A Look at the New Year

It would be nice to say New Year, New Goals. But that is just not going to happen as I have so much to finish from last year. And the year before. And projects bought with good intentions that have not been touched but tucked away in a closet. And the tops completed 2017 and waiting to be quilted.

You get the idea!

I’m actually excited about finishing those quilts carrying over from 2017.

Thoughts for 2018:

I was thinking about not selecting a word for 2018, but as I get together with my quilty friends the word “finish” keeps resurfacing. I’m sticking with that, “Finish!” for 2018!

As I look over my list of completed quilts from 2017, I’m kind of impressed with what I did accomplish.

  • 20 quilt tops quilted and bound
  • 12 of the 20 were quilts from table runner size to lap size, carried over from previous years
  • 8 of the 20 were quilts made from start to finish – mostly baby quilts
To-do list for 2018
  • 3 quilt tops for family members to be quilted
  • 1 quilt top in piecing stage to complete for family member
  • 13 quilt tops just waiting … and waiting. Some I made during demos for a quilt shop a few years back. Some were made as class samples for the same shop a few years back. Some I made because I liked the fabric. A couple were just cute baby quilt ideas. All need to be quilted. I hope to get a few quilted this year, but no big rush on any of them. They are nice to have on hand to possibly gift/donate to charity.
  • 3 planned quilts with patterns and fabrics purchased
  • quilting for a friend – we did a barter, me quilting her tops for the use of her cabin in the Smokies. Her idea! Hubs & I enjoyed 8 days in the Smokies before traveling to visit our adult children for Christmas. It was a wonderful get-away just the 2 of us. And then a fun family time for 4 days with our kiddos over Christmas.
  • In July I’d like to do some ‘Christmas in July’ sewing. I have fabric for 2 tree skirts and 7 stockings I’d really like to gift this year.
Plan for January – finish 2 family member quilts then move on to the quilts for my friend. I must say tho, I’m really itching to get to some of the new quilts! I’ll need to make myself hold off on those. Oh! Here’s a thought, I could prep one and then piece it during my once a month sewing time with my quilting group. Now that sounds like a doable plan!
What are you plans for quilting in the New Year?
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4 Responses to “A Look at the New Year”

  1. Jean McKinstry Says:

    Your list is so impressive. This year, finish the 12 blocks for the QAL, join the blocks for the Wayward Transparency, and hopefully get the Gammill machine rewired and set up to go on the frame!!! That is the biggest challenge of all, then actually quilt the ones waiting for ages. Your 2018 will be a full and happy one.

  2. kathleen roberts Says:

    you sound organized.
    I am still trying to decide what to do this year.

  3. Rachel Says:

    You really have an interesting list of projects! Good luck making progress with them all.

  4. Christine Slaughter Says:

    You really had a great 2017 with all of your accomplishments! I am still stuck in 2017 in my head with carrying over projects to finish. I think after this coming week is over I can focus on old UFO’s and what I want to accomplish in 2018. Finishing UFOs is at the top of the list!!

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