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owohbanner1.jpg Today I came across Lisa Oceandreamer’s Event sponsoring a way for bloggers to meet and participate in a art give-a-way/trade. Since I’m kind of new to this world of blogging, I thought I’d join in! Now, what to offer as a trade? I’m starting with this little amulet pouch, and since I do far more quilting than fiber arts at this time in my life, I’ll add some fat quarters. Pictured is the back of the amulet. I’ll hopefully add the fat quarters photo later today.But even without the fat quarters photo, I hope others will want to enter their name in my give-away!


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74 Responses to “One World – One Heart”

  1. Margo Says:

    OWOH is an awesome idea…. I am from Ontario, Canada! So fun to read blogs and “meet” such talented artists from all over!! :-) Please enter my name. Thank you. Oh and be sure to check out my blog to enter too!

  2. Reeva Says:

    GREAT giveaway! I hope I’m the lucky winner!! :)
    I’m having so much fun surfing all the new blogs!!


  3. Maureen Says:

    I just start with my first quilt….

    So offcourse I leave a comment and in the meantime I keep my fingers crossed.

    Please take a look at my OWOH give away too!

  4. Enzie Shahmiri Says:

    If you have not already visited my blog, please drop in and sign up for my One World~One Heart giveaway of ‘Masquarade’.

  5. Jo Anne Says:

    Your amulet bag looks lovely so far…and I love fat quarters as I am a complete fabric hound!

    Please come visit my give away too…I am Paper Cats Page on the list!

  6. Becky Vigor Says:

    I would love to win your amulet and fqs, please enter me in your draw, and come join mine if you haven’t already.

  7. Teresa Says:

    Hello from Salmon ID,, what a great giveaway. Please count me in & be sure to visit my blog for another quilters giveaway!

  8. debby Says:

    This is beautiful. Please add my name for your drawing. Stop by and checkout my offering at

  9. Fran Says:

    Please include me in your drawing. I’m also a fiber artist! Stop by to enter my drawing, too!

  10. Mahala Says:

    Please enter my name and now I’m off to see your blog!

  11. GraceBeading Says:

    I’d love a chance to win your lovely prize. Thanks so much for playing and please do stop by my blog and enter mine when you get a chance. It’s so fun and overwhelming at the same time to have so many wonderful blogs to visit …right at my fingertips. I’m having a ball!

  12. Carrie Says:

    HI! I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota and am also enjoying finding new artists through this event. Please enter me in your giveaway and come enter mine for a fabric bracelet! Carrie

  13. Freya Says:

    Love the pouch! Please enter me in your giveaway, and stop by my blog and enter mine as well!


  14. This Girl Remembers Says:

    Welcome to OWOH! I’d love to be included in your drawing. :)

    And please do stop by my blog as well, to enter the drawing for a series of art prints, at

  15. Lisa Oceandreamer Says:

    THANK YOU for participating in this event!
    Please add my name for your amulet and the fat quarters, I do love fabric.
    I hope you’ll drop by my giveaway as well.
    Have fun,
    Lisa Oceandreamer
    p.s. you used the term ‘enter in my trade’ – just so no one is confused you may want to change that to giveaway. Thanks so much.

  16. Tammie Says:

    welcome to the wonderful blog sharing giveaway!
    I love amulet bags. It is hard for me to see yours, but I love the shape! Some how a little bag to put treasures in, is completely enticing! Please include me.

    Visit my giveaway too:

  17. Angie Says:

    Fabulous! Please do enter me and I’d love for you to visit my giveaway too! Find me at


  18. Dione Says:

    Please enter me in the draw – I am also participating, take a look and enter: :)

  19. Carrie Says:

    What great offerings! Please enter me. I’ve joined, as well. Welcome to blogging!

  20. jayedee Says:

    very nice giveaway! please throw my name in the hat and when you have a minute, pop by and sign up for mine! good luck everyone!

  21. Katie B. Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I love to visit all the blog and to see what others are doing, please add me to your drawing. thank you, Katie
    come over and visit!

  22. Sherry Wescott Says:

    I’m pretty new to blogging and I’ve never done a giveaway! This is fun though. Great amulet bag and if your a fabric fiene like me, just mentioning FQ is wonderful– with or without a picture! Please enter me in your giveaway and check out mine too! Thank you!!


  23. Laume Says:

    I would love a chance to win this little amulet bag. And FQ’s too. Fellow quilter here – when I can get in the studio that is, which hasn’t happened in a while. Sigh. You have a lovely blog. I hope to be back.

  24. Caryl Says:

    Sounds great! Please enter moi!
    And stop by my blog for my giveaway! :)

  25. donata Says:

    Greetings from the Netherlands.How nice to “meet “another textile girl. I`m buzy trying to start my own blog (so I`ll be a “newby “too),but not on time to participate yet, but i`ll put you on my blog list for sure.Please count me in for the draw.

  26. Patti V Says:

    What a lovely giveaway! Please drop by blog and enter mine!
    Patti V

  27. Angie Platten Says:

    Oh, please enter me in your drawing!

  28. Anita Hiltz Says:

    I love what you made and some fat quarters to boot sounds great! Please add me into your drawing! Thank you for doing this, too!

  29. Bethel of Bethania Says:

    G’day Sharon,
    I would love to be included in your beautiful giveaway, please … OOroo … Bethel
    If you haven’t been, Please Pop on over to my place as I’m a player too …

  30. she Says:

    please enter me. also, stop by my site and enter mine.

