Small things


  • Made a base for the lower cabinet on the S wall.
  • Installed the lower cabinet on its base.
  • Installed the countertop on the lower cabinet.
  • Cut and installed five pieces of trim around the base.



  • Cut and installed five pieces of trim around the base of the S wall cabinet.
  • Called Terry about the crown molding that I need to install.
  • Read on the Web about installing crown molding. (Anyone want to give me a nice power compound miter saw?)
  • Installed the (old) stove. (Anyone want to donate $$$ toward the $1150 that I need for the scratch-and-dent new range that my wife wants me to buy for her? Notice now my bisque colored stove stands out? Don’t you agree that a nice, new, black one would look much better in this slot? I do get a $100 GE rebate if I buy it.)
  • Checked the gas line for leaks.
  • Connected the phone line.
  • Cleaned the garage. Took some cardboard out for recycling pickup tomorrow.



  • Anna and Charis have their first Angel’s volleyball game away tomorrow.  I won’t work on the kitchen.
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