The REAL Studio Tour with Vicki Welsh

Vicki is hosting a Studio Tour for bloggers to link up answering three questions over the course of three weeks – using pictures from our own studios! The first week, we are to show a non-traditional tool we use in our studio.

I use a hemostat for turning applique pieces and tubes right side out. They also are handy in place of a pair of twisters. For example – dislodging thread stuck in the bobbin case. And they are good for pushing out the corners of projects like pillow cases. I keep a pair handy right next to my sewing machine. This curved tipped hemostat in the picture is actually my ‘stand in’ pair, as I have misplaced my favorite straight tipped hemostat in the current clutter of my studio. (Yes, I’ll reveal that creative mess to you December 20th!)

To join in the fun, visit Vicki’s blog post: The REAL Studio Tour!

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9 Responses to “The REAL Studio Tour with Vicki Welsh”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    I agree – hemostats have a multitude of uses…and I know all about losing things in studios – my favourite embroidery hoop is AWOL at the moment.

  2. Maureen Says:

    Great idea about the haemostat Sharon they would be so handy, haven’t seen these since I worked in a Pathology Lab way back in late 1960s’.

  3. Lynne Says:

    I have a pair of these too, and I love them. I use mine for picking threads out of a seam I’m taking apart.

  4. Vicki W Says:

    My Mom, a former nurse, gifted me one of these great tools a few years ago. They are awesome.

  5. elle Says:

    These would be great to use but like you, I need to find them. lol

  6. June Says:

    I have had a few sets of hemostats in my sewing room for several years. They are handy for “sew” many things. The time that I found them to be the most useful is when I got my finger too close to the moving needle of my sewing machine. When the needle went through my finger and broke off, sticking out both sides of my finger, I immediately thought of my hemostats! The did the job.

  7. Beth in AZ Says:

    I have a couple, but I have them on my list for the next craft/quilt show. I use mine to make knots in small tags I need to bury…along with SCADS of other uses!

  8. Candy from Candied Fabrics Says:

    I have a couple pair of these from my Father in law, from when he was still practicing medicine. I was devasted when I dropped the longest one under the lint screen in my dryer (don’t ask…) because it’s so useful. I was quite happy when hubby had to take the dryer apart a year later, there they were! :-) So useful!!! I hope you can find your favorite pair!

  9. sarah did it! Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to dig mine out and actually use them :) I am forever using a pin to pull out turned corners.

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