Birthday Season ….

ends with daughter turning 21!  We Schutts have 7 birthdays between Febuary 23 and April 13th. We celebrated our daughter Janelle’s birthday Monday night, a day early, as she had plans with friends the evening of her 21st birthday. Here are just a few pictures of the celebration.


Sorry to friends and family that a cropped out of this picture! I just wanted to zoom in on the birthday girl with her goofy smile!


Yummy Ginger ShortCake with fresh fruit and candles.


The blowing out of candles. (The picture singing was just too goofy to show!) We have here boy friend Luke B. Hall, sister Anna, friend Joel, Mom, Dad, and sister Charis round the birthday girl. Brothers Luke and Noel are present but not in picture.

There are also many of our extented family members celebrating in Feb – April. I think I have counted at least nine more of us celebrating birthdays during this time! So Happy Birthday to all of you!


3 Responses to “Birthday Season ….”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Looks like you, your family, and especially your daughter had a wonderful day! She is officially a baby no more (well, on paper at least – I’m sure she’ll always be your baby in your heart).

  2. Edytheanne Says:

    I know the feeling. All our family birthdays pile up around April and May. It’s just party, party, party.

  3. Kylie Says:

    Beautiful happy photo’s! Happy Birthday to all.

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