Wreck This Journal – Week 8!

Wow! These two months are just flying by … Soon we will be saying goodbye to Sunny Days of Summer – and I am not ready for that yet! Are you ready to get back into the swing of a new school year? The good news is, my husband has found a one year position at our local state university and HIS school year has started this week! The girls and I have a few more weeks to play before buckling down to another year of school.

This past week in the Wrecking adventure hosted by Jamie Ridler,  I did tackle some of the ‘writing’ pages. Thanks ladies for the encouragement! I filled the ‘Internal Monologue’ pages with small print and won’t share it because it is after all my own personal thoughts. ;-)   I also filled the ANGRY page with a weird happening that involved a very ballistic person directing his anger at innocent by standers! (My daughter and Me!) And I have a few pages that friends helped with. Butch scratched ever so lightly on the ‘scratch with a sharp item page’. His last name is Rose and he scratched a very pretty rose on it, but it does not show up enough to share in a photo. And he left an ‘X’ mark cut in the ‘friend destruction page’  and Marsha ripped a corner off that page. Tee hee! Thanks my dear friends!

I received Kim’s lovely white pages filled with lace and trims and buttons and pebbles and other such items. It is a very pretty page! Thank you Kim – I think it is happy in its new journal home!


So what have I learned through this experience? I think the biggest thing was to just let go and have fun with this whole experience. I did step out of the comfort zone a bit. I found it fascinating how the friends I shared the journal with would just jump in and wreck away! (Altho some thought me a bit strange! You know the type who would never ever damage a book!? They watched, shaking their heads as the others wrecked!)

And I have so liked checking in on what all my fellow wreckers have been doing to their journals! I think I have visited each website – sorry that I did not leave a comment on each one. But I enjoyed each visit!

Happy wrecking ladies!

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13 Responses to “Wreck This Journal – Week 8!”

  1. Sara Shalom (Kim's friend) Says:

    Hi! I followed your comment link from Calamity Kim. This is so cool and coincidental! Kim and I have been mailing this very journal back and forth for some time now. Her white page is breathtaking. Isn’t collaborative/trading art fun? ;)

  2. judipatootie Says:

    the white page is lovely.. i’d frame it!
    Thanks for sharing this experience..its been amazing for me

  3. Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) Says:

    Isn’t it interesting how every person brings a totally unique take on the book??? I have really enjoyed visiting everyone’s pages too. Just amazing what we have all done. I can’t believe it’s almost two months, either. KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!!!!!!

  4. Grammy Says:

    You have done a beautiful wrecking job. This has been so much fun. See ya next week.

  5. Hybrid J Says:

    What a beautiful white page … well done! :)

  6. Kim Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the incident with your neighbor – so sad when they involve the children, too! On a brighter note – how blessed you are to have friends who jump into the wrecking with you!! Sometimes it’s even fun to watch the ones shaking their heads!

    Congratulations to your husband & his new job!

    Thanks for swapping pages with me (I love your colorful circles) and for all the wrecking fun!

  7. Lisa Says:

    I loved visiting all your sites too. Though don’t talk about it being the end of summer yet :( . In the UK schools don’t go back until September. They only broke up a week ago. I still have to complete most of the written ones too – I guess I do enough writing on my blog and have left the journal for getting messy and sticky. I’ll try and do them this week

  8. Jean Says:

    Lovely wrecking! I can’t believe it has gone by so fast!

    I’m getting ready to do my ANGRY page…I kept thinking, I don’t really get angry so this one will be hard, but I finally have something to write about…thanks for the reminder. :)

    Enjoy the last week! Thanks so much for visiting and supporting your fellow wreckers!

  9. Beverley Baird Says:

    Great wrecking. Glad you are enjoying the wrecking.

  10. Kavindra Says:

    Hasn’t it just been the most fun? Glad you had a good time with it all.

  11. henny Says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by to my blog.
    Wow, you have shared so interesting story here…Love it the idea to have a journal book like this. Maybe should try to have anger pages for my own and learn to let it go, just like you. thanks!

  12. Sherri Says:

    Your journal looks great! I’m so sad this journey is almost over. Nice wrecking!

  13. Kristin Says:

    It certainly has been a fast two months. Oh goodness, you reminded me that I still haven’t done my good thoughts page or my angry page. Ahhh, I made need another week lol

    Great wrecking! I’m so glad to hear that your friends got involved, too.

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