Trim seems to take forever to get done. Once the wood is purchased, it may need to be sanded, then it will receive two coats of stain and two or three coats of finish.  Oh, don’t forget to sand between the coats of finish. Then you get to cut the trim, attach it, and putty the nail holes.  All this takes time.  So that’s what I’ve been doing this past week.   I did work all day Saturday and today – Labor Day.  I’m still far from finished working on the trim. Some areas have yet to be stained the first time. In addition, I’ve:

  • cut 3/8″ shims to fill the space between the new window and the front of the drywall so that the trim will fit flush to the wall.
  • installed a strip of drywall and mudded the thin area above the new doorway. (See the picture for 8/23 to see the area that needed filling.)
  • learned how to cut crown moulding.
  • built a new base for my miter box.
  • cut and installed the crown moulding for the “china closet” cabinet.
  • cleaned up the garage and put most of my tools away. That took a few hours.
  • taken a few hours to pull some of the weeds from my gardens.
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