Color Palette Challenge – February

February’s color palette challenge has 10 colors in it. I looked at it and thought ’10 colors! How will I ever pull that off!?’ The answer is a little bit here, and a little bit there. I’m so happy with the way this block turned out! I’m using Joined at the Hip, Basket and Blooms Block of ┬áMonth from 2000.

My daughter says the blooms look like eggs. Eggs or not, I still love this block!


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8 Responses to “Color Palette Challenge – February”

  1. Maya Says:

    That is a very pretty block Sharon and a very nice way of using all the 10 fabrics too! The blooms are so quirky and pretty. Good work!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Thank you Maya. LOL Quirky is a good word for those blooms!

  3. Janine Says:

    I love your block. You’ve got all those colours going together beautifully :)

  4. Vicki Says:

    It’s very pretty! You got all those colors in there in great shape:)

  5. RabidQuilter Says:

    This comment is late but when I saw what you said on my post, I had to look to see what you did. What a great idea to do a different basket block each month! I hope you’ll put them all together into a quilt when they’re done.

  6. Vicki W Says:

    I love it too!

  7. Sharon Says:

    Thank you Vicki!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Yes, I think I will put them together in a quilt. I really am liking the look of these baskets in Vicki’s color palettes.

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