Wreck This Journal Week #6

This week I found myself spending more time on just a few pages. I added to the ‘circle’ page while working on a quilting project with my daughter. Then I rearranged the ‘white things’ page and added more to it. I got out the pinking shears to do something destructive to the ‘sudden destructive’ page. Oh! And my husband dug up my ‘composting’ page while planting some ferns in the garden! He gave it back to me and I rubbed it on the ‘rub here with dirt’ page! That was a hoot! And last for the week, I added more stickers to the ‘fruit sticker’ page. Then I watched Jamie’s video – (our Wreck This Journal host, you can still join in if you want!) – and saw that she is also taking more time on some pages! How about that!

But there are some pages that are proving to be more difficult for me. I have been pondering what to do with them. I keep skipping over them – like the ‘ugly drawing’ page, the ‘write carelessly’ page, and the ‘angry word’ page. Jamie – any words of wisdom for tackling the hard-to-me pages?

Here are a few pictures of this past week’s destruction.

Newly revised circle page.

Newly revised circle page.

Improved white page. I like the flower pot collage on the left side.

Improved white page. I like the flower pot collage on the left side.

I’m heading out on a road trip this week. So I think I’ll mail the journal home while I’m away. But can I part with it?

See you all next week!

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10 Responses to “Wreck This Journal Week #6”

  1. Kim Says:

    I like the circle page – the colors are great!! I think there are many of us who slowed down this week. It is interesting to see what pages we’re stuck on. I haven’t done the “ugly” drawing either. What’s crazy is that I’m afraid I don’t draw well enough to do an ugly drawing. HA! :)

    I think I’d better mail you my favorite page before I do something that might completely wreck it. So far, it has survived everything but I’m not sure how long that will last.

  2. judipatootie Says:

    Your white collage page is now finished art.. I like!!!i cant seem to do the ugly page yet either.. wonder why?

  3. Kavindra Says:

    Your pages here are so pretty – love the way you took on the circles esp.

    It is funny which pages we are resistant to do. I did all the ones I thought I wouldn’t 1st, to get them over with (fire, shower, food) and now I resist the ugly drawing and write carelessly too. Hmmm.

  4. Genie Sea Says:

    Both these pages are very pleasing to the eye. The lovely color and patterns of the circle page, and the magical whiteness are fabulous! :)

  5. Barbara Says:

    Your wreckage is very inspiring! Thanks for the advice, and for visiting. :)

  6. Danette Says:

    Well, I know you asked Jamie for words of wisdom, not me, but here is a suggestion you can take or leave: Use the “write carelessly” page to journal about what is at the core of your hard-for-me pages. When you are done, you will have already tackled one of them and can celebrate the breakthrough. :)

    Love the white lifesaver center of the flower. Sweetness.

  7. Beverley Baird Says:

    I love both of the updates!

  8. Karen Says:

    I’ve been wondering that, too–how to tackle the particularly difficult pages. For me, it’s the taking it out in public–I have the feeling, though, I’m just going to have to jump in.

    Your wrecked journal is looking so beautiful–excellent!

  9. LaWendula Says:

    Very interesting, I like most of the white pages… :)

  10. amateur-in-art Says:

    Wow, your journal is so beautiful! I love all the color on the first page – and I like the lifesaver on the white page – very clever!

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