Week 5 of WTJ!

Doodling over the copyright page with watercolor pencils and then spraying it with water now has my journal cover and first few pages popped wide open. All the more ready for more wreckage! Happy July everyone! For those of you in the States, I hope you have a great celebration on the 4th!

Writing backwards was not easy for me.

Writing backwards was not easy for me.

Lint from pockets and the dryer.

Lint from pockets and the dryer.

Some doodling with watercolor pencils.

Some doodling with watercolor pencils.

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9 Responses to “Week 5 of WTJ!”

  1. Kavindra Says:

    I can’t believe you wrote so much backwards! That would take me a week to do, lol.

    Your watercolor is very pretty. And I love that you apparently went around to the guest at a party and asked them to kindly give you their pocket lint! That’s an icebreaker for sure ;)

  2. Sharon Says:

    Kavindra – My husband was so into showing the journal to everyone! It was like he was using it for an icebreaker! Then a new acquaintance went and found her husband to ask for his pocket lint! It was a hoot! Lots of wreckage occurred at that party!

  3. leah Says:

    That’s too funny that your husband has been having so much fun with the journal too!

    Love the dryer lint!

  4. Grammy Says:

    You did a great job wrecking. I love the dryer lint Ideal. See ya next week.

  5. alex Says:

    i love working with watercolour pencils and i think i will need to add dryer lint to my pages too!

  6. Genie Sea Says:

    WOW! You wrote a whole page backwards! That’s dedication! :)

  7. Genie Sea Says:

    WOW! You managed to type a whole page backward! That’s dedication to wreckage! :)

  8. gemma Says:

    Woot!Scrounging through pockets for lint is no fun! You have the right idea.

  9. judipatootie Says:

    isnt dryer link interesting? I have a pair of earrings made from lint.. pressed into paper sheets and varnished..

    Writing backwards is as much fun a speaking PigLatin.. very rebellious(sp?)

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