Massive Changes

Can you see them? No? Well, neither can I. Maybe it’s because there aren’t any.  I was tired today.  It started last night.  I finished work about 10:45 and decided to vegetate for a few minutes by watching t.v.  A graphic on the top corner of the screen showed me that we were under a tornado watch.  Great.  I really don’t like tornadoes, especially at night.  So I stayed at the tube until the news showed the storms that were heading our way.  Several counties to our West were under a tornado warning.  Do you know the difference between a watch and a warning?  A watch means that “conditions are right” and a warning means that one has been seen.  So, I got out my ham radio and listened to the National Weather Service.  They said that we could see nickel size hail and 70 mph winds.  Great.  I think that I got in bed about 12.  I waited for it to hit.  I wanted to be watchdog over my family in case something did hit.  I think that the rain started about 1 a.m.  It was heavy, but there was no hail.  I finally got to sleep about 2 a.m.  I was tired today and didn’t work as efficiently as I would have liked.I started the day by finishing the countertop sanding. Good. It fits. Then I installed it. Good. Then Sharon cleaned the cabinets and shelves and I reinstalled the doors. Good. Then I started measuring the gap for the dishwasher and the location of the sink. Something wasn’t right. The cabinets weren’t quite level. So, I took the countertop off and spent several hours leveling the cabinets. It ends up that “good enough” isn’t “good enough” when it comes to cabinets. If they’re not close to perfect, then something isn’t going to fit. In my case, it was the dishwasher opening. Here’s the current image:20070816-223318.jpgOh, and please note how level those cabinets are…

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