Two Giveaways

Two Creative Studios are offering a summer giveaway over at their website. Go check them out and sign up for their newsletter! They have a list of great class offerings that one sweet day I hope to sign up for! But alas, money will not allow such a thing right now. But I enjoy their blogs and newsletter and the inspiration I glean. Sue has a photo up on her blog of what they are giving away and also two journal covers she is making out of foil and ink. Here is a link to Terri’s blog. She has been doing some amazing fabric dying lately.

Another giveaway happening is over at Leah’s Art Girl blog. She hosts a Scrap Saturday Giveaway and has a huge one running this month with a link to Art Now for Autism. Check out Leah’s post and see if perhaps you would like to donate to this worthy cause. The Art Now for Autism is a reverse auction with proceeds going toward autism awareness and research. Go check it out! If not creating art to donate, you could buy an item to help support autism research.

PSĀ  I wanted to add that there is a great company here in my hometown that runs an online store and store front creating items to help those with Autism. Go check out Sensory Critters!

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  1. Leah Says:

    hey thanks for the mention and linking to me! also i love your butterfly and think its cool you did the wreck a journal – i had seen that at the barnes and noble and thought it looked cool but i knew if i bought it i would keep it in my collection of notebooks and never bring myself to touch it. but your projects look fun. i’m especially curious to see what happened to the end of the story where your neighbor came over with a letter.

    happy quilting!

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