And all is as it should be

I’m so pleased to say yesterday ended with a broad smile on my face. As a family, we packed up three cars to help transport our two sons and all their stuff back to university. After setting up young-son-two in his dorm we headed to the local ice cream eatery. Being a very popular ice cream parlor and being that upperclassman would be moving back on to campus with families like us heading to Ivanhoe’s, we anticipated joining the long line of customers. Once receiving our treats – that first yummy taste – there was no doubt that the time waiting had been well spent!

With young-son-two squared away, we head further south to meet up with young-son-one. Just recently back from a trip to Sweden, he is moving back into his apartment and will continue to work on a master’s degree in physics. We unpack his stuff and the girls get a tour of the small apartment, giving their approval. After a quick trip to the grocery store, young-son-one is pretty much settled in and with the hours of the day ticking away, we head for home. Daughter-number-one is dropped back off at her school of higher education with much kisses and fanfare. She loves road trips and having started school several weeks before her brothers opted to take the road trip with us today.

As I settled into bed last night, I got the strong sense that all is as it should be. The three eldest are pursuing their interests and preparing for their futures. DH returns to his job investing in the future of young adults at the college where he teaches. And I will continue at home with our two youngest children – teenagers both, really not young at all – making this my 22 year as a homeschool teacher. Yes, all is as it should be.


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  1. Laume Says:

    That’s such a nice feeling when it happens, isn’t it? And to save me clicking back to your other post, I like your bee skeps – really cute!

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