  31. Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven Says:

    Would love to win your giveaway. I am also in this event, so please stop by and visit my blog.

  32. Pam Aries Says:

    Neat amulet pouch! Very ,very cool! ..Okay..I am in the dark ..what is a fat quarter???

  33. Pam Aries Says:

    I forgot..come sign in for my giveaway too!

  34. Lori Says:

    I have a perfect amulet to put in that lovely bag!

  35. Brenda Says:

    I would love to enter your giveaway, and invite you over to enter mine too..

  36. MissKoolAid Says:

    I’m intrigued. Count me in and come visit my blog to enter my giveaway if you haven’t already.

    Sophie in Montreal, Canada

  37. Diana Says:

    Hi, I’d love to win your giveaway. I’m starting to quilt and any new fabrics are fun for me!

  38. Deborah Says:

    Did you say FAT QUARTERS?! FABULOUS! Please enter my name!


  39. Bunny Chic Boutique Says:

    Great Giveaway!! Please enter my name in your drawing. Don’t forget to hop on over to my Shabby Chic giveaway at:

    Bunny Blessings ~


  40. artbrat Says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway. I’m also doing OWOH, so if you havent been by, come see what I’m offering. Thanks.

  41. Lee W. Says:

    sweet- count me in!

  42. Melissa Says:

    too much fun!! stop by mine for a chance as well

  43. Nan Says:

    Great giveaway! Please count me in and if you haven’t stopped by yet, please visit my blog for my OWOH giveaway. Thanks!

    ~*~Nan in NJ~*~

  44. wendyp Says:

    what a lovely pouch !! hugs

  45. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful! :)

  46. sue pieper Says:

    Please count me in, and come on over to see what I’m giving away.

  47. stephanie anderson Says:

    I would love to win that little pouch. Please pick me, pick me.
    thanks stephanie

  48. Pamela Says:

    They don’t call me fabric_fiend for nothing. : ) Please include me in your drawing. Please visit my blog and enter my giveaway as well. : )

  49. monique Says:

    Anytime there is fabric involved….I’m IN! ;)

    Thanks for joining in the fun! Drop by my post for One World One Heart if you get the chance!

  50. Gabrielle Madsen Says:

    This is so beautiful!

  51. Cinda Rae Oliverio Says:

    Here I am! Please come cawwwwwing soon!

  52. claudia Says:

    Fat quarters? Yes please!!!

  53. Susie Says:

    Hi! I am always up for FQs and the amulet pouch looks lovely. Please count me in too. My link is

    I shall be back very soon to meander through your blog at leisure. ‘Til then, take care, have fun, and good luck.

  54. Farmchick Says:

    Great giveaway! Be sure to stop by my blog and enter to win my OWOH giveaway.


  55. SuZ Stuff Says:

    oh yes ! love the amulet…pick me pick me !

    & thanks for stopping by my art journal giveaway !

  56. Nikki Says:

    I always love to play with fabric and fiber! Please count me in.

  57. laurie Says:

    I wish to win this give away. Surely I’ll win something, right?

  58. Latharia Says:

    Oh, what a beautiful amulet-keeper … and fabric, too? WOW! Please enter my name!

  59. Ninnie Says:

    I would love to have your amulet. Please enter me in your draw and let me extend an invitation to join mine if you have not done so.

  60. Lolly Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic giveaway for OWOH! Thanks so much and please count me in!

  61. Dagmar Says:

    I’d love to win your pouch or your fat quarters :) As a quilter you never can have enough fabric, right? Please include me in your drawing!
    I am participating as well on my blog at:

    Dagmar from Germany

  62. Angela Says:

    Please add me to your drawing! I’m participating as well, at:

  63. Lisa Says:

    Wonderful, I am a quilter also! Please enter my name. Would love for you to stop by and enter my OWOH giveaway. :-)

  64. Rachel Kitterman Says:

    You can never have too much fabric! Please enter me into your drawing and come by to visit mine, too.

    Peace and blessings,

  65. Myra Stuart Says:

    Hi! and thanks for visiting my blog. Your amulet pouch is so pretty. Please enter me in your drawing. I see that you are participating in Cyber Fyber also. I’ll say, I received my postcard from Susan and it is gorgeous. I am hoping to make it to the exhibition. Maybe I will see you there!

  66. mary ann Says:

    hi! thank you for visiting my bloggy & entering my OWOH giveaway. if it’s not too late, pls add my name to the hat!

    thank you! mary ann :)

  67. joanne huffman Says:

    I’d love to enter your drawing and thank you for entering mine.


  68. Angela Says:

    it looks like a lovely little goodie.

    i’m participating, too!

    -angela in oregon

  69. ang Says:

    ooooooooo please add me.

  70. breanne Says:

    oh please enter me! i’m loving all kinds of fabric right now!

  71. tracy Says:

    please sign me up for your beautiful amulet pouch!! thanks, tracy
    i have truly enjoyed all of these art blogs!! they are great!

  72. Kathryn Says:

    Your giveaway is delightful! I absolutely love your album! I just added my giveaway today. I know it is late and didn’t make the official site, but I am hoping it is the thought that counts. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you! Artful Blessings, Kathryn

  73. Banna Says:

    hope i am not to late please enter me and come on over to my blog and enter my giveaway if you have not already

  74. Susan Says:

    Thanks for stopping by earlier! Please enter me in your drawing too…fat quarters can be so yummy.

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