Still Wrecking – Week #7

While in Knoxville last week, I solicited the help of my 8 year old friend Ruthie to help with the wrecking. She was more than happy to help out! Actually, rather gleeful! Wish I had a picture to show her in action! She is a very special and sweet child with Down Syndrome. Her name is Ruth Rachel, but by the end of our playing, I was calling her Ruth Rascal, which her mother said was very fitting! I showed Ruth my journal while her Mom had to run some errands and asked if she would like to do some ‘art’ with me. “YES!” she replied! So I turned to a blank page and asked her to write her name, which she did with no problems. Then I ripped out the page and crumpled it up so we could play Journal Golf. She was very good at kicking the paper ball through the ‘tent’ but the book is getting so full that I had to mostly hold it up.

journalgolfnewNext I traced her hand and then she drew in her fingernails. She is so cute giggling as she colored away!

journalhandsnewThen I turned to the color out side the lines pages and Ruthie did her thing!

journalartnewBy this time the markers are falling on the floor so I bent down to pick them up and Ruthie is just giggling and coloring away! BUT as I sit back up, Ruthie has turned to the pencil poke page and is adding her signature art work to that page! At first I thought “OH no! this page is just like I like it!” But the very next thought was “this is a wreck this journal venture” so I picked up a marker and joined in coloring in the circles on the page. And thus I started calling her Ruth Rascal.

journalholesnewThe last page for last week was glueing in a newspaper page. I found the job fair page and glued it in as a hint to my hubby! He had applied to a job west of Knoxville, but had not heard anything back from them. I wanted him to call while in the area. He wasn’t feeling well by this time – picked up some virus or bacteria on our trip – coughing, sore throat, headache. Anyway the page is in and the good news is he does now have a one year position starting this week at a local state university in our home town! So thank you to all who have shared kind thoughts and encouragement in response to my post about the need for a job back in Week 2 of the Wrecking! This gives us some breathing space as his search for a full time position will continue. …. Thanks again for the well wishes during this time!


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7 Responses to “Still Wrecking – Week #7”

  1. Kim Says:

    This was so much fun – reading about you and your wrecking adventures with Ruth Rascal, It’s great that you were able to let go of your “poke holes page” to be in the moment and join Ruthie in her rascally coloring fun. Congratulations on your husband’s new job!!!

  2. Kavindra Says:

    Good job at letting go of your perfect holes page and joining in the Rascally Wrecking! It’s a bittersweet process, no? :)

    Very not subtle hint to your husband ~ I like your style! Glad it worked and you guys don’t have to worry. I hope his new job is almost as fun as wrecking a journal was for you and Ruth.

  3. judipatootie Says:

    well i cried, those sweet handprints ..We have a Downs child in our family and i am so in awe of their never ending struggle and how beautifully they approach life
    bless your heart, you have some VERY special pages in your Lovingly Wrecked Journal

  4. Sharon Says:

    Thanks ladies! It was a special time with Ruthie. She is a cutie and turned 9 on Sunday!
    Judi – you and your friend and her family/caregivers will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. amateur-in-art Says:

    How fun! I bet you all had a *blast*!

  6. Annette Q Says:

    Wow! Sounds like you both had a lovely time and what great pages! I always find its much more fun wrecking and creating with a child because they approach things in a different way…it opens up my eyes sometimes! Well done on some excellent wreckage:-)

  7. Lesley Denford Says:

    Aww, I love the page with the two hand outlines! So cute. :)

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