2 Finishes the 2nd week of 2016!

This year is off to a good start! The t-shirt pillow is finished, along with the t-shirt quilt. I picked up the t-shirt quilt from the longarm quilter on Saturday. Monday, I attached the binding and got started on the pillow. While working on the t-shirt pillow, I decided to sandwich the top with batting and muslin to meander quilt it, instead of just piecing with no quilting. I used 505 Spray and Fix temporary fabric adhesive to ‘baste’ the pillow top.

I made piping for the outside edge of the pillow.

After meander quilting the pillow top, I attached the piping, made the pillow back, and layered the front to the back. But they didn’t line up! Somehow I had messed up on measuring and cutting the top! It was 20″ x 21″ instead of the needed 20″ square! I had to rip the piping off  and then trim the top and bottom edges of the pillow front to get the 20″ square. Then I reattached the piping!

Phew! All finished! I used Superior Mono Poly for the meandering top thread, and Aurifil in the bobbin.

Close-up of piping.

And the finished t-shirt quilt. The customer wanted a simple setting and guy type fabric.  I used the same print in gray (see above close-up of piping) for the pillow, quilt border, back, and binding. And the same print in a light gray for the sashing. It is a Red Rooster Studio print. The longarm quilter said it was a great guy print with out any prompting from me. I hope my customer things so too!

How did I do on last week’s To-Do List?

  1. This week I plan on working on the quilt my daughter started and needs help squaring it up.  ✔️ Squared up! But found it needs a border added.
  2. I have an order for a pillow to match the t-shirt quilt. ✔️ Finished it today! Also, I picked up the t-shirt quilt from the longarmer and have it squared up and binding completed!
  3. And I will take one of my WIP  to my sewing day, either Dot-to-Dot or Curve it Up. ✔️I took along the Dot-to Dot and have the blocks completed, sashing cut, and piecing of sashing underway.

This week’s To-Do List:

  1. Add border to my daughter’s quilt.
  2. Call customer to pick up her t-shirt quilt and pillow.
  3. Work on Dot-to-Dot top.
  4. Work on One Block Wonders January block.

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  1. Christine Slaughter Says:

    So much progress! The t-shirt really does have a manly look; great choice on the sashing fabric! I love the pillow to go along with it too. I’m sorry for you having to rip off the piping to fix it though. Frogging is always annoying when you’re so close to finishing!

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