I Spy a Mistake!

Oops! First ‘frog stitching’ of the new year!  ”Rip it!”  I got a call from the long-arm quilter who quilts up the shop models for Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe, Roanoke, IN. She was quilting along and came to a block with a flipped section, making a flying goose instead of an on point square. I picked up the quilt from her and ripped out the section in question. Because she had already quilted up to the seam of the mistake, I had no choice but to hand piece it back in to it’s correct placement.

Here is the quilt in question. Can you find my mistake?

Hint: it’s in the second row.

Here it is:

See the flying goose in the bottom center? It should be flipped to make an on point square.

Here it is corrected:

Too bad the quilting is not showing up in the photo. The long-arm quilter does such a lovely job! I was sorry she had to take the quilt off the frame and now has to re-load the quilt due to my mistake. But we agree that it is a good thing she found it before ripping out quilting would have been involved!


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