After work I… and the family helped

Remember, from now on, I only have in the evenings to work on the kitchen.

I was going to work on the last remaining cabinet. It goes on the S wall and when finished, is supposed to resemble a china cabinet. Sharon wanted me to finish the second part of the countertop. That strategy really does make more sense. That way she can get the rest of her kitchen ‘stuff in the cabinets.

First, I added the peninsula end. I had to remove the fake drawer, saw holes for the electric plugs, cut out for the toe kick, and screw the end onto the peninsula.  Charis helped by nailing in the toekick.

Then I worked on the countnertop. I had to sand the one edge to fit the wall as I did with the other section of the countertop. It takes time and lots of iterations. Then I screwed the brackets on the leg. The leg is not attached to the countertop yet. I have to screw it to a layer of filler and then screw that layer beneath the countertop.  Sharon, Luke, Janelle, Anna, and Charis all helped a lot by helping me move this beast around to fit it into place and to move it so I could sand it.

I also got a second coat of finish on the two section of floor that will be beneath the refrigerator and stove.

Luke helped by working on installing the iHome radio. Does the fact that he’s trying to run out of the room tell you that he doesn’t like to have his picture taken?


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