my sister-in-law. She commented on all the quilts in my house. I told her to pick one out. Then showed her a few I would part with and she selected one. Then I took her up to my sewing room, and showed her finished tops that so far do not have homes. She selected 2. But she wants them bed size. I’ll be adding one border to each.

And get this! A local quilt shop held a 60% off one item sale yesterday. One item could be up to a 10 yard cut of fabric! We selected fabric to finish the 2 quilts. 10 yards for one and 7 yards for the second, using same fabric for border & back. What a deal!

I’m taking a breather today – we had 7 guests staying with us for the wedding. And yes, each bed had at least one quilt on it! Some had 2! We woke up to -8 degrees Fahrenheit Monday morning! Our first guests arrived Wednesday night, and the last of our guests left 6:30pm Monday night! What a full and fun wedding celebration!

I’d say the New Year is going extremely well for me. How is your January going?

Most recent goals:

  1. Finishing Helen Godden’s FMQ Christmas ornaments ✗ I really wanted to finish this one up, but wedding prep happily took up my time!
  2. Finish 2018 Temperature quilt (I’m giving myself the month of January to finish it.) ✗ Not touched.
  3. Start a new project for my soon to be DIL! ✔️ DIL selected a pattern, I was able to buy a fabric kit, book and ruler at 15% off. I’ll share more about this quilt once I get going on it.

This week’s to-do list:

  1. work on 2018 temperature quilt. I have some embroidery of dates and temperatures to do by machine.
  2. work on adding borders to SIL 2 quilt tops. I have a quilting sewing day scheduled with friends for Thursday, I plan on working on the borders then.

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7 Responses to “Celebrations!”

  1. linda Says:

    Congratulations on the wedding! Such a good excuse for family gatherings. :)


  2. Patricia Says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful wedding! You DIL seems to have a great sense of humor! That’s my dream – to have quilts on all my beds/guest room!

    Looking forward to seeing your temperature quilt! Take good care!

  3. Connie K Campbell Says:

    Congratulations and how neat that the wedding dress continues to be worn by new brides!

  4. Jean McKinstry Says:

    So lovely, and to have a gown from your Mum, extra special. Our younger daughter was married in March, the first time for them both, and had Chantilly lace from my gown ( February 1962) and satin for the underskirt from my Mum’s gown, April 1937, Her pearls I restrung, and my pearls too. Snow boots and leggings, no one would see the warm gear under that beautiful train. Congrats to you all. 60%, that was a wonderful bonus.

  5. Rebecca Grace Says:

    Wow — what a whirlwind! Congratulations to you and your family, and I love how you refer to your son’s bride as your DILove!

  6. dj Says:

    I hope you did well with your goals this week. I will have to go check out your temperature quilt because I loved Needled Mom’s last year.

    Congratulations on the marriage of your son. The bride looks so happy.

  7. Christine Slaughter Says:

    Congratulations to the newlyweds! What a fantastic weekend. It didn’t really seem busy enough to cut into your sewing time tho… KIDDING!! I can understand needing a breather! That was a lot going on. And everyone looks so amazing! I love the history behind the wedding dress too. That is so wonderful and special that so many brides have been able to wear it on their wedding day.

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