Attempts at Cleaning a Dirty Iron

The top half of my iron is getting a bit gunked up from fusibles. I saw on Sew Cal Gal¬†several products that are suggested for cleaning irons. Since I’m out of Dritz Iron-Off ¬†I thought I’d give some of the other products she listed a try.

Wax paper – oops out of that too.

Dryer sheet – didn’t help a bit.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, got some of the grime off, but still a long way from clean. Maybe if I hadn’t gone so long between cleanings it would have worked just fine.

Guess a trip to Joann’s with a 40% off coupon is in my near future for the old stand-by, Dritz Iron-Off.

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  1. Melissa Haren Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the dryer sheets. Been meaning to try that. Now I will be sure to keep the Iron-Off in stock!

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