To-Do Tuesday, August 30, 2022

While stitching the binding on the last of four baby quilts last night, a strong wind storm passed through causing our electricity to flash off and on several times. We have a few small branches down, but didn’t lose our electricity! I’m so thankful!

Here’s how my sewing went this past week -

To-Do Tuesday, August 23, 2022

  1. EPP Homage to Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Week 23 ✔️
  2. More PUP charity quilts. I think I offered to quilt and bind 6 total this Summer. ✔️
  3. Select a PUP from my own on going projects.  ✔️
This week I concentrated on just two tasks.
1.Homage to Grandmother’s Flower Garden
Week 23 all stitched together.
The EPP quilt so far, weeks 1 – 23.
Week 24 progress.
2. Charity quilts
These four baby quilts are made from a gal in our group who is working through using up her stash! They are measuring 28 x 34 inches. I do like her lovely color ways! I’m doing a simple diagonal stitch and then binding the quilts.
Back side of quilts. She cut her fabrics into 6 inches squares. What a simple design to use up fabrics!
3. Pull out a PUP – Previously Unfinished Project,
I pulled out this whole cloth table runner to finish up the grid background design. My squares are turning into diamonds. Grrr. Erasing and redrawing the grid. Hmm, I might just do a different design, maybe straight lines, then go back to the grid at the opposite end.
That’s all for this week, as I was mainly focused on finishing the baby quilts and moving ahead on the EPP. This coming week will be more EPP and back to the t-shirt quilt.
To-Do Tuesday, August 30, 2022
  1. EPP Homage to Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Week 24
  2. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I go to my friend Ruth’s studio to use her longarm to quilt my nephew’s t-shirt quilt.
  3. PUP Previously Unfinished Project - quilt whole cloth table runner
That’s all I have planned. See you next time!
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3 Responses to “To-Do Tuesday, August 30, 2022”

  1. Linda Says:

    I love your PUPs, and Grandmother’s garden is always such a pleasure to gaze upon. I think your whole cloth runner is gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  2. Chrisknits Says:

    What a gorgeous whole cloth piece! And the baby quilts are adorable.

  3. Cheree Hull Says:

    Ooh the hexies are really growing and so pretty! Your quilting looks great to me. I had to study it to figure out what you’re talking about with the squares v diamonds but I am not a hand-quilter (though I enjoy it!). I do now understand the struggle there but it sure isn’t noticeable! Looks lovely!

